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A majority percentage of people who buy online are influenced by the products that come up when the keywords are entered into the search bar.

If you are a business that sells on Amazon, it is a great idea to optimise Amazon SEO in order to have your products that have been listed on the eCommerce site feature among the top ones.

In order to feature high among the millions of products and businesses on the web, it is vital to understand the algorithm. There are a number of factors that come into play in the milliseconds before you are presented with a search result.

At Melbourne’s premier digital marketing agency, we present you with solutions for climbing the ladder and being one of the top-selling businesses on the web.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions On Amazon SEO

In order to have the best knowledge of Amazon SEO and use it to its full advantage, there are some things to understand. The following addresses the common questions that people have about Amazon SEO:

While Amazon SEO is a great way to show up on searches for products on the web, there are various ways to not just achieve this, but also maximise it. There are some ways to do this:

✓ Bullet points work well when it comes to product descriptions. These provide clarity to people who are looking for the features of a product and also search engines can crawl through these.

✓ Reviews: Getting people who have used your products or availed of your services to leave a review can greatly help boost your SEO.

✓ Keyword research can help. The market is constantly changing and thus knowing the queries that people are searching for can greatly help you

An amazing technique! While both of these are done while keeping in mind different algorithms, it is possible and even a wonderful idea to see to it that your content is optimised for Google as well as Amazon. This way you will not only be featuring high on Google searches but also generate more sales through Amazon.

One way of getting your business’ Amazon rankings up on Google is to add a link to your Amazon product on a website that is already indexed on Google. Ensure that you aren’t inserting a duplicate link as these will lower your rankings. A great way of getting your Amazon rankings up on Google is to have the link in a high authority website.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) which is also known as A + content can be greatly beneficial for SEO as it enhances it and this improves the conversion rate. The basic A + features are available for vendors and sellers. Along with good conversion rates, there is also the feature of fewer returns. By detailing out the product description, having reviews optimised etc. people will have the information before they buy the product and thus the need to return it won’t be as much.

The A9 algorithm is the deciding factor that deems which products will show up first when a customer enters a query in the search engine. The main factor that the algorithm works on is that it lays a great emphasis on products that have had a better sales history or lead conversion. Thus the results that the customer is presented with are not solely based on their own brands of choice but also good sales products.

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