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What is A/B Testing?

Nature loves symmetry. So why should digital marketing be left behind? More often than not, businessmen impinge upon two versions of their website or app. This concept can also extend to deciding between two different business models! As such, there appears a decision-making process wherein it is essential to choose the most suitable one that should go live.

Decision making is a critical aspect of digital marketing and a good decision can skyrocket your business and its sales to unimaginable levels. Getting a competent digital marketing agency aboard leads to the implication of the A/B Testing. This is essentially an experimental process that involves the statistical comparison of both the entities (designated as A and B for simplicity) based on how the user perceives each of them.

Both versions go live, but to different halves of your target audience. The model with a better statistical performance gets the piece of the cake and the existing version is modified if needed.

Quint Digital pays close attention to all the intricate points of comparison and ensures that a detailed statistical report is generated that clearly defines which version is preferable.

How the Tools for A/B Testing helps your Business?

Decision-making processes are a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. You just cannot be in a hurry and compromise on this aspect as bad decisions can literally be your worst nightmare.

In this regard, A/B testing, also known as split A/B testing, is indeed a huge gift for business ventures. The following highlights the various benefits of utilising this amazing model:

  • Results obtained are concrete and surefire: Testing two versions of the same business model lets you gain a thorough perspective on how changes affect the performance of your product, and how to ensure that the final product bears the most optimised and result oriented version.
  • You obtain a clear cut outlook on what works and what does not: The two versions of your business model hold content that has been the result of much research, effort and optimisation. Once you receive the final outcome through split testing, you now understand what will work for you to attain your business goals.
  • Helps you achieve higher ROI: Once you know what works for your business site, there is no reason that the online user traffic would be attracted to your products and services. With high-quality content to boot, lead conversions would work their magic and give you the ROI you desire and deserve.
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A/B Testing: Digital Marketing in Australia and the World

A/B testing is holistic and effective. It works and when all is said and done, your business will be surely profitable and you can enjoy all the lead conversions, sales and ROI.

However, it might be a challenge to narrow down on the two best versions of your business model in the first place! As such, your business needs a competent digital marketing agency in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to help you to not only create the two best versions but to also select the final model that works the best.

Quint Digital is well-versed with the A, B and C of A/B Testing!

Our expert team has vast experience in generating dual models and zeroing in on the most breakthrough one. Our proposed business models have worked with guaranteed results for numerous online businesses without any hassle whatsoever. Quint Digital crafts the best versions and selectively decides on the best of the best through flawless split A/B techniques, creating the #1 business models in Australia.

What Should You A/B Test For A Sales-Driving Website Conversion Rate?

The sales funnel of your website determines the success of your business. That’s precisely why all your web content must be optimised to its fullest potential. This process proves very true when it comes to elements that influence audience behaviour and engagement rate. Following are some of the criticalfeatures that must undergo an A/B testing.

  • Headers and Sub-headers

The first thing that captivates your visitor is your headline. It decrees the first impression of your brand. Failing to make it the best idea can cause severe impacts on your sales funnel drive.

This calls for additional responsibility on your part to be cautious while crafting your website copy. Ensure that the headline is catchy. Keep it short and sweet. Then go ahead with A/B testing copy, fonts, and sizes.

  • Body

Your website content must cite what your visitor has in store for a read, by resonating with the headline. A thoughtfully fabricated web copy can drastically increase your conversion rates. However, keep a good hold on your writing style and formatting to embellish your brand personality.

  • Website Design & Layout

Many businesses have a hard time choosing the essential elements of their webpages since everything seems indispensable. This issue is well addressed by our strategy.

Case in point, let us consider you own an e-commerce store. Here, to increase your website conversion rate and optimise your sales drive, you need to have a crisp product page, in terms of design and layout, so that your product page is easy to navigate and captivating enough to purchase.

We believe that your page must provide clear information. Smash it by informative, simple copies and captivating colours. Highlight the customer reviews for your visitor to trust the credibility of your brand.

Then, engage in A/B testing to explore the website conversion rates of these critical pages. Test the performance of increased white space against cluttered and cramped copy: feature imageries and videos to test user engagement, and much more.

  • Easy Navigation

Structuring your website with a clear plan is indispensable for providingan excellent user experience. Ensure that your visitors find what they are looking for. Don’t give them a moment to get lost in their searching process. Elevate your navigation game by matching visitor expectations. This will not only help you optimise your conversion percentage but would also provide your audience with delightful user experience.

  • Forms & Calls-To-Action

Customer forms act as the communication wire through which customers express their views on your services. Forms become imperative, especially when those filling them are part of your sales funnel. With A/B testing, you can figure out whether long format or small format drive better conversion rates.

However, the real challenge occurs at the CTA button. Whether your visitor fills the form or not, does he/she proceed with a purchase, and other actions significantly impact your website conversion rates.

Therefore, subject different web copies, content placement, colours, imageries for A/B testing to discover the winning variant.

Let’s Optimise Your Sales Funnel Drive!

It’s time that you plan your blueprint for effective conversion rates. Believe us;A/B testing is indispensable when it comes to earning colossal dollars with little investment.

Get in touch with us to translate your efforts into dollars. Let’s explore what works best for your brand and escalate your sales funnel drive.

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