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Augmented Reality – An Emerging Way of Storytelling For Your Brand! Are You In It?

Advertising messages focused solely on transaction deals cut right to the chase with a yes or a no, with high chances of your audience forgetting the message with the passage of time.

Brands engage their audiences on various levels.

Only when you engage your prospects with an authentic story, you can build an emotional bond with your clientele community.

Authentic brand storytelling is, therefore, a powerful way of making your advertisements unforgettable and lasting.

Most often, clients are interested in why you do what you do, to consider a purchase from your brand. To satisfy their interest you need to craft your brand story.

Presently, augmented reality for brand storytelling has become an innovative marketing trend.

The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary describes augmented reality as the technology that combines computer-generated images on a screen with the real object or scene that you are looking at.

Let’s break that down into a digestible component.

Consider the augmented reality game Pokémon GO. It combines the real world images with the game generated ones to help the players locate, capture, and train their virtual Pokémons.

We are going to use the same principle of augmented reality for authentic brand storytelling.

Engaging Stories

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For your brand stories to strike an emotional cord, they must be engaging and stirring.

The popularity behind Pokémon GO can be explained in terms of the challenge, discovery, and narrative AR empowered features of the game.

Similarly, adapt the aforesaid AR features to create compelling stories.

For instance, launch an app for your brand. Let your prospects celebrate the innovation through a treasure hunt game. The first to identify the treasure in each round could be given a discount.

This way, you are marketing your products in a memorable story while endorsing loyalty and fostering long-lasting relationships among your prospects.

Guiding Stories

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Say, you own a furniture business, selling all sorts of furniture end products.

Now, clients looking forward to making a purchase from your brand are bothered about the quality of the furniture, and what suits their domicile.

While you help the clients understand the quality of the wood through images and facts on your website, you can also help your clients make the right choice of furniture that would best suit their homes through AR.

Let your clients choose any piece of furniture from your store’s catalog, and find out how it would look like in various places of the house. This would help your consumers get a better idea of the kind of purchase that they should make.

Schematic Stories

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A wholesome story is one that has an engaging setting, character development, incredible plot, and conflict. So, every authentic story follows a schema.

Let us implement that in your storytelling.

To illustrate, let us reckon that you own a boutique and formalize the following schema.

Protagonist: Prospect

Setting: Homecoming

Plot: Hunt for a homecoming dress

Conflict: Limited time for purchase

Your AR empowered story shall then presume the following flow:

The Protagonist makes use of the AR feature offered by the boutique to see how each of the ball gowns look on her. Finally, when she is satisfied, she tries the gown for real and makes a purchase. The story comes to an end as she flaunts her beauty and enjoys herself at Homecoming.

Personalized Stories


An unforgettable story is one where readers find themselves as the protagonists. Enhance your brand storytelling with your prospects as the protagonists.

For instance, consider the L’Oréal Makeup App. When the customers do not know what kind of cosmetics suit them, they refrain from making a purchase.

To prevent this scenario, L’Oréal’s Makeup App makes use of augmented reality to show the client how he/she would look like with the selected shade/color of a specific cosmetic product.

Similarly, Lenskart’s AR feature helps clients to choose the frame and color of glasses at their abodes itself.

This form of brand storytelling gives customers a personalized feeling and stirs them to make a purchase.

Final Words

Make augmented reality for brand storytelling a reality for your business. Leverage the power of this innovative technology to craft mind-blowing stories.

This is new, but it the future for sure. Let us know how we can help in AR influenced storytelling for your business. Let us run the race well!

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.