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Lead Generation

Internet is a magnet that attracts buyers who have a vision and money to invest in services and products that in return help their business grow. The outburst of eCommerce has opened doorways for digital marketing agencies to step in and provide services that rocket a company’s sales, profits and existence. Before actually making a purchase, a potential buyer goes through many sources from the comfort of their homes to decide whether the investment is worthy or not. Being absolutely clear and direct about what you have in stock for them not only attracts them to invest in your services but also sparks assurance and value.

At Quint Digital Melbourne, we work towards providing consistent traffic to your websites by organic or paid means. This way, your websites generates its own rent while having a powerful impact in the market.

We aim at increasing the ratio of lead conversions and have a standing in all business-relevant eCommerce platforms.

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Email Campaign Management

Who doesn’t like receiving mails that make their daily task of generating revenue out of a business worth it? With the growth in the eCommerce industry, having awareness of what is trending and what has scope unlocks a plethora of business opportunities for you.

By dropping frequent emails to the subscribers, you not only nudge their attention but also introduce viability to invest more in your business. While follow up is important, it is significantly needed to tell them how they can invest in other useful services that are offered by you. With compelling content, you not only widen the scope of more business opportunities but also create awareness about your brand.

With Quint Digital Melbourne, never miss on the opportunity to tell your consumers about the magic that is still there in stock for them! We craft practical and powerful email campaigns that target the needs and wants of an Australian business venture!

Email Automation

It goes without doubt that email automation marketing involves sending out relevant emails to present consumers automatically by scheduling or defining a trigger. The relevance of email automation marketing is to keep the present consumer notified. Such emails are usually sent in intervals to thank them for buying your services and products and oftentimes to inform about a discount.

At Quint Digital Melbourne, we not only generate automated emails but also set triggers that enhances the value of each email as per the consumer perspective. We focus on generating trigger emails that are sent as even occurs. These events can be their 6 months anniversary with your company or even welcoming them onboard.

We also focus on proving drip-feed email automation marketing that is strategically timed to meet a cause.

Such sure-fire automated email marketing tactic converges to generate more revenue and leads as well.

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Reputation Management

Opinions do impact how a potential buyer views your business. Ever since internet came into existence the business of shelling out reviews shared the spotlight with how a company is understood by prospective buyers. While it is important to learn feedback from consumers to improve the services and products offered by you. It is crucial to eliminate negative feedbacks from the surface.

Quint Digital Melbourne recognises the effects of negative feedback. We optimise search engines and websites so that the negativity takes a backseat and we works towards shaping the brand’s online reputation to improve and increase sales.

Quint Digital Melbourne’s services improve your online reputation by countering the negative organic content with generated positive feedback that brings the company’s image back on top.

Landing Page Design

On a website, a landing page is where your potential buyer lands after they have been directed through Google Ads or by other means. The page is a crisp, detailed and simple advertisement that explains how the company delivers its services. With objective features like Call To Action button (CTA), a landing page aims at creating an impact on the buyer to connect with the company right away.

At Quint Digital Melbourne, our troop of expert content writers create compelling content that ranks you high on Google searches and drive in more visitors that end up converting into genuine consumers.

We thoroughly put our knowledge and experience with SEO content writing at work and craft content for your business that is accurate, available at affordable pricing and written to attract the crowd.

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Video Marketing

Video Marketing

While some will prefer reading about your company and offered services, some might seek a video that talks about everything the venture has to offer. While creating a video for the audience, you have the luxury to include frames that talk directly about what you have in stock to offer and how affordable you are!

At Quint Digital Melbourne, we take frames seriously. Our team of experts bubble up ideas that are not only creative but also informative. We aim to convey your vision and mission with a salt of entertainment.

By doing so, the potential buyer need not spend time reading pages and can directly view the video and act!

Copy Writing

Being selective with what you want the potential buyer to know is essential when there’s character limitation. Copywriting is the ability to write direct copies that carry information about services, perspective and engage a potential buyer instead of spamming them. The aim of copywriting is to provide a copy that adds value to the services you have in stock to offer to make people buy into your services.

