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Leaving a good impression is vital in digital marketing. 

In today’s cutthroat competition in the online market, where countless brands are vying to get the attention of the users and do business, it becomes mandatory to make an impactful and lasting impression. 

In terms of your business’ website or app, while good design and aesthetics would definitely make a good impact, it just isn’t enough to do business. 

You see…

In order to make a lasting impression that converts leads into customers, you need to ensure that your website provides fantastic user experience (UX)

For online businesses to have any hope of having a successful run in the market, the business website has become a bare essential. 

As digital marketing gurus have come to appreciate the immense potential and utility of a good website, it is now widely regarded as one of the most powerful marketing tools per se. 

In short, your website is a showcase of your marketing efforts and your website’s user experience signifies your effort value.

As such, a lot of efforts and resources are going into the design of a website and particularly, on the UX.

What is User Experience (UX) all about?

Honestly, the term itself gives a clear picture regarding what it is about…

Simply put, UX is the experience that a user has while browsing your website. 

This ‘experience’, however, is a rather involving concept. 

It includes how well your website is functioning and serving the customer, the quality of the content, infographics and images, loading time, ease of navigation through the webpages and customer interaction. 

The objective of UX

UX aims to provide the user with a good experience in using your website while ensuring that they are satisfied enough to actually going on to buy your business’ products or services that you’re selling through the website

As a business owner, your objective should be to have a website that aids your customers in navigating around your business, making them see what you want them to see about your products or services, and have a positive psychological impact that motivates them to buy. 

UX is a powerful tool that helps your business in selling its products or services by effectively addressing the needs of your customer!

7 Strategic Ways to Improve your Website’s UX

It is easy to see why working on improving the UX of your website can be a huge blessing to your business prospects. 

The following presents 7 amazing ways to improve your website’s UX and gain tremendously in terms of business prospects. 

  • Optimise the loading speed of your webpages

Imagine opening a website and waiting for many seconds before the webpages actually loads and presents themselves. 

Frustrating, right?

Studies have shown that a delay of just 5 seconds has resulted in 20% of a website’s visitors to skip over to another website. 

Harsh, but understandable. 

The good news is that some other studies have depicted that improving the loading speed spiked up the lead conversions by a whopping 16.5%, resulting is impressive revenue.

The point worth noting here is that the online audience is always in a rush. They desire the quickest and the most efficient access to their needs.

When they come to your business website, they would naturally expect your webpages to load super quick and display the information that brought them to your website in the first place. 

In conclusion, optimising the speed of your website and webpages is a guaranteed method to grab a lot of eyeballs from the online audience and it actually makes them stay.

  • Use effective Call to Action buttons

The Call to Action button (CTA) is the actual point of action when a user becomes a customer by buying your product(s). 

Human beings always love it when they are directly told to do something rather than indirectly giving out the message. In a similar fashion, the CTAs are clearly an action word that direct the user to perform an important action. 

For your customers, CTAs help a great deal in navigation as they know exactly where to find the buttons that let them buy or perform any other relevant action. 

As such it is important to think about the proper placement of the CTAs, the wording for the CTA text and the colours of the buttons which help in elevating the UX for your website’s customers.

  • Blank spaces are important

The usage of blank spaces is a very clever strategy to improve UX. 

While one may think that using blank spaces isn’t advisable, it has tremendous benefits if used wisely.

For starters, blank spaces help in making the website content look more readable and clear. It gives an open and spacious look to the webpages, thereby making the website look clear and visually appealing. 

Furthermore, blank spaces help in organisation of content and in focusing attention towards important content.

  • Head the way with headings

Headings are a crucial part of your content in digital marketing. Very crucial, in fact.

Just like blank spaces, headings are an extremely convenient way to direct your customers towards relevant information and in helping them know where to find what they want. 

However, unlike blank spaces, headings use text in doing the same.

They directly convey the message you want to show to your customers by using attention-grabbing and highlighted text. 

On the grounds of SEO, headings are an excellent way to include keywords and help in attaining high ranking in the Google search engine results.

  • Attention to hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are literally where you want your website visitors to click on. In other words, hyperlinks are instrumental in converting leads into customers. 

The standard method for showing hyperlinks is underlined blue text, which is easily recognisable as a hyperlink. 

It is strongly recommended to stick to this practice as it not only conveys the message to the user that it should be clicked, but also helps in drawing attention to the links you want to be clicked. 

  • Put the point across with bullet points

The use of bullet points is a time-tested technique to enhance readability and put your message across in an effective manner. 

Your business is going to have products or services which you are selling through the website. In turn, your products or services will have important parameters such as features, benefits and specifications that are important to put forward when you are selling the same. 

Nothing presents these parameters better than bullet points. 

Bullet points help in putting across information in an organised and effective way, making it a mandatory inclusion for improving the UX

  • Use real images

It is a well-known fact that people react very well to visual cues. The (proper) use of images is an excellent way to achieve that. 

It is a common practice among various businesses to use stock photos on their website. This practice should be strictly avoided as it not only takes away trust from your website visitors but also creates a negative brand image. 

Instead, using real photos of your products gives a sense of authenticity and trust in your brand, and makes it a pleasant experience for any visitor to browse through your website.

It’s pretty obvious by now that working on improving the UX of your business website is monumental in doing good business. 

However, the implication of UX requires careful additions and a good amount of expertise and experience in efficiently getting the job done. 

In other words, you need a top-notch digital marketing agency in Australia that comes with the know-how about UX and its incorporation.

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Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.