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Get all the information you need about web design from a web design agency in Melbourne

Today web designing goes above and beyond simply creating a website that looks good. Everything right from the specifics to the functioning to the design to the back end development has to be perfect. In this vast expansive field that is web designing, how do you ensure you get everything right?

The experts tell you how. Chart down exactly what it is that you would love to see on a website from an audience point of view. Once you put yourself in the other sides’ shoes, you will begin to understand that web designing is actually not as complex.

Let’s start from the basics.

Check out other model websites

There are certain websites that you may have come across that strike you. The way they are designed speak volumes and customers too find it simple to navigate through these sites.

If you are looking out for ideas on how to take the elegance quotient of the website up a notch, scan through multiple different websites until you find one that strikes you. There are several web design sites too that are brimming with ideas and inspiration on designs you can use. 

Check these out!

Go ahead and decide on your web design tool that will be yours to wield to create a stunning website!

Should you decide to give the task to a web development company they will bring to you a design that you like and set up the website.

There are many ways in which websites are set up. One way could be by using various online web development and design websites! These have hundreds of templates to select from and you could go ahead and experiment!

The wonderful part of using an already-designed template is that you simply have to tailor it according to what you wish to fill in on the website.

If you wish to go in for a more sophisticated process, you could always build the website on a desktop app and create a design which you then send to the development team. They convert it into a code and then work on it.

What is the benefit of doing this?

Though the process turns out to be slightly more expensive, what you are essentially doing here is focusing on the design of the website while the backend takes care of the technical issues.

What are the different types of web design?

There are two kinds of web designs – adaptive and responsive. The distinguishing factor between these is the way they are developed and the purpose they serve.

Adaptive web designs

These web designs use two or more versions of the specific website. The aim is so that the website when opened on different screen sizes will adapt accordingly. There are two kinds of adaptive web designs.

Some web designs adapt to the device that is being used. You may have noticed when you open a certain website on your phone, you can choose to view it in mobile or desktop view.

Web designs that are adaptive to browser width are the ones that have a CSS feature that detect the width of the browser and screen size and immediately fit to screen.

Responsive web design

These web designs are such that the percentage that each element takes up of the overall space remains constant no matter what the screen size. Flexible grid layouts are used and the websites are changing according to screen size.

What should you pay attention to during web design?

Several different elements integrate during the process of web design and every one of these is crucial to the final resulting website.

The written matter

Would you be pleased to skim through a website that had a gamut of information in the form of chunks? Adding much information to the first page of the website gives people the notion that your business is boring.

You wish for people to stay engaged and engrossed. The text should be limited to short paragraphs and not more than two of these. Wherever you can try for the headings to be what people will relate to.

Instead of going for a tonality that seems you are boasting of the business, settle for a tone that shows you are here to help your consumers.

The font should reflect you

Choosing the wrong font could give people the impression that you are careless. When you see a font, there is always an associated idea you have in mind.

Take for instance when you see fonts that are bold, calligraphy and elegant. You’d expect these to be associated with formal settings. Likewise, Comic Sans etc, are slightly more casual fonts that you’d expect to be associated with a casual or friendly, or trendy business.

Thus, while selecting a font for your business, choose wisely.

The colour of the website

You must be familiar with people spending hours pondering over a theme colour. Well, rightly so. The colours of the website determine all future correspondence.

These days, if you’ve been reading up on how brands market products you may have come across marketing gimmicks wherein the brand name does not feature on the advert but the colours do, and people still identify the brand correctly.

What does this mean?

People associate the colours of your brand and form an impression for themselves. Thus whenever they spot that combination of colour, they are taken back to your brand and this is powerful messaging.

Don’t crowd the site too much

The layout of the website can determine the bounce rate. This is defined as the rate at which people simply visit and leave the website without clicking or taking any action.

Why is the bounce rate higher for overcrowded websites?  

When people land on your site and discover that it is filled with information and graphics that are not organised, this causes them to leave quickly. If you want people to spend time on the website, take some actions, buy products, explore, create a website that does not look as if it’s an unorganised closet where everything is haphazard.

Graphics determine a lot!

Whether you have static graphics on your site or motion graphics and animations, ensure that these are high quality and top-notch.

Everyone loves colour and movement. They add to the beauty of the page and aesthetic and make people’s browsing worth the while. If you are a product page, ensure that the pictures on your website are high-quality ones and not of low resolution.

The next stop: the backend web development!

Now that you have the website set up, the next focus should be the backend development. This is as important if not more important than the main website and front-end.


PA website that is slow or one that hangs a lot would be frustrating. Thus, ensure that the web development team you select has it all worked out.

What are the elements of back-end development?

When it comes to the back-end of the website, here is what you need to watch out for.

Cross-browser compatibility

Your website should work well across devices and browsers, no exception. For this purpose, the development should be such that any specifics by the different browsers should be satisfied. The website should also be mobile-friendly, as these days a majority of your audience is going to be checking out your site there.

The web page should load quickly

The speed of the loading of the site should be quick. Bear in mind that your audience has a multitude of options and if your site does not load quickly, they will simply go to another webpage that can do the same.

Another crucial reason why page load times are important is that they help your website rank higher. When someone enters a query on the search engine, the search engine produces results for the same. The determinant of whether your business appears on the first page of Google or later, depends on the keywords and SEO ranking of the website as well as the page loading time.

User experience

While curating content and then displaying it on your site, do not go overboard. Often, the user experience gets hampered as there are one too many pop-ups or words underlined without them being clickable links or flashy graphics that hit the eye, or graphics that play even though they are not clicked.

These could be causes of irritation to the users and it would be wise to not get your consumer upset.

Pop-up ads are a turn-off. And the more users encounter these, the more they may be compelled to avoid visiting your site altogether.

Why should you approach Quint Digital for your digital marketing needs?

When it comes to digital marketing, you want to stand out with a strategy of your own. You want the world to recognise you. You want to be a name to reckon with.

Quint Digital offers services that help you grow and stay ahead of the competition. Get the professionals to craft out strategies that will benefit your business and create a web design that stands out.

A web design is the face of your business. It is what your audience will judge you upon and this impression lasts.

Create something that people will love and at the same time something that identifies with your venture.

Get in touch today and we’ll design a website that speaks for itself.

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

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