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Going Online Is The Best Route For Your Business!

Being Digital SELLS! Big Time!

With the harsh Stage 4 Restrictions upon us in Melbourne, it is time to go even harsher with your business prospects and be digital. 

The time is not meant to face challenges… rather, it’s all about rising above these challenges and making your business soar. 

The trend in the digital market is to not only invest your resources into the present but also into the future of your business to ensure high-end sales and returns, despite the economic situation in the market

The key to unlocking a future-proof strategy for the success of your business is simple: Go Digital. 

The outbreak of the pandemic had taken us by shock when it hit for the first time.

This time around, it’s no more about going through pain and relying on hope. 

This time… it’s about taking real action to steamroll your business through any situation.

Dear business owners…

If you are looking for an ironclad way to conquer the restrictions imposed in Melbourne through a 100% conceivable and strategically crafted budget campaign, then this write-up is for you! 

Whether you own a service business or are running an e-commerce website…

This write-up would act as a definitive guide with comprehensive steps highlighted, that need to be adopted in order to ensure a monumental run for your business. 

I firmly believe that when it comes to digital marketing, business owners like you need to be as resourceful as possible to not only achieve your business goals but also help out people in the need for important resources. 

As such, we present unique ways to market your business and tweak your services to get past the current situation.

With that being said, let’s get on with the 5 steps to be adopted as a business owner in propelling your business through the restrictions overhead:

Reinforce your online presence

While the number of people on the sidewalks has drastically decreased, the number of people on the internet has tremendously increased

Search traffic during restrictions like this increase exponentially as people are constantly glued to their mobiles and computers. 

This is the time to polish your business’ online presence. Consumers are going to browse remotely, contact businesses through social media channels and email, and basically lookup for anything and everything on the online platform. All of these on an extensive basis!

All your bulletproof digital marketing strategies such as SEO and PPC advertising are up for grabs and yours to salvage. 

Of course, a few adjustments are bound to be in order. This brings me to the next step…

Fine-tune your content and strategies

While digital marketing is undoubtedly an indispensable tool during stringent restrictions, it is different during these times and should be dealt with as such. 

Consumer needs and activity is the governing factor for digital marketing strategies pertaining to businesses of any size. 

Needless to say, your brand’s marketing strategies should reflect this need and the associated consumer activity. 

For instance, a food delivery brand cannot put images of people licking their fingers in their advertisements. Instead, it is convenient to set elements of hand washing and social distancing to be in sync with the situation. 

On that note, this once again brings me to the next step…

Keep your customers/clients engaged

Losing current customers or clients is a nightmare for any business, even during normal times. 

During unprecedented times like these, it could spell a death sentence for your brand. 

This step is more about maintaining the brand image of your business through your loyal customers, than anything else. 

Putting out relevant and trending content from your business’ social media and website keeps your afloat the digital market and in the minds of your customers. 

Paid advertising is a winner

With an increasing number of people working from home and being online, it’s an amazing opportunity to take full advantage of PPC advertising to connect with customers at just the fraction of a cost. 

Average cost-per-click (CPC) reduces by a significant extent during situations like these, thereby reducing the amount of money an advertiser has to pay for every click. 

Online methods that simplify your business and its services

Your business should naturally be inclined towards making its services easily approachable and accessible to your customers.

The following business methods have met great success when the pandemic had first hit and they’re bound to do so this time around as well-

Home deliveries: Stepping out of homes is just not the most feasible option now. Which is why setting up home deliveries with social distancing norms is highly advisable and helps propagate your business as a reliable brand during the pandemic. 

Click and Collect: Click and Collect is an extremely convenient free service that helps to get products delivered to customers. This practice is a hot special favourite among consumers as it lets them conveniently collect products from a preferred location, often on the same day and without shipping charges. Opting for this method puts your brand at a distinct advantage during these times. 

Zoom meetings: Working remotely has become the norm of the day. With the ‘work from home’ culture reinforced throughout the world, staying in touch with your team is instrumental to the growth of your business. Zoom is easy to set up, use, maintain communication and basically do everything on a single platform. 

Some FAQs regarding the Melbourne Stage 4 Restrictions

Q: When do the stage 4 restrictions start?

A: The stage 4 restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne span from Sunday 2nd August to Sunday 13th September

Q: For what reasons can I leave my house?

A: You are allowed to leave your house for the following reasons-

  • Shopping for food and essential items
  • Care and caregiving
  • Daily exercise
  • Work

It is worth noting that employers are advised to support work from home for their employees. Furthermore, wearing masks is mandatory. 

Q: What are the curfew timings?

A: The everyday curfew will last from 8 PM to 5 AM local time

Q: Which businesses are open and closed during the restrictions?

A: The details of the functional and non-functional businesses can be found from this official website of the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria.

The time is ripe for business owners to go digital with their business. 

It’s natural for you to have the jitters and feel unsure about how and where to start from. 

That’s why you need the assistance of a top-notch digital marketing agency from Melbourne, armed with the know-how on steering online businesses to phenomenal success during this testing phase.

Business owners!!

Look no further than Quint Digital

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Harpreet Singh

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