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Understanding some of the biggest perks of good web design for businesses

Whether you pay attention to appearances or not, it cannot be denied that they play a monumental role with regards to what people think about your business. 

For instance, you wouldn’t settle on a plain and boring logo, right?

And you would obviously groom yourself and dress up well when meeting your customers. 

So it is easy to see why your business website should look and feel spectacular, meeting style with substance. In fact, the aesthetics of your website should be one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing strategies

As a leading web design and web development company in Melbourne, we at Quint Digital firmly believe that taking your business online is just the beginning. It is more important to ensure that the online audience picks you over your competition

While there are various means to ensure that your site has the edge over your competition and is getting a regular inflow of customers one of the most powerful is effective web design

Poor Web Design: The reason behind the downfall of countless business websites

Many business owners end up not realising the potential of web design and get their business website designed by just about anyone, be it an inexperienced freelancer or their web designer neighbour! 

While having your web design needs met at, say, $400 or $500 seems pleasing and economical, it is actually a big mistake.

In the long run, a poorly designed website won’t get you the footfall of users or leads that you expect, consequently not bringing sales figures and returns. Your business would end up becoming just another random website on the internet. Yes, it sounds harsh but that’s the reality. 

So if you really want to see your business site soar and bring you the returns you expect, the only way is to go for a professional web designer of a digital marketing agency. Maybe your website would be worth $4000 or $5000, but with such an invaluable website, you can rest assured of success and growth. 

With that being said, let’s find out how a competent web design for your business can take it to astronomical heights of success!

The Potential of Web Design for Achieving Ideal Customers Revealed by the Leading Web Design Agency in Melbourne

User Experience

User Experience (UX) is probably the most important aspect of quality web design. As the term suggests, UX is the experience that a user feels when interfacing with a website, web application, video and essentially any means of human-system interaction. 

UX is of critical importance as it is meant to fulfil the user’s intent and needs. By providing a positive experience, your business can achieve loyal customers and a regular inflow of sales figures. In terms of web design, a slow website, low-quality features and irrelevant content and media equate to bad UX and lead to users skipping your website over to your competitor. 

Here are the frequent mistakes that lead to poor SEO:

  • Colours that simply don’t go well together or look too flashy
  • Unnecessary and distracting animation
  • Misuse of white spaces
  • Irrelevant content that just fills the gaps
  • Poorly set or non-existent navigation bars
  • Information websites that are a thing of the past
  • Websites that too much time to load


With good UX, you can nurture your site visitors and convert them to high-paying and loyal customers. 

Build credibility for your business

Being a leading website in your niche of products/services is all about being credible. When your website is trusted and believed in, not only does it gain authority but it also acts as a magnet for users who are searching online for your niche of products/services. 

Not to mention, a credible website gets a lot of word-of-mouth marketing and natural lead generations originating from users who search exclusively for your website. 

A clear website that delivers the message you want to

Effective web design is more than just aesthetic appeal. It can also achieve the successful delivery of your message as a brand. Be it images, content, page layout and page format… you can use these elements to get the attention of the visitor to anything you want to. 

If the website lacks clarity and direction, you would miss out on the chance to bring the attention of your visitors and nurture hot leads for your business prospects. 

But good web design can bring things in your favour. For instance, if there are any offers, new products/products or selling points that you want your site’s visitors to focus on, you can do so by:

  • Using images that bring it into focus
  • Interlinking to pages for those products/services or selling points
  • By using colours or white spaces to differentiate the relevant parts from the rest of the page

Encourage phone calls and correspondence from potential customers

Web design plays a crucial role in paving the way for phone calls and emails from potential customers. And that happens only when the functional parameters of your web pages make an impression on the visitor. Some of these functional parameters include:

  • Call-to-action (CTA) buttons text and placement
  • Ease of navigation through the website
  • Showcase customer reviews
  • Navigation bars

Each of these parameters can totally transform the way your potential customers see your website. If done in a strategic way, your visitors get completely convinced about your website and its products/services, inherently taking action towards giving you a call. 

Focus on user intent

A business website can be called successful only if it addresses the needs of customers and in return, gets sales and ROI that the business owner expects. Honestly, the secret to the success of a top website is the fact that it is designed by keeping the customers in mind. 

From the perspective of your potential customer, they need to be convinced that your site is up to their expectations. As such, you need to show that your website can be trusted and will deliver what they need. 

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Clear navigation bars that make browsing through the website easy, systematic and hassle-free
  • Relevant content that adds value
  • Use of images and videos
  • Sectioned website content
  • On-page customer reviews
  • CTAs that prompt the user to click on them
  • A simple yet detailed description of your business’ products/services

These are the textbook rules of good website design. At Quint Digital, we have extensive experience in creating websites for our clients wherein we ensure that it is customised, effective and in sync with what the online user base finds useful and valuable. 

