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Achieve game-changing SEO results with these golden tips

As of June 2020, the May 2020 Google core update is well upon us. 

This update is Google’s search algorithm is the 2nd core update this year (the first one in January) and suffice to say, it surely had some major implications

While the pretty obvious focus on content was expected, with Google particularly mentioning “focus on content” in their official post, speculation has been rife on Google bringing back another crucial digital marketing tool to life: SEO. 

With the upsurge in businesses going online in recent times and this trend getting amplified due to the COVID-19 situation, which gave a thrashing to physical businesses and the economy in general, everyone figured that SEO was dead. 

To be quite honest, this did have some justification to it. 

Countless businesses have been going online to tap the immense potential of digital marketing and to reap amazing business growth, with each adopting different online marketing campaigns. 

Some businesses clicked remarkably and some bit the dust. What separated the two is the approach that each brand undertook in their campaign. 

You see, simply doing good SEO and making your business website rank won’t help in the long run. 

All successful business brands have been adopting a multifaceted approach into driving their campaign forward. No more did relying on SEO alone get the job done. 

This led people to believe that “SEO is dead”. 

Until now…

With people spending more time online since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, SEO is well on its way to becoming a force to be reckoned with. 

It should be noted that SEO doesn’t hold the power it did in its glory days but it’s definitely gained a good amount of relevance since the core update. 

So if you want to see your business succeed online, you have to ensure before anything else that your business website’s content and SEO strategies are spot on. These two parameters have become a bare minimum and it is a norm to include powerful content and SEO strategies into making your campaign a success. 

In order to achieve resounding success for your business in the online market of Australia following Google’s core update, you need an established digital marketing agency with a phenomenal track record of making online businesses in Australia soar.

Quint Digital, a premier digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, combines the right combination of rich experience and unmatched expertise in helping businesses gain a dominating run in the market with jaw-dropping leads, sales, profits and returns. 

The icing on the cake is our experience with Google updates. We house a team of experts who are always equipped to understand, interpret and successfully deal with any core update from Google, and accordingly aid in jet packing businesses to new heights.  

Are you a newbie trying to make it big amidst the core update and the existing condition in the market?

Are you already running an online business and want to salvage the situation at hand through awe-inspiring SEO strategies? 

Then, mate, your online business needs a dynamic and powerful digital marketing agency that has a track record of producing real results and helping online businesses dominate the market! 

In other words, your business needs Quint Digital

At Quint Digital, we follow a multidimensional approach in our SEO strategies that aim to not only make your website rank among the top Google search results and fetch you your desired business growth and returns. 

With widespread experience and a phenomenal SEO team, we have carved a niche for ourselves in helping online businesses totally dominate the online market and thrash their competition! 

Our expertise in handling SEO challenges and making it a jackpot for your business will always derive the best out of any situation in the online market. 

Turn your SEO strategy into an indispensable weapon of mass online dominance with Quint Digital!

Today, you are in for a treat! 

Let’s face it. The update from the Google and the ongoing pandemic crisis can surely be stressful for even the best of us. 

At Quint Digital, we decided to put our hands-on experience with SEO and Google’s core updates to task and have compiled 10 amazing SEO tips that could really help your business go places. 

Taking businesses online and making them soar has always been our mantra and passion. As such we have drafted these 10 tips which are an outcome of our experience with SEO. 

Newsflash! SEO is not dead! The Google algorithm core update has instilled a new life into SEO. Make the most of it!

10 Relentless SEO Tips to craft a master SEO strategy

Without much ado, let’s dive into these 10 nuggets of SEO mastery that would arm your business with a sound and dependable SEO strategy! 


1. Give priority to conversions over rankings


Getting your business website ranked high among the Google search results is undoubtedly amazing but if you cannot derive anything out of it in the long run. After all, a business should, well, do business in order to have a successful run. 

You may be getting unimaginable traffic each day. But it should be understood that your brand is going to do business and bring you the growth you need only if those leads convert. 

Therefore, it should always be a priority to optimise your website content with keywords that pave the way for conversions. This can be easily done by using heatmaps to under where your website visitors are clicking the most and where they are not. Accordingly, you can work on optimising your content to make people click at the places that matter. 

2. Keywords will always be the key

As obvious as it may sound, keywords will always be of paramount importance in SEO. 

Now, why is this a tip? 

That’s because keywords tend to be taken for granted. 

It is very important to devote time and energy to keyword research and filter out the most important and powerful keywords to make a website rank high and also contribute towards lead conversions. 