At Quint Digital Melbourne, we take copywriting seriously. With content that is compelling enough to rocket the conversion rates, we aim at informing the potential buyer about the services a business has to offer without layering the key takeaways in a bunch of sentences.

We copy-write compelling content that sells your products and services to all horizons of the consumer base.

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Inbound Marketing

Getting into the head of your services’ potential buyer marks an incredibly crucial step towards converting them into consumers. The purpose of inbound marketing is to create content that grabs the attention of consumers even before think of investing in your business. This type of marketing is a cost-effective way of gaining more consumer base without breaking your own bank. These conversions not only invest their hard-earned money into your venture for growth but they also communicate services and products offered by your business in their community.

We at Quint Digital Melbourne aspire to create content that is compelling, direct and talks about your business. By understanding key problems that are faced by buyers, we devise strategies that not target their hurdles but also communicate a sense of commitment.

Strategies are crafted exclusively for your business needs, with attracting, engaging and delightful strategies we can rocket your sales.

CRM & Acquisition Automation

Business is not always about having incredible sales profits. It stretches beyond the golden air. The reality is, keeping olde consumers in touch with updates, support and services is the key to maintaining customer relationship. A well made CRM cycle will ensure you do not end up repeating the same process for every consumer over and over again. The service is simple, direct and incredibly efficient.

While acquisition automation does the much needful consumer evolution to identify their desires and how much they are willing to invest and form a bridge between advertising and CRM.

At Quint Digital Melbourne, we aim at bringing the best practical fortune of CRM and Acquisition Automation so that even the oldest consumers of your products and services feel exclusive and result in more lead conversions.

CRM acquisition Automation
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Conversion Rate Optimisation

The chances of your business making conversions increases when you pay close attention-getting more traffic that converts into leads. Here, the marketing team is put to work so that they can create direct and innovative strategies to drive crazy traffic to your business website. Furthermore, another group of expert sales troop makes the approach and generate conversions.

The purpose of conversion rate optimisation is to give all rights to a person, visiting your website, to take immediate action once they find services or products that meet their need of the hour.

Quint Digital Melbourne strategises the way conversion rate optimisation works for you. With experts having incredible ideas to boost traffic, we introduce web designs and service placing such that a consumer feels the immediate urge to connect and invest.

Our conversion rate optimisation methods ensure a potential buyer converts into a lead before they step out of your website.

Graphic Design Solution

While the art of graphic design is becoming more and more popular in the marketing arena, it remains the responsibility of the graphic designers to know the modern and sophisticated tools and technology that must be combined with creativity to produce remarkable designs. Our expert graphic designers understand the techniques to engage, interact and entertain the audience while leaving a lasting impression of your brand.

Graphic Design Solution
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White Label SEO

The chances of your business making conversions increases when you pay close attention-getting more traffic that converts into leads. Here, the marketing team is put to work so that they can create direct and innovative strategies to drive crazy traffic to your business website. Furthermore, another group of expert sales troop makes the approach and generate conversions.

The purpose of conversion rate optimisation is to give all rights to a person, visiting your website, to take immediate action once they find services or products that meet their need of the hour.

Quint Digital Melbourne strategises the way conversion rate optimisation works for you. With experts having incredible ideas to boost traffic, we introduce web designs and service placing such that a consumer feels the immediate urge to connect and invest.

Our conversion rate optimisation methods ensure a potential buyer converts into a lead before they step out of your website.

A/B Testing

Nature loves symmetry. So why should digital marketing be left behind? More often than not, businessmen impinge upon two versions of their website or app. This concept can also extend to deciding between two different business models! As such, there appears a decision-making process wherein it is essential to choose the most suitable one that should go live.

