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It’s Here: The Most Valuable Guide To Google My Business in 2020

Mark a tremendous local online presence for your business!

Dominate the local market with superior GMB !

The first step to any online business campaign is to make an online presence for the brand in question.

In fact, it is a bare essential that is compulsory for something as basic as the mere existence of the business.

It is important to understand that digital marketing is no more an option in today’s world. The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought the spotlight on the need for businesses to go online. Having an online presence ensures that your business will keep running regardless of how the economy is affected.

Offline businesses go shut in difficult situations. But nothing stops the world from being online. If your business is not present where your target audience is spending the majority of time in, then you are bound to bite the dust.

To make sure that your business skyrockets itself and achieves the growth you are hoping for, it is important to achieve a powerful online presence on Google as a local business. 

Why is it so important for your business to go local?

Today, almost every online business out there has a noted local presence. In fact, many digital marketing gurus obsess over effectively aiding online businesses perform exceptionally well in the local market.

So why exactly are people so involved in this concept of taking businesses local?
Why is it so monumental for business owners?
Why is the local presence of a business a necessity for its survival?

The answers to these questions can be put into perspective by laying out some rather shocking stats and figures..

Get this:

  • Around 46% of searches on Google for products or services are for local information
  • A whopping 88% of local searches on Google led to a call or visit to the business in less than 24 hours

These two facts are sufficient to show just much of a beneficial impact going local can have on your business venture.

By not going online in the local market, you are giving a free home run to your competitors in doing business and reaping the benefits that come with it.

It is really easy to see why your business needs a powerful local SEO campaign. 

In order to kick off your business’ local SEO campaign, you would undoubtedly need a tool that is designed to get the job done.

Enter Google My Business (GMB)

To achieve the growth of your business and get the desired results in the local market, your business needs to have good visibility on Google My Business.

With a sound local SEO campaign powered by Google My Business visibility, your business website will dominate the local market!
What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful tool that serves as a base for providing huge local online visibility to businesses and effectively managing their information through Google’s business listings.

GMB is crucial for every online business. While the online presence itself is spectacular enough to attract heaps of local traffic, GMB also uses the information you have provided for your business to make your business appear in different searches, essentially on the knowledge panel, local pack and maps.

Google Knowledge Panel refers to the box of information about your business that appears right at the top of the search engine results when a user uses Google to search for products or services relevant to your business. This information typically includes the link to your business’ website, address, working hours and other relevant information based on your business.

Google Local Pack refers to the top 3 business listings that come under the map when a user searches for local results. Good GMB ensures that your business can feature in the local pack

Google Maps, as we all know, is meant to show the location of the business on a map and the directions leading to it. This is an excellent way to show users the exact location of your business as per their own location.

Benefits of Google My Business

Good and effective GMB is a huge gift to any online business venture.

It is a well-established notion among anyone in digital marketing that GMB holds paramount importance in establishing a successful online business campaign and making it run.

So it’s a natural understanding that GMB is loaded with heaps of benefits that have made it such an indispensable marketing tool.

So, let us explore the many even benefits that GMB can offer to your business:

Makes your business appear in the local pack

When people locally search for products or services online, they naturally tend to incline toward the top 3 businesses featured in the listings.

The default assumption of the online audience rests on the belief that these three businesses are the best of the lot and they would go on with one of these three.

With a strong GMB campaign, your local business could feature among the elite businesses of the local pack, and you gain a good amount of online traffic.

Lets the local online audience know about your brand

Through the knowledge panel and maps, your local audience is well-acquainted with what your brand is about, what it offers and where it is located.

With this, your business inherently generates a strong local brand presence and image that naturally attracts customers locally.

Displays reviews for your business

It is a natural tendency for anyone to go for the best.

Through GMB, you can display your business’ reviews and rating on the knowledge panel. Having your local business backed up with good reviews and a strong rating (4 to 5 stars) helps develop a sense of trust, quality and credibility in the minds of your customers.

Furthermore, having good reviews and ratings is monumental in bagging a strong spot in the local pack listings. With quality services and excellent GMB, you are bound to attract good reviews which in turn attract more good reviews, thereby helping you cement your position in the local pack.

