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Get More Google Reviews with My 11 Proven Review Generation Tips

Get More Google Reviews with My 11 Proven Review Generation Tips

Did you know?

90% of your clients read your reviews before visiting your business.

88% of visitors trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

This just goes to show that Google reviews are indispensable to generate qualified leads, conversions, and sales.

But how do you generate Google reviews for your business?

Here are eleven proven Google review generation tips to increase your Google business listing.

Google Review Tips #1 – Customize Your Google My Business Listing

Start by upgrading your Google business listing. Provide accurate and up-to-date information about your business. You can add photos of your business to get more driving direction requests and to generate more website clicks. Post your hours of operation so that your customers know when to reach out to you. And most importantly check the accuracy of the following:

Presenting reliable information would help your customers to find and review your business on Google.

Google Review Tips #2 – Verify Your Google Business Listing

Authenticated businesses are twice as liable to be considered trustworthy by clients. By verifying your Google business listing you can protect your listing from being mishandled by unauthorized personnel.

Upon verification, you can also edit information pertaining to your business. So, once you add catchy intelligence about your business, customers most likely would engage with your listing and leave reviews.

Further, all misunderstandings can be avoided once you verify your Google business listing. This highly aids to provide customer satisfaction and establishes healthy rapport.

Google Review Tips #3 – Ask For Google Reviews

As a part of your business strategy, be sure to acquire your customer’s email address, because emails are the ideal way to engage in personal communication with leading clients and prospects for future endeavors.

You can either write personalized emails or you can send automated personalized emails.  As you frame your list of email recipients, make sure that your subject states the purpose of your mail clearly. Don’t feel shy to ask for reviews. Your customers feel warm when you depend on them for favors as much as they depend on you for your products and services. So craft unique and heart moving requests, and thus ask your customers to leave Google reviews.

Google Review Tips #4 – Provide Excellent Service

A great way to generate Google reviews automatically is by providing excellent customer services.

Only when your customers are satisfied with your products and services, they will tend to spread the word about your business. So once you’re in your customers’ good books, you can easily ask for reviews and get a higher Google business listing.

But you can’t overlook the fact that customers act when their experiences are at the extremes. If your services are satisfactory and average, then customers won’t be moved to give a review. So strive to give them extremely positive experiences to get positive reviews. And don’t forget that extreme negative experiences with your services can tend to generate negative Google reviews as well.

Altogether, greet your customers in balls of sunshine and provide impeccable deliveries.

A key strategy into getting immediate reviews is by asking your customers at just the right time. Depending on the business you own, customer satisfaction/frustration is revealed at different times.

Now, let us consider for an instance, that you own an ice cream parlor. Your customers buy your ice creams and eat them right away. Then, when they make the payment, you can ask them to drop a review. At that moment, suppose the sun was scorching down, then your ice cream would definitely have tasted ten times much delicious than at usual times. So when you ask for a review when your customers are still beaming with satisfaction and excitement, you can be sure to get positive reviews immediately.

But let us say that you forgot to ask your customers for Google reviews, then after a week, you decide to write a mail. By the time your request for a feedback reaches your customer, he/she would have lost all the buzz and your service would only be a long forgotten dream. So be sure to ask for Google reviews at the right time.

But what would you do when your business revolves around products and services that take a longer time to gather customer response?

Here’s an example to illustrate the solution.

Supposing you own an HVAC business. Your clients can give their reviews only after the installation of the air-conditioner, and of course a good night’s sleep under the air-conditioner. In such cases, you need to remind your customers to give Google reviews. You can send mailers, or make follow-up phone calls to check whether your customers are satisfied and if they would consent to give a review.

Google Review Tips #6 – Make Reviewing Easy

Sometimes customers can find difficulty in making a review when they are not exposed to the process of making one.

Google has however made it simple, yet for some people, you have to guide them through baby steps.

Follow these steps to make it easy to drop a Google review:

  1. Circulate ‘How to make a Google review’ instruction note in person or via mails.
  2. Keep the instructions simple and easy to follow.
  3. Create a blog on ‘How to make a Google review’ on your website.
  4. Include the link to your Google My Business review page in your blog post and mailers.
Google Review Tips #7 – Leveraging Your Email Signature

All businesses send constant mailers to be in touch with their prospects and to continue their healthy rapport.  This is also one of the fields where you can persuade your customers indirectly to give Google reviews.

Say, you wish your customer a Merry Christmas, as an indirect means of reminding them of your products and services. Now use the same mail to increase your Google business listing by leveraging your email signature.


Include a call-to-action in your signature. And in our case, the call to action would be “Review us Please!”. Then be sure to hyperlink the call-to-action to your Google My Business Page.

Google Review Tips #8 – Strong Social Media Footprints

An effective way to increase your Google business listing is by making a strong social media presence. There’s not a single second when the social media is devoid of users. So use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to promote your products and services and calls-to-action.

This method not only helps you to spread brand awareness among new prospects but it also helps to nurture existing clients. New clients would respond to calls-to-action like “Visit our Shop”, “Order Now”. But it is only those customers who’ve availed your products and services who would respond to a call-to-action like “Rate us”.

So along with posts regarding your products and services, include calls-to-action along the lines of “Rate us”, “Leave a Review”.

Google Review Tips #9 – Be Responsive

When customers leave Google reviews, show that you appreciate their action, and be swift to reply. While positive reviews do bring you joy, sometimes you might come across situations where you have to deal with negative reviews as well. At such instances, assure them that you would look into your flaws and would strive to provide better services.

But here’s where being responsive to your happy customers come in handy. While at one side of the coin there are rebukes, the happy customers would shower praises and might even go to the extent of counteracting the negative claims of unsatisfied clients. So, respond to all your reviews and show that each review is significant and that you value them all.

Google Review Tips #10 – Remind Your Customers

Sometimes your customers tend to forget to leave reviews on account of their busy schedules. Send them a reminder note and encourage them to review. At such instances, your customers become motivated and would write their reviews immediately. So don’t ever be shy to ask for reviews or to remind your clients to do so, as long as you’re providing fantabulous services.

Google Review Tips #11 – Adhere to Google Business Review Guidelines

While Google reviews do help in increasing your Google business listings, be sure to adhere to the guidelines that govern the reviewing process. So refrain from offering any rewards in exchange for reviews. Be open to both positive and negative feed backs. Learn from your mistakes and strive to better your services.


Google reviews play a key role in increasing your Google business listing. When you gain positive reviews you would attract the attention and trust of potential clients.

So don’t chicken out to ask for reviews or to remind your customers to do so. Get your clients to understand that their reviews would play a key role in bringing about success for your businesses. Follow these aforesaid eleven strategies and generate more Google reviews.

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about digital marketing that businesses may have.

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