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Anyone can sell anything. This is the basic reasoning behind BigCommerce and Shopify. With a web browser and access to the Internet, you can easily be the next business on the web.

The features that set BigCommerce apart from other eCommerce platforms are the amount of customisation that is possible, along with the SaaS feature.

While using a platform such as BigCommerce, conversion rates and SEO are imperative as it is these that dictate the success of a business. While speaking of companies that aren’t simply selling to a thousand clients or servicing one or two countries, but rather are spread around the globe, these factors play a crucial role in determining sales.

As a leading SEO company in Melbourne, optimising SEO for businesses that use BigCommerce is an integral part of what we do. Reach your client base through a range of powerful tools and connect with the market on a whole new level.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions On BigCommerce SEO

Through successful campaigns, marketing strategies and SEO, we have built trust among our clients. The following addresses the common questions that people have about BigCommerce SEO:

The main features of BigCommerce are as follows:

✓ B2B features that enable businesses to be more streamlined and the customer experience to be more enhanced.

✓ Automated emails can be sent to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. The emails can be customised with regards to timings and content.

✓ Features such as drop-down menus, image swatches etc.

✓ Product videos can be added for ease of understanding.

While both platforms offer businesses to create an online store and improve the customer experience, there are certain differences between the two.

✓ The multi-currency features on BigCommerce are much more than when it comes to Shopify, which requires third-party support.

✓ Shopify has an abundance of themes to choose from compared to BigCommerce.

✓ The management of the website is simple in the case of websites that have been built using Shopify whereas when it comes to BigCommerce, there is a level of advanced knowledge required.

BigCommerce SEO like every other platform’s SEO can help your business get higher rankings and thus generate organic traffic. With BigCommerce a merchant has the flexibility of selling products or services on not just one but multiple websites. These websites include eCommerce giants such as Amazon and eBay.

What this will do for your business is it will get you traction, leads, attention, and generate sales! What’s more is that you can integrate your platform with your social media, other websites etc. and improve the experience for your customer base.

Developing the tools that are essential for the marketing of products and services on BigCommerce through SEO, themes, options for customisation and more is what the development of a website through BigCommerce involves.

Managing a website on a larger level, which could be as huge as over hundreds of countries, millions of products involves an eCommerce platform that comes with tools and features to accommodate such magnitude of data. BigCommerce helps with this.

The pricing plans for BigCommerce involve:

Standard plan: This enables merchants to build their stores with an unlimited number of products, no additional transaction fees, unlimited staff accounts, integration of Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram etc. Integration of all payment gateways, 24/7 tech support.

Plus plan: This includes all the above features along with customer group segmentation, abandoned cart saver, stored credit cards.

Pro plan: This plan includes all the features of the Plus plan along with Google customer reviews, product filtering.

Enterprise: This plan includes all features of the Pro plan along with price lists, unlimited API calls, express routing etc.

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