Helps you make strategic decisions to improve your business prospects

One of the biggest USPs of GMB that makes it such a popular tool is the fact that it helps you gain a detailed understanding of how your business is running.

GMB helps you to delve into the number of calls, number of clicks, online users engagement, views of your business profile’s images, location of your viewers etc.

These exceptional features of GMB lets you work on your local business campaign and make necessary improvements whenever you want to.

GMB is completely free and accessible by all businesses

One of the major highlights of GMB is the fact that it is absolutely FREE.

No hidden charges.

No premium upgrades.

You get all of it for no cost whatsoever.

All you need is a legit business venture and address to get your business set up on GMB.

Any business can access GMB and get themselves aboard the local listings. Backed with a strong GMB campaign, your business is good to go in no time!

Quint Digital for:
Unmatched Local SEO Services in Australia

It goes without a shadow of a doubt that using Google My Business is absolutely necessary if you want your business to advance and get you the results you desire.

But as it has been mentioned earlier, going local with an online business is a powerful marketing practice that almost any business in marketing is doing.

And needless to say, GMB is the go-to tool for all those local businesses out there.

There are several businesses that are dealing with the same products or services that are your niche. They could be featured at the very top of the Google local pack right now!

This means that you need an amazing local SEO strategy to turn the wheels of your business venture in the local online market and get your business running.

In other words, you meet a top-notch digital marketing agency in Australia that not only helps you catch up with the top local performers, but also beat them!

Quint Digital is a premier Melbourne based, result-oriented digital marketing company whose expertise in local SEO and Google My Business campaigns have made a tremendous impact throughout Australia. We possess a remarkable track record of making online businesses succeed locally and our services are varied, effective and cater to several industries.

We help your business get set up locally on GMB and equip it with a thorough local SEO strategy and a relentless GMB listing campaign for you to reign supreme in your local online market!

We house some of the most competent and driven experts in SEO who possess a knack in carving a cutting edge local SEO and GMB campaign for your business and make it a hot special local brand. 


Conquer the local online market and become the reigning business on the GMB listings!

Open the floodgates to unprecedented leads, traffic and revenue

Quint Digital’s local SEO and GMB services help you absolutely dominate your local online market!

Contact our strategist today and see how GMB can make you the local leader through a FREE 30-minute strategy session!

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.

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Some frequently asked questions about digital marketing

Here are some frequently asked questions about digital marketing that businesses may have.

Marketing techniques that are used to capture the attention of the audience and are carried out through electronic means come under the umbrella of digital marketing. The marketing tactics are done through promotional ads, social media, blogging, articles, campaigns, etc. The goal is to reach an audience appropriate to the brand and generate sales.

Through online tools and strategies, it is possible to create awareness about the brand and target, not just random people, but an audience whose buying behaviours match what you are offering

Quint Digital is a digital marketing agency that is based in Melbourne and assists businesses with their marketing on the Internet. This is done by a variety of methods such as social media, content, blogging, campaigns, etc. Quint Digital offers personalised approaches to marketing to every business and thus you can rest assured you are giving your customers a unique experience.
Local packages, keywords, etc. all are focused on the audience that you as a business are targeting and this guarantees traffic.

There are thousands of agencies on the Internet that offer digital marketing strategies to businesses. What sets Quint Digital apart from these is the kind of personalisation they offer with a focus on small scale ventures. These local businesses have a target of the local community and thus with SEO packages, campaigns that are specific to the community in the area, your local venture will soon scale.
Quint Digital has through the years studied the market, the changing algorithm, the trends and thus when it comes to standing out on the web, we know what it takes.

Once you approach Quint Digital for your marketing needs, or web development, web design, content marketing, social media etc. you can expect positive results. This is guaranteed as our experts will employ strategies that have shown excellent outcomes and proven results. With changing algorithms, there is the need to adapt and continue to excel and this can be achieved with conversion-oriented digital marketing techniques.

Hiring a professional agency is wise, as you will benefit from the following:

✓ Website traffic that is relevant to what you are offering

✓ Leads that turn into high-value customers

✓ Lower bounce rate on the website and higher number of clicks

✓ Consistent results

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