3. Remarketing techniques always strikes ROI gold

Remarketing is an established and widely followed technique to boost your sales and earn remarkable ROI. With your website’s products/services, content and features, you go to build trust with your clients and instil them with a sense of strong confidence in your brand. 

By targeting those clients with ads, you get to have a quality consumer base consisting of leads that believe in your brand and would be ever willing to do business with you. Imagine the ROI you can generate with effective remarketing! 

4. Update your old content & add new content a regular basis

At Quint Digital, we put up a new blog post every week and we periodically do the same for our clients. This literally keeps websites in motion and gives business prospects a sense of direction and advancement towards growth.  

At the same time, we make it a point to update the existing content with the latest developments in the online market. 

The Google bot totally loves to see activity and fresh content in a website. This is an extremely good SEO practice. 

5. Interlinking is vital

Did you notice that I happened to put a link to my older blog post (on the Google algorithm core update) at the beginning of this write-up where I wrote “major implications”? 

Basically I was interlinking my older blog post to this one. Google loves this.

Some of the best ranking pages in practice tend to have interlinks within them.

Interlinking is a powerful SEO tool that one must follow to ensure an impressive page performance and ranking. This will never lose its charm.

6. Speed thrills and wins

No matter how good a website is… if it’s taking an awful lot of time to load, your online business is going to fail miserably.

And guess what?

Google’ algorithm, no matter what update, loves speed! 

So optimising your website and its pages so as to make it load super fast would obviously make your website fetch more traffic and grab more leads. As simple as that.

7. Quality content is king

Numerous Google core updates have come and gone. But one thing has remained constant…

Content has always been on the focal point of the Google algorithm.

Content can literally make or break a website and turn the fortunes of a business.

Presenting quality content and copies for your website, ads, infographics and blogs would naturally attract huge traffic and lead to amazing conversions, thereby sealing the deal for your business’ success.

8. Backlinks always have your back

You should always ensure that your online audience doesn’t have trust issues when it comes to your business website. 

You see, people love to be reassured by being presented with facts, data, figures and stats from a reliable source. 

Throughout Quint Digital’s website and a good number of blogs, we have always made it a point to provide backlinks for the data that we have presented in our content. 

This is very good for SEO and it is of no wonder that Google’s algorithms tend to favour this. 

It’s easy to see why. 

Seeing that the content is using reliable and correct sources to present data builds trust and promotes your brand image.

9. Go mobile

Almost everyone today uses a smartphone to browse the internet. 

Studies have estimated that the number of smartphone users in Australia could reach to about 75% by 2022 (See, I just did backlinking here!)

That’s 3/4th of the population!

With that magnitude of people expected to spend their internet browsing time on mobile phones, it goes without saying that your online business’ website should be optimised to perform flawlessly on mobile phones. 

Just imagine the mammoth presence of online traffic on mobile phones. By optimising your website to be compatible and work well on these devices, your SEO game is simply getting better and you can attract quality leads and conversions.


10. Seeing is believing with infographics and videos

It is a well-established fact that people tend to react to visual cues better than plain old text.

Remember us saying that quality content is king? 

Well, infographics and videos are just another effective means of presenting quality content visually.

These are measurable, interactive and can convey a wide array of messages (such as product description, new products, deals, features etc.) to the online audience in an entertaining and effective way. 

It is always an amazing idea to include Infographics and videos as a part of your content in your website and ads. This is considered as fantastic SEO by Google.

The Takeaway

The beauty of these 10 tips is the fact that they are a brainchild of our vast experience in helping countless businesses in Australia go online and achieve unprecedented growth. 

However, it is very important to realise that SEO alone will not get you anywhere. Like a well-oiled machine, SEO is an important part of the entire thing. 

Furthermore, with the inherent and basic nature of SEO as a marketing tool, you can bet that every online business is using it. It is about the survival of the fittest and SEO is pivotal to that. 

To put it into perspective, you just cannot have room for error with SEO. Effective SEO strategies could serve as the ideal launchpad for your business to take off and soar high over the Australian online market. These 10 pointers would ensure that you take off smoothly, without any turbulence.

Quint Digital arms your business with a powerful and multi-dimensional success formula for fiery SEO success in Australia!!!


SEO at its absolute best! 

Quint Digital’s SEO makes your business website a champion

Talk to our strategist today and see how your online business can use SEO to go on a winning rampage!

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.