Our web design services have earned quite a reputation and have resulted in stellar site designs that bring real results to our various clients. We don’t believe that a website design should just be that. So, we try to craft a design that serves as your business’ salesperson. Simple. Effective. 

We understand all this may be new to you. But what if we told you that web design can also create a mammoth positive influence on SEO? 

Sounds unreal?

We understand and that’s why we will show you how Quint Digital utilises web design to improve a business’s SEO. 

After all, the usual tendency of most business owners is to go for SEO services before anything else. So let’s make you more tech-savvy! 

SEO and Web Design go hand in hand

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essentially about ensuring that a website is featured prominently on the Google search engine results page (SERP). 

Needless to say, there are heaps of tools that one may use to achieve that, and one major yet mostly unutilised tool is web design.

The primary reason behind this is the fact that web design is not just about bringing in quality leads to your website but also how Google ranks the website as a whole. Yes, web design is an important Google ranking factor!

Let’s see how web design merges with SEO and makes websites the hot special favourite on the internet. 

Creating a balance between graphics and site loading speed

Let’s start with the most obvious…

Whether it is images or videos, it is a known fact that both make your website look stunning from a user, design or SEO perspective. 

But the catch here is the fact that both of them also adversely affects the site loading speed. You see, the Google bot favours websites that load quickly and negatively impacts those that take too long to load. This is a well-established concept. 

Therefore, web designers need to be cautious whenever they upload media and ensure that the loading speed is in balance with the magnitude of media used. 

The good news?

Good web design can help you get the perfect balance between the aesthetics of the website and site performance. 

With a high performing website sorted, your website would automatically rank high and lead to good SEO. 

A mobile-friendly website

In today’s world, browsing through smartphones has become a common occurrence. Almost everyone owns a smartphone through which they search only for products or services that meet their need(s).  

Obviously, Google took notice of this practice and thereby updated their algorithm to make a shift to mobile-first indexing. 

It was a major paradigm shift and you can find out more from the official Google post.

In a nutshell, Google made modifications to their search algorithm in order to rank websites based on how mobile-friendly they are, even for PC searches! 

This can be attributed to the fact that most of the online searches are on mobile today

Your website can have the best content and images on the internet but if the site isn’t mobile-friendly, it is a lost cause and would rank lower than mobile-friendly websites with inferior content and images!

See how important it is for your website to be mobile-friendly? 

With a mobile-friendly web design, your site is aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable on both mobile and PC. This also gives a tremendously positive user experience to users browsing the internet on their mobiles. 

No points for guessing but Google greatly favours such mobile-friendly websites and makes them rank high on Google! 

Wondering what contributes to a mobile-friendly website? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Mostly shorter pages
  • Large and appealing CTA (Call-to-action) buttons
  • Sectioned and organised web pages
  • Images and text that are clearly spaced

Making a website mobile-friendly is an utmost priority in the digital market. So never miss out on this aspect and ensure that your site ranks.

Good web design keeps the Google bot happy

On a frequent basis, Google sends out its bot (autonomous computer programs) to crawl into the pages of your website and ascertain whether it is relevant to the Google algorithm in comparison to your competition. The most relevant pages in this regard would automatically be ranked high by Google. 

In other words, if the Google bot doesn’t find your website satisfactory enough, you directly lose your site ranking on Google. 

So if you want to ensure that the Google bot keeps your site rank high, take care of these:

  • Interlinking between pages through inbound and outbound links
  • Content follows a natural flow without keyword stuffing
  • Usage of headings and subheadings
  • Images, videos, PDFs and any other files are easily found
  • Use of indexes, table of contents and directory pages

All of these factors make it clear to Google what to look for. With these in place, you don’t have to worry about losing rankings.

After the global pandemic, the importance of having your business online can’t be stressed enough. With a successful online presence complemented with the right web design, expect unprecedented growth and returns even during the testing times of the market.

Equally important is your partner digital marketing agency that will ensure the continued growth and success of your business and its campaigns.

So if you want to see your business website scale to the summit of the internet with the best web design services, look no further than Quint Digital

Rest assured, you don’t have to look for any more  digital agencies once you have partnered with Quint Digital as we will deliver results for real. 

Speak to our lead strategist and let us create a website that will rank on Google, bring high-end lead generations, regular sales and the ROI you deserve. 

Let’s put your business on the upward growth curve!

Speak to us today!

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Harpreet Singh

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