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7 Shocking Benefits of Video Marketing

7 Shocking Benefits of Video Marketing

Achieve mammoth business growth with a powerful video marketing strategy

An online business needs to excel in many areas to experience a successful run in the world of digital marketing.

A passionate and driven business owner, a powerful sales pitch, quality products or services, excellent online marketing campaign, brand value and much more.

In today’s ever so competitive world of online business and marketing, what a business needs more than anything is…

A story.

As Tyrion Lannister famously said in Game of Thrones: “There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story”.

Therefore, for a business to rule the online market and achieve unprecedented business growth in terms of lead conversions, sales and ROI, you need to propagate a story, whether it is about your brand, a new product or service, offers to simply a message to your clients.

And what better way to tell a story than to make a video about it?!

Videos make for excellent marketing as they invoke the emotions of the online audience. Furthermore, it is an established fact that people react to visual cues better than plain old text. So if your visual cue is video content with fantastic animation and features that text or for that matter, pictures cannot serve… you have more or less managed to capture the attention of the online user and have possibly sealed a business prospect.

Good video content can convey the entire nature and character of your business in a few minutes. That’s how powerful this mode of marketing is.

Also, you can make your videos as persuasive and enticing as possible. This would naturally pave the way for the online audience to transform into high paying customers!

Why does your business need video marketing?

Let’s put across a very bare and straightforward fact right away…

People are always in a hurry. Time is of the essence and when browsing online, the online audience craves short, engaging, interactive and interesting nuggets of info.

This is where a video comes in.

Videos are like a snack…

Satisfying, measurable and easy to embed into the memory.

The icing on the cake is the fact that video content is not just about aesthetics and appeasing human psychology.

Here, style meets substance. 

Videos come with a plethora of features that make them a remarkable marketing tool.

Being a visual tool, you can use videos to put forward your brand message, share testimonials from past customers and motivate them to take actions that are oriented towards the marketing of your business such as offers, subscriptions, trials, notifications etc.

And it gets even better…

For many business owners, data is everything. And why not?

Data gives you information that you can bank upon. As such, using video for marketing can give you reliable tracking information with regard to audience engagement in a comprehensive way.

Online businesses can tend to get mundane if there is nothing new or exciting to offer. This is why it is a common sight to see online brands coming up with exciting offers and deals to keep their business on an upward curve.

Videos come with the luxury of having the feasibility to tie in your brand’s deals and offers with them. Furthermore, by using content engagement analytics, you can get a clear picture on how your business is performing through real-time data.

Benefits of video marketing that you never knew of!

It goes without saying that video marketing comes with a host of benefits that can reinforce your business and make it a tremendous success.

But we have presented some of those benefits that many aren’t aware of and as such, are missing out on doing some amazing business!

With that being said, let’s dive into the various benefits of video marketing that have made it an indispensable marketing tool in digital marketing.

1. Improve traffic to your business website

Videos are an excellent means to capture the attention and imagination of the online audience.

For instance, putting up a video in your brand’s advertisement makes a powerful first impression that more or less invites online users to check out your business website.

A random online user browsing through the internet is more likely to check out a short and informative video than to read text. With the power of video in marketing at your side, you stand a strong chance to attract a legion of online traffic to your site.

2. Get excellent lead generation and conversions

It is important to realise that videos have untold potential and an evergreen taste. In other words, online users hardly ever get bored of videos and are almost always up for them.

By including videos in your business website and in this case, your landing page, your online visitors are going to be treated with the perfect introduction to your brand’s products or services.

Backed with good video content, your visitor would be more than satisfied and be inherently eager to do your products or services, resulting in not just the generation of leads, but also lead conversions.

3. Rank high in Google search

The addition of video in marketing your business is heavily favoured by Google and lets your business site be featured at the top of the Google search engine results page (SERP).

More the time an online visitor spends in your website after arriving from a Google search, the better is the natural ranking of your website.

It has now become a well-established fact that users spend more time and take more interest in websites whose landing page contains a video.

At the end of the day, ranking high in Google SERP is always a huge success factor for any online business and video marketing is instrumental in this aspect.

4. Aids your email marketing campaign

Employing an email sequence is nowadays a widely followed marketing practice in nurturing leads and converting them into high paying customers. Needless to say, this practice boasts of a high success rate and has become a compulsory addition in online marketing strategies.

The primary reason behind this is the fact that simply using the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an email sent to a client has been shown to boost open rates and CTA rates by a tremendous amount.

All of this basically translates to the fact that using videos in your email marketing campaign can be instrumental in transforming leads into customers, thereby sealing the deal for your business.

