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Best Black Friday Campaigns: Unlocking the Secrets to Success

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How many ad commercials have captured your heart and your wallet since October? ‘Tis the season of joy and shopping frenzy! As the holiday season approaches, businesses around the globe gear up for a marketing battleground to make it more than just a day of discounts by showcasing their creativity and innovation.

However, the challenge remains the same for every retailer: How do you your customer to pick you from an array of options? How are you standing out to your audience, Are you building conversation with them and making their purchase journey seamless?

And when you hear that 88% of people are going to spend extra time comparing deals this season, the competition gets REAL!

Thus Quint Digital has brought you some of the most ingenious and impactful Black Friday marketing campaigns. These campaigns known for leaving a lasting impression on both consumers and the marketing industry; to inspire the magician within you. Let’s dive right in!

Best Black Friday Campaigns

1. Samsung Australia’s Reverse Auction Campaign (2022)

Recognising consumers’ anticipation of significant discounts, especially on coveted electronics, Samsung introduced the Reverse Auction to encourage people to shop for their favourites.

Samsung Australia’s Reverse Auction stands out as a prime example of innovative marketing. Bidding started at full retail price, gradually dropping to $1 until all items were claimed.

Promoted through compelling videos as a breaking news story, the campaign featured surprise mystery products, captivating 50,000 customers. With purchases at almost 50% below retail prices, it not only showcased creativity but set a benchmark for engaging holiday marketing.

2. Amazon’s Countdown to Black Friday 2022

Amazon took a playful turn with its Black Friday campaign, introducing a whimsical Yeti character in their ad titled “Lonely Yeti.” The legendary Bigfoot-like creature finds itself in a freezing habitat, contemplating a solitary holiday season. However, Amazon comes to the rescue, presenting an early Black Friday deal on a hairdryer delivered straight to the lonely Yeti.

The creature transforms, grooming itself, and confidently struts into a festive gathering, capturing attention to the nostalgic strains of the 80s hit “Okay Okay” by Pino D’Angio. While the ad may be slightly unconventional, its quirkiness makes it both eye-catching and unforgettable. Clocking in at just 15 seconds, the commercial effortlessly maintains viewer attention, leading to a satisfying and memorable conclusion.

3. Walmart 2022

When it is holiday season, nostalgia becomes the secret sauce for businesses to become a shoppers’ magnet with their remarkable ad campaigns. Walmart masters the art with a Black Friday commercial featuring the iconic Michael Bolton.

Bolton steps into the fictional realm of Initech, inspired by the 1999 comedy Office Space, not as a typical employee but as the morale-boosting maestro. He tweaks the lyrics of his 1989 classic “Tell me, how am I supposed to live without you,” to create a Black Friday anthem, questioning, “Tell me, how Black Friday deals are on a Monday”, This gives it a clever nod to the exclusive early access granted to Walmart Plus club members. With an infectious tune and Bolton’s unmatched vocal prowess, watching this Black Friday ad becomes an absolute delight!

4. Davines Green Friday (2019)

Personal care brands face a constant challenge in gaining consumer trust, given the tangible and direct impacts of their products. This challenge, however, fuels creativity and thoughtfulness. Davines, the international hair-care brand, embraced this challenge by transforming Black Friday into Green Friday.


The brand pledged to donate 100% of its online profits to charities supporting environmental causes. This strategic decision resonated with consumers who prioritise self-care through branded products and aspire to contribute to the green revolution in a simple and impactful way. More than just a noteworthy display of genuine generosity, this strategic branding manoeuvre highlights the fact that good marketing shows benefits, great marketing shows value and authenticity.

5. Supercheap Auto – Pitch Black Sale(2022)

Pitch Black, really? Yes you heard it right! Supercheap Auto, an Aussie auto accessories retailer, stood out from the crowd for Black Friday by going Pitch Black. They committed to making it super with a thoughtful Black Friday ad creation that had to be seen (or not) to be believed.

The commercial kicks off with Nathan Murray, the charismatic PR representative, playfully plunging a Supercheap Auto store into darkness. As he endeavours to highlight the sizzling Black Friday deals amidst the shadows, a bit of chaos unfolds, resulting in some inevitable breakage. When the lights finally return, the aftermath is hilariously exaggerated. With a witty remark, Murray jests, “This is coming out of my pay, isn’t it?” This ad not only showcases the sought-after humour but also embraces a pitch-black theme for added impact.

The Magic of SEO Services

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Harpreet Singh

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Here are some frequently asked questions about digital marketing that businesses may have.

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