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What Are Animated Explainer Videos?

Studies have established that visual cues help people perceive, understand and remember stuff better than just mere text. And don’t we all have a thing for animation in secret? It’s just human psychology!

Several businesses have recognised this aspect and have inculcated this into their business ads, apps and websites. The presence of animated explainer videos in your business medium helps to connect with a larger base of audience and convert them into your customers. A well-crafted explainer video can make users understand your business better and organically make them prefer you over your competitors.

Does your business have its own set of animated explainer videos? Are they better than what your competitors are showcasing? At Quint Digital, we host a team of experts with exceptional animation and video editing skills who are committed to making the most extraordinary videos that would make your business soar above all others.

Why does your business absolutely need Animated Explainer Videos?

In general, the very concept of videos sounds exciting. Videos are a colossal inclusion to digital marketing strategies in terms of the impact they produce and the customer base they can attract. Therefore, including animated explainer videos into your business site gives you a host of benefits as listed below:

  • Videos are highly engaging: As it has already been noted, human beings react to visual cues better than other means. Inculcating audio and animated images to put your business idea across to your potential customers, surefire works in your advantage.
  • Self-explanatory in a short duration of time: Videos deliver your business idea and explain all the nuances associated with it in a fixed duration of time. Users would obviously prefer this over still images or plain text.
  • Videos enforce brand awareness: Once a user views your video, given that it includes attractive animation and is informative enough, the impact generated by such videos stays with the user. In due course of time, they are bound to speak about your business brand with others, thereby bringing increased recognition to you.
  • Compatibility with mobile phones: Are you aware of the fact that 50% of YouTube videos are viewed on mobile phones? Also, 65% of Facebook’s usage is through mobile phones. Fascinating, eh? Videos included into your business site are designed to be viewed on mobiles, without any errors. This improves the reach of your business brand, and increases traffic generation and sales.
  • Google loves videos: Including videos into your business site along with optimised content is positive SEO. This implies that including cool videos into your business site improves your ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs)
Animation & Explainer Videos - Quint Digital Australia

Animated Explainer Videos put your business brand across Australia!

Even the most SEO optimised content can’t beat a business site with optimised content plus videos. Videos have become a revolutionary aspect of digital marketing and have produced terrific results. The promising prospects of videos have made business websites achieve outstanding results.

So why should your business brand miss out?

Are you an online business based in places like Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane and are confused about how to make animated explainer videos click for your business venture?

Then salvage the services of the best digital marketing agency in Australia to skyrocket the path of your business.

Quint Digital is your partner in helping your business soar to remarkable heights!

We create videos that have both style and substance. Videos made by us are optimised in the right way and are powerful enough to make a definitive mark on your business prospects, resulting in massive traffic generation, sales and profits.

Quint Digital makes the most effective animated explainer videos in Australia to engage your customer base and make your business goals easily attainable!

Here’s How Our Animation Explainer Videos Double Your Website Conversion Rates

Through the simple steps that we are going to take you through feel encouraged to generate your own animation explainer video or connect with us and reap the benefits!

Let’s get started!

  • Scripting Phase
  • Voicing Phase
  • Video Phase
  • Music Phase
  • Performance Phase
  • Enjoyment Phase

Scripting Phase

The key element to creating a great animation explainer video is the generation of video scripts. By taking into consideration the pain points of your prospects and how your products or services smoothen thighs out for them, we carefully craft the scripts.

In essence, our order of scripting starts with a quick overview of your products or services. Then we introduce the customer pain point and take through a seamless awareness and consideration journey. By providing the answer to how your prospects’ problems are being solved by your products we then formulate a convincing call-to-action and broadcast all trust signals to cite the validation of the explainer video.

Voicing Phase

Once all the scripting is done, we then give life to the animation explainer video with voiceovers.

Video Phase

When it comes to the core process of fabricating your video, we prioritise the pros of the product or service that you ought to sell. By integrating the buyer’s journey and your sales funnel, we effectively increase your

website conversion rates.

Supposing you find our service quite costly you can always try it on your own. All that you need is a basic computer and software knowledge. Tools like Pow Toon will enable you to generate animation videos on a budget. Though it won’t turn out to be a masterpiece, it would do good for a start.

Your alternate solution could be hiring freelancers. They might provide you with high-quality explainer videos at affordable costs.

But keep tabs that the latter means of creating animation are meant only for startups. If you are looking out to selling like crazy then you must avail the services of professional animated video makers like Quint Digital.

Music Phase

An animation video with no sound effects is much akin to walking inside a wedding hall with no songs of celebration. By acquiring the right kind of music that sends out purchasing vibes, we’d dapper your animation video with audio loops, sheet music, and scores.

Performance Phase

With a/b testing we would check the performance metrics of the variants and measure audience engagement to give you insights on which variant gains the maximum website conversion rates.

By leveraging tools like YouTube Insight and Google Analytics, we would accomplish this task for you, and present you the winning variant for a full swing action.

Enjoyment Phase

When the winning variant is posted on your landing page, you can be sure to increase your website conversion rates and improve your organic rankings. Entertain and engage your prospects for a longer time and get the word out about your services and products with share features. The coolest benefit of the enjoyment phase allows you to repurpose the video in an investor pitch, email signatures and much more.

By investing a reasonable amount, you can not only engage prospects landing on your webpage, but you can also reach out to your existing customers with the repurposed video to educate and nurture them for purchasing Kickstarter projects.

Get Connected With The Best Animation Video Makers

We believe in the power of harnessing human emotions to help them connect with brand stories. We achieve this task by custom-made animation explainer videos. Through our services, clients have increased their website conversion rates, ranked better in the organic listings, grabbed audience attention, and soon their products were the talk of the town.

Don’t hesitate to include animated explainer videos as part of your digital marketing campaign. Your product is just a mite away from becoming the talk of the town. Get in touch with us, we’ll make your dreams come true!

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The Quint Digital Commitment

Working with a Digital Marketing agency that understands your needs and vision is crucial for business growth. While your business provides services and products, Quint Digital ensures your venture reaches landscapes in Australia. We are committed to serving your purpose with a passion that matches yours.

Generating More Traffic

By putting organic and paid sources to work, we give an uplift to lead generation.

With a rise in traffic the ratio of lead conversion increases and the investment made pays for itself.

Lead Nurturing

Follow up after providing the best of your services to a consumer is a powerful and necessary step.

We provide solutions that check for feedback and keep the loyal consumer updated about what new is happening in your business offerings!

Conversion Rate Optimization

Get website for your business that directs potential consumer to place that are relevant to them.

With a user friendly user interface, have them hooked and convert them into loyal consumers!

Retargeting the audience

It is common for a potential buyer to research one thing 10 times, in different ways to figure out the best buy for their hard earned money.

By presenting them with services that they desire of, we convert scrollers into loyal consumers!


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