5. Achieve more backlinks

Backlinks are essential for the performance of a web page or post. In fact, adding backlinks is popularly deemed as ‘good SEO’ and can fetch you, countless prospective clients, for your business.

So here’s the cool part…

Embedding videos into your website or posts is equivalent to nearly tripling the average number of backlinks to your business. This is something Google absolutely loves. It is easy to see how much this can benefit your business.

6. Make a huge influence in buying decisions

Scores of online users admit that watching a video about a brand’s products or services has gone a long way in enticing them to buy and also refer that brand to their acquaintances.

In the same way, numerous business owners have seen that including videos about their products or services into their website or posts has given their business unprecedented sales, revenue and growth.

So there it is. It can’t get any simpler!

Adding videos is undoubtedly an inherent requirement for the success of any business.

7. Giving the online audience value for their time, money and trust

Nothing is more important than happy customers. If you have achieved this, you are well on your way to becoming an undisputed success in the world of online marketing and business.

Online users tend to prefer video content over other means. While the other ‘means’ such as newsletters, blogs, emails, ads etc. are undoubtedly powerful and reliable options for any business owner to get more happy customers, videos are the safest bet.

With videos, you can rest assured that you are giving the online audience what they want. As such, you can sit back and enjoy as your videos (along with other marketing tactics) drive the online audience to consider your brand’s products or services, and go on to actually buy!

Your customers get quality products or services from a brand that they trust and enjoy doing business with.

You get the growth, sales and revenue that you desire.

It’s a win-win!


You’ve already gained an edge over your competition by simply being aware of these relatively unknown benefits of video marketing! 


So, mate! What’s the next step?

The answer lies in QUINT DIGITAL!!!

It is totally understandable and honestly, quite natural for you to feel overwhelmed as a business owner..

Video marketing is here to stay and it has become an undeniable tool for the benefit of your business.

However, it can’t be ignored that crafting an effective video marketing strategy does require a good deal of homework and lots of brainstorming.

But worry not!

All you need is a competent video marketing agency that possesses the chops to make online businesses succeed by using powerful and dependable video marketing tactics.

Quint Digital is a Melbourne based digital marketing agency that comes with years of experience and unmatched expertise in video marketing to help online businesses in Australia dominate the market and become the brand they aspire to be.

We house a team of passionate and driven individuals who deal with video marketing as bread and butter and know what exactly it takes to make Australian businesses click and become a hot favourite among the online audience.

With Quint Digital and its awe-inspiring video marketing tactics, your business’ products or services would sell like hotcakes!

Enjoy the business growth, sales, revenue and success your brand rightfully deserves!

 Quint Digital’s Video Marketing strategies make your business soar in Australia!

Eager to get aboard with Australia’s finest video marketing agency?

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.

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Some frequently asked questions about digital marketing

Here are some frequently asked questions about digital marketing that businesses may have.

Marketing techniques that are used to capture the attention of the audience and are carried out through electronic means come under the umbrella of digital marketing. The marketing tactics are done through promotional ads, social media, blogging, articles, campaigns, etc. The goal is to reach an audience appropriate to the brand and generate sales.

Through online tools and strategies, it is possible to create awareness about the brand and target, not just random people, but an audience whose buying behaviours match what you are offering

Quint Digital is a digital marketing agency that is based in Melbourne and assists businesses with their marketing on the Internet. This is done by a variety of methods such as social media, content, blogging, campaigns, etc. Quint Digital offers personalised approaches to marketing to every business and thus you can rest assured you are giving your customers a unique experience.
Local packages, keywords, etc. all are focused on the audience that you as a business are targeting and this guarantees traffic.

There are thousands of agencies on the Internet that offer digital marketing strategies to businesses. What sets Quint Digital apart from these is the kind of personalisation they offer with a focus on small scale ventures. These local businesses have a target of the local community and thus with SEO packages, campaigns that are specific to the community in the area, your local venture will soon scale.
Quint Digital has through the years studied the market, the changing algorithm, the trends and thus when it comes to standing out on the web, we know what it takes.

Once you approach Quint Digital for your marketing needs, or web development, web design, content marketing, social media etc. you can expect positive results. This is guaranteed as our experts will employ strategies that have shown excellent outcomes and proven results. With changing algorithms, there is the need to adapt and continue to excel and this can be achieved with conversion-oriented digital marketing techniques.

Hiring a professional agency is wise, as you will benefit from the following:

✓ Website traffic that is relevant to what you are offering

✓ Leads that turn into high-value customers

✓ Lower bounce rate on the website and higher number of clicks

✓ Consistent results

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