Quint Digital’s Secret Digital Marketing Weapon Revealed!
Rule the Online Market with our Multidimensional Marketing Formula

We, on the other hand, adhered ourselves with the belief that:

Versatility is the key to succeed in any situation

Quint Digital carved a path for their clients by adopting a broadened spectrum of thought and action which included multiple elements of digital marketing, all systematically organised to form one powerful unit known as the Multidimensional Marketing Formula!

Helping online businesses soar in Australia!


Gone are the days when doing just SEO was the go-to solution for launching a business in the big bad world of digital marketing.

It was cool while it lasted. And it undoubtedly did help numerous businesses with their online transition and lead generation.

The problem?

We live in an age of cut-throat competition where every brand is vying to mark a tremendous online presence for themselves, conduct business and make money.

As you read this line, there are several businesses going online right now. Needless to say, a vast majority of these businesses are adopting SEO in hopes of taking their business to the skies.

The result?

They’re getting their hopes crushed.

It’s harsh. It’s ugly. But it’s the reality.

Yes, just doing SEO will help your business on search engines and help you generate a few leads But, in order to survive the rollercoaster ride of the online market, one needs more than just SEO.

The biggest problem with just doing SEO is

  1. Slow results that could take months to build traffic
  2. No guarantees of achieving or maintaining rankings
  3. Hard to find an agency who knows what they are doing

By the time you realise that you’ve hired a cowboy, it’s too late for your business as you not only lose what you paid to the agency, but most importantly, your business missed out on a 6-month growth cycle.

Now imagine something that not only helps your business survive the online market, but also come out as a winner.

Quint Digital, a premier Melbourne based digital marketing agency, has been equipping businesses in Australia with a tool that survives, wins and comes out as a champion!

This strategy is our brain child and has been crafted with the right combination of expertise and experience to arm any online business with the power to dominate the online market and roar with resounding success…



In order to win and reach the peak of the online market, you can’t just rely on one-dimensional means such as just doing only SEO or any other single digital marketing concept or two.

The trick is to employ multiple channels of digital marketing to get the job done.

Quint Digital turns your online business campaign into a Swiss army knife!

Our Multidimensional Marketing Formula: A multi-purpose and well-oiled machine that integrates multiple channels and elements of digital marketing into one!

The Birth of the Multidimensional Marketing Formula

Almost every digital marketing agency starts off their journey in the online market by applying the textbook online business tactics that any tech-savvy business owner would be aware of.

This was the safe route, no doubt about that.

But not long after, the traditional marketing methods started to lose their sheen. By sticking to the old methods, sales started to take a nosedive and achieving even decent ROI had become a challenging task.

Businesses were losing the ability to generate quality traffic and the number of organic leads declining.

This had literally become a trend with so many new businesses transitioning online.

With some research on the online market, it turned out the fault lay in the very approach being adopted by digital marketing companies in dealing with an online business campaign.

In other words, the problem was that most businesses  were taking a very narrow approach in understanding and solving the challenges and failing to meet the objective of generating high paying ready to buy prospects on a consistent basis.

Decoding the Multidimensional Marketing Formula of Quint Digital

Straight off the bat, we don’t just get your business online and do some digital hocus pocus to trickle in the leads.

We do way, way more than that…

Our Multidimensional Marketing Formula is all about taking the dash of versatility by combining the sheer marketing power of our wide range of services and turning it into a complete package that has got you and your business prospects covered!

With this majestic formula fitted into your online business venture, you can expect to:

  • Dominate the online market.
  • Shred apart your competitors.
  • Attract the online audience like a magnet.
  • Traffic to leads. Leads to customers. Convert. Convert.
  • Experience mind-boggling sales of your brand’s products/services.
  • Earn up to 2x, 3x or even 5x ROI.

Quint Digital is ruthless in its working.

We leave no stone unturned in elevating your business to the elite levels of the online market and bring you returns that you would have never imagined.

Rise Above Excellence with Quint Digital!

Enjoy Unimaginable Returns with our Multidimensional Marketing Formula!

Multidimensional Marketing Formula: An indispensable tool for your business. Just another day at the office for us.

This phenomenal formula is bread and butter for us.

When you hand over your business to us, we take it as our responsibility to turn it into a fire-breathing campaign that transforms your business dreams and goals into a reality.

In order to achieve that, we apply several powerful online marketing tactics coupled with a sharp strategy that typically includes the following measures to ensure that your business sells, literally:

  • Enforcing a flawless lead generation campaign that attracts the online audience and turns them into leads for your business website. 
  • Deliver an unmatched landing page that makes the right impression and seals the deal to convert visitors into customers. 
  • We don’t neglect any channel we leverage the power of paid ads, SEO, Locally in  SEO & remarketing strategies to attract, nurture & convert leads into high paying clients.
  • Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics are of the highest standards and we make sure that your business ranks among the top search results on Google. 
  • We work towards bringing in pure organic traffic as well as paid traffic. 
  • Our Google My Business (GMB) listing services makes your business an absolute authority in the local market. 
  • Your business location is set to perfection so that the online users never have a problem in finding your brand online. 
  • High quality, engaging and compelling content writing and copywriting arms your business website, pages and ads with superior content that strike a chord with the online audience and motivate them to do business with you.
  • Business websites are worked upon tirelessly to develop jaw-dropping webpages that ensures that style meets substance. 
  • Web development is reinforced with the latest technological features that make your business brand advanced and effective. 
  • You will never have to fear losing potential clients and customers as our efficient remarketing techniques turn cold clients into blazing hot business prospects. 
  • Highly proficient usage of Google Ads to pave the way for the smooth running of your business advertisements. 
  • We adopt clever usage of cookies for targeted advertising and remarketing. This will ensure that your business ads achieve a powerful spot on the Google Display Network (GDN).
  • Our email marketing expertise helps in nurturing potential clients and converting them into your business’ customers. 

As you can see for yourself, our Multidimensional Marketing Formula works like a well oiled powerful machine and includes every single aspect of online marketing that can turn the wheels and make any business venture run successfully.

A Note to all Business Owners:

The essence of the Multidimensional Marketing Formula and Quint Digital in general is to not make long and unrealistic promises. 

Our business pitch is never about making a business the sole dictator. It’s about fetching amazing leads to a business website of supreme quality, turning them into customers, buying your products/ services to explode your sales and bringing you unprecedented ROI (2x, 3x or even 5x!) 

Whether you’re a new business or an established one, Quint Digital’s Multidimensional Marketing Formula is the key you need to unlock the true potential of your business and experience ultimate growth.

Quint Digital turns your business into a phenomenal success in Australia!

Unleash the beast in your brand with our signature Multidimensional Marketing Formula!


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