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Optimise Your Blog Posts With The Best SEO Services Melbourne Has To Offer

Leading Melbourne SEO agency spills the beans on upscaling the SEO game of your website blog posts!

Writing blogs for business websites isn’t the same as writing articles.

Business blog writing is typically the brainchild of a content writer with sound knowledge and expertise in search engine optimisation (SEO) and copywriting.

The purpose of these blog posts is not limited to conveying information…

Rather, they serve to act as a sales copy to promote the business’ products/services and the brand in general.

Enriched with SEO keywords and web parameters such as inbound and occasional outbound linking, business blogs aim to draw eyeballs from the vast online user base of the internet, make they spend time reading the blog through compelling content and drive then towards being converted to loyal and high-paying customers of the business in question.

Indeed! Blogs are an excellent tool to market your business and turn it into a hot special brand in the niche of products or services that your business is offering.

However, it should be understood that almost every premier digital marketing agency out there is offering content writing services for their clients. In fact, every SEO services Melbourne agency offers content writing services that also includes blogs, articles and guest posts.

So how do you optimise your content with superior SEO content that lets your business edge out the competition and avail the magnitude of sales, revenue and profits that typically define a tremendously successful business in the market?

To achieve this, you need a top-notch digital marketing agency and not just a run-of-the-mill agency with long promises and a flashy website.

In other words, you need an agency that comes with a customised strategic plan for your business and backs it up with an exceptional track record of making businesses like yours soar over the online market in Australia.

Look no further than Quint Digital in your search for such a Melbourne SEO agency.

Quint Digital is a premier Melbourne-based and result-oriented digital marketing agency with the right blend of experience and expertise in various areas of online marketing to take businesses on an overdrive.


With an expert team of content writers, copywriters and SEO executives, we have established a phenomenal reputation for ourselves in delivering real jaw-dropping results for our clients.

“Content is king”

Occupy the throne of business growth and success with our stellar content writing services

This has become a popular saying among marketing gurus from all over the world.

At Quint Digital, we take this saying as a mantra to make our writers excel with their blogs and content in general.

Throughout the course of our experience in creating masterpiece content for our many clients, we have come to the conclusion that most agencies fail to salvage the mammoth marketing potential that blogs can offer them with.

As such, this write-up serves as a definitive guide to help business owners like you separate legit blog content writing solutions from the rest.

After all, an established SEO content writing agency leaves no stone unturned in churning out content that sells, be it SEO services or even local SEO Melbourne services.

With that being said, here are our 5 simple yet effective SEO strategic tips on making your website’s blogs a recipe for grand business growth and success..

  • Update your existing blogs frequently

This is crucial for making one’s current blogs click and perform well. The Google bot loves fresh content and updating your existing blog with new and relevant content goes a long way in boosting the organic SEO rankings of your blog and website alike. Such frequency in your blog content updates gives a clear indication to Google that your business website is active and dynamic, thereby making your blogs all the more productive for your business prospects. 

  • Back up your blogs with extensive research

Keyword and blog topic research is instrumental in securing a definitive SEO advantage over your competitors. Using keyword research tools such as SEMrush and the Google Ads keyword tool ensures that you zero in on relevant keywords and blog topics that truly help your business. In addition, the use of such tools also let you gain an insight into the keywords that your competitors are using in their content. Therefore, research is mandatory to put up good and competitive blogs on your website. 

  • Image optimisation

The usage of images is an excellent means to improve the readability of your blog content. However, such blog images can also be optimised to inculcate an SEO advantage to your blogs. In order to achieve this level of optimisation, ensure that you include keywords in the file name and have the alternate text section filled with a brief but keyword-enriched description of the image. 

  • Full-fledged and strategic usage of keywords

Judicious usage of keywords in your blog is the key to unlocking the many perks that content can bring to your website. Once you have selected the keywords to be used in your content, it is important to strategically place your keywords throughout the blog in areas that not only promote readability but also make it relevant for the search engine bots that crawl into your website. Keywords should be included in:

  • Title/main heading/H1 tag
  • Headings and subheadings/H2 and H3 tags
  • Paragraphs, both in the beginning and the end
  • Hyperlink text (text that provides a link to an inbound or outbound source)
  • Title tags and meta description

Warning!! It is crucial that you don’t engage in keyword stuffing. As the term suggests, one should avoid putting up too many keywords within the same chunk of content. Not only does it frustrate the reader but it may also invite penalties from Google. A few strategically placed keywords in different parts of your content would suffice. 

  • Use social media for better outreach

Social media plays host to a huge consumer base. A typical business is almost always on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, with their own brand accounts wherein the objective is to improve brand awareness and establish connections with potential customers. Using social media to market your blogs on a wide array of topics naturally brings in a wider consumer base to your blog(s). Based on the quality of your blog content, your blog visitors can go on to become high-paying customers for your business.

Our 5-star blogging tips can help convert your business into a 5-star brand on the internet!

So what are you waiting for?

Our expert content writers are eager to turn the fortunes of your business and make it a formidable force in the market.

Whether you’re a new business owner looking to seal an online presence for your business….

Or the owner of an established brand looking to experience never-seen-before revenue figures for your business…

Our Content Writing and SEO Melbourne services for your blogs are your sure-fire way towards astronomical business growth and success for your brand.

Want to see your business propel itself to new heights and shine bright with outstanding results in the market?

Quint Digital can make it happen by taking your business right off the charts!

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Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.

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Some frequently asked questions about digital marketing

Here are some frequently asked questions about digital marketing that businesses may have.

Marketing techniques that are used to capture the attention of the audience and are carried out through electronic means come under the umbrella of digital marketing. The marketing tactics are done through promotional ads, social media, blogging, articles, campaigns, etc. The goal is to reach an audience appropriate to the brand and generate sales.

Through online tools and strategies, it is possible to create awareness about the brand and target, not just random people, but an audience whose buying behaviours match what you are offering

Quint Digital is a digital marketing agency that is based in Melbourne and assists businesses with their marketing on the Internet. This is done by a variety of methods such as social media, content, blogging, campaigns, etc. Quint Digital offers personalised approaches to marketing to every business and thus you can rest assured you are giving your customers a unique experience.
Local packages, keywords, etc. all are focused on the audience that you as a business are targeting and this guarantees traffic.

There are thousands of agencies on the Internet that offer digital marketing strategies to businesses. What sets Quint Digital apart from these is the kind of personalisation they offer with a focus on small scale ventures. These local businesses have a target of the local community and thus with SEO packages, campaigns that are specific to the community in the area, your local venture will soon scale.
Quint Digital has through the years studied the market, the changing algorithm, the trends and thus when it comes to standing out on the web, we know what it takes.

Once you approach Quint Digital for your marketing needs, or web development, web design, content marketing, social media etc. you can expect positive results. This is guaranteed as our experts will employ strategies that have shown excellent outcomes and proven results. With changing algorithms, there is the need to adapt and continue to excel and this can be achieved with conversion-oriented digital marketing techniques.

Hiring a professional agency is wise, as you will benefit from the following:

✓ Website traffic that is relevant to what you are offering

✓ Leads that turn into high-value customers

✓ Lower bounce rate on the website and higher number of clicks

✓ Consistent results

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