Decision making is a critical aspect of digital marketing and a good decision can skyrocket your business and its sales to unimaginable levels. Getting a competent digital marketing agency aboard leads to the implication of the A/B Testing. This is essentially an experimental process that involves the statistical comparison of both the entities (designated as A and B for simplicity) based on how the user perceives each of them.

Both versions go live, but to different halves of your target audience. The model with a better statistical performance gets the piece of the cake and the existing version is modified if needed.

Quint Digital Melbourne pays close attention to all the intricate points of comparison and ensures that a detailed statistical report is generated that clearly defines which version is preferable.

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Sales Funnels

Sales funnel is is the heater that converts cold business prospects into hot and fresh lead conversions. This sales model helps in sourcing buyers who not only make direct purchases but also invest their thoughts into other available services and products. The aim is to provide a potential buyer what they need at the right time and at an affordable rate.

At Quint Digital Melbourne, we understand the importance of not only consume interest but also the rate of leads conversion. We give practical solutions to your sales process cycles. Our experts invest hours to ensure your business-related doubts are clear. With emphasis to details, we provide mediums that not only give a powerful uplift to your revenue funnel but also educate buyers to bring in a sense of comfort by introducing valuable blogs, blogs and other sources.

Quint Digital Melbourne guarantees genuine conversion of a contacted buyer into a consumer for life.

App Development

Amidst all the technological features constantly popping up in today’s world, people are increasingly using their mobiles for their business needs. The prevalence of Android and iOS devices thrive due to the portability and ease in using the device when compared to a PC. For businessmen and online advertisers, chances are rife that their online business ventures have been viewed by potential customers on a smartphone.

In order to capitalise on this trend, it is crucial to reinforce the development of business apps. These apps can increase your online visibility and sales to astonishing levels. The popularity and success of many top-notch brands is attributed to their establishment of mobile apps for businesses.

So why should your business hold back?

Quint Digital Melbourne’s app development services are sure-fire to boost your sales and cement the position of your business among the very best.

App Development
Animation Explainer Videos

Animation & Explainer Videos

Studies have established that visual cues help people perceive, understand and remember stuff better than just mere text. And don’t we all have a thing for animation in secret? It’s just human psychology!

Several businesses have recognised this aspect and have inculcated this into their business ads, apps and websites. The presence of animated explainer videos in your business medium helps to connect with a larger base of audience and convert them into your customers. A well-crafted explainer video can make users understand your business better and organically make them prefer you over your competitors.

Does your business have its own set of animated explainer videos? Are they better than what your competitors are showcasing?

At Quint Digital Melbourne, we host a team of experts with exceptional animation and video editing skills who are committed to making the most extraordinary videos that would make your business soar above all others.

Google Reviews Management

The crux of any business is not just to make tremendous sales and profits but also produce happy customers. For online businesses, one can find the reviews to their business through Google My Business, a platform where customers post their feedback for a company through reviews. These reviews can make or break your business as many users tend to check out the reviews of a company before they actually have a look themselves.

Having majorly positive reviews does your business a lot of favours. It enhances your reputation in the market, increases the confidence that your customers have in your services or products, and brings in a surging of traffic to your business.

However, it is always possible to see a handful of negative reviews. How do you deal with that? You need someone to manage the reviews and increase the ratio of the positive to negative reviews.

We, at Quint Digital Melbourne, have got your hand.

Quint Digital Melbourne monitors every single review that your business venture receives and works on the negatives to reach out to the user and convert it into a positive.

Google Reviews Management
Facebook Reviews Management

Facebook Reviews Management

Being the world’s largest social media website, Facebook has a dedicated line of users that make up a huge portion of the world population. Facebook offers all the features for the running of a commercial enterprise. Can a platform with such huge implications be neglected?
Absolutely not!

Many users tend to visit the Facebook page of a company or business before they decide to try the services or products being offered. As such, it is vital for your business to have a powerful presence on Facebook. The brownie points you earn from your clients on Facebook can contribute to immense growth in your business sales.

Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a Facebook page for your business which not only establishes your online business on the world’s largest social media platform but also serves as a reference for prospective clients.

Quint Digital Melbourne functions as a premier social media marketing agency to manage the proceedings of your business’ Facebook page and convert negative reviews to positive ones.

Display Banners

It is pretty obvious that users have a better response to visual cues. Along with explainer videos, the employment of banner ads at strategic locations on a website or social media platform can fetch your business a huge traffic inflow. This display advertising is meant to present a brief but informative outlook on the services and products that your business is offering and entice the online audience to go to your website through a click on the banner ad.

Naturally, this display campaign should include attractive ads that immediately draw the attention of online users and motivate them to go visit your business. A good first impression through the banner ad goes a long way in ensuring that you get a or of customers.

Quint Digital Melbourne houses able graphic designers and marketing experts who design wonderful banner ads that strike a chord with the audience and lead to high conversion rates for your business.

Display Banner
digital marketing Chat Bots Google Search engine


A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software that provides a simulation of a real-time conversation between an online user and your business medium. When a user posts a query to the chatbot, it returns a response by mimicking human speech. This form of communication between the user and the website or app helps in making the user feel more comfortable with your business services and there is a high probability of your business gaining many more customers.

While the chatbot response is quick and efficient, there are many complex technological processes going on behind the scenes. It is very important that the design of the chatbot software is precise and flawless. Any error can malign the image of your business services and lead to a loss of potential customers. Fear not! Quint Digital Melbourne has got your back!

Quint Digital Melbourne bridges the gap behind human and machine and creates a highly efficient and reliable chatbot system that functions without any errors 24/7. AI is a hot trend in the world of technology. Use our AI expertise to your advantage!

Quint Digital’s services always serve the purpose!

The services offered by Quint Digital to better the prospects and features of your business encompass a wide array of expertise. Our services are multidimensional and attend to every single aspect related to the efficient functioning of your business website. While our services are many, they all share a common set of beliefs and principles that Quint Digital always advocates. These are presented below:

  • We do more than just provide face value. A good-looking ad can draw in a visitor but it should also be engaging enough to compel the visitor to actually check out your ad instead of just stealing a glance and leaving.
  • We practice BOTH style and substance. In order to make your business website or ad engaging enough for the visitor to hang on and lead to conversion, it should contain genuine content that highlights the various nuances and benefits associated with your business services or products.
  • Technology at its finest. The survival of the fittest in the era of digital marketing is achieved largely due to the high-end technological features for your business. We deploy advanced and fool proof technology into your business ventures so that there is no stone left unturned in getting your business across to the online audience and garner sales.
  • We focus on making your business interactive. Despite all the features, metrics and parameters associated with your business, it all boils down to basically an interaction between clients and businessmen, which, by essence, is an interaction between people. We aim to make our work output as interactive as possible and make it easier for your prospective clients to form a connection with your business.
  • Minute details are not missed. We understand that every single element that makes up your business website or app counts. A single text headline to the complex software running things behind the scenes, we devote equal amount of energy and detail to all of them.

Online business services in Australia make up a network of various elements that carry the common goal of maximising your customer traffic and sales across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and every part of Australia. Quint Digital demystifies this complex network and joins the dots to make your business objectives simpler and achievable..

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Generating More Traffic

By putting organic and paid sources to work, we give an uplift to lead generation.

With a rise in traffic the ratio of lead conversion increases and the investment made pays for itself.

Lead Nurturing

Follow up after providing the best of your services to a consumer is a powerful and necessary step.

We provide solutions that check for feedback and keep the loyal consumer updated about what new is happening in your business offerings!

Conversion Rate Optimization

Get website for your business that directs potential consumer to place that are relevant to them.

With a user friendly user interface, have them hooked and convert them into loyal consumers!

Retargeting the audience

It is common for a potential buyer to research one thing 10 times, in different ways to figure out the best buy for their hard earned money.

By presenting them with services that they desire of, we convert scrollers into loyal consumers!



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