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‘Digital marketing’ you have heard the phrase countless times and perhaps been intrigued by what exactly it has to offer. 

Here you will get to know the intricacies of digital marketing, its significance in the way it is changing businesses and why, if you are a business on the web it is an angle that needs your attention! 

Understanding Digital Marketing

As the name suggests, marketing that is done on the Internet or through digital means to amplify the reach of the business and to let others know about it is referred to as digital marketing. 

Search engines, web pages, social media, ads, video marketing and so many other aspects are part of this umbrella term of digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing is absolutely vital. Here’s why

When the Internet came in, it was estimated that future businesses would solely rely on this medium to gain visibility and reach. And this came to pass. Today, online stores have taken over the consumer experience and it is a challenge to stand out among the sea of businesses that outline the web. 

However, with its challenges, there are also benefits of digital marketing. 

These are classified as:

  • Targeting the right audience: In traditional modes of marketing, such as in print ads in the newspaper or in a billboard ad, you may have noticed that even though the ad is curated in a way to target a certain audience, it still is seen by everyone. In digital marketing, however, with the advent of SEO, it has become possible to use keywords such that they will only target the audience that is searching for those specific terms. 
  • Digital marketing does not discriminate: In traditional marketing, it does make a difference whether you are a big name in the market or a startup as that dictates the visibility you attain. However, the great part about marketing on the web is that you can work closely with an agency that will help you identify certain long-tailed keywords that are specific to your business and still being searched for. This will give you the reach you need. 
  • The return on investment is more: PPC ads or pay-per-click ads are where you pay a search engine every time your ad is clicked on. This way you are securing your business funds. 

Digital Marketing is of various types 

While it may seem that the most common kind of digital marketing is the one where search engines boost a website’s ranking, this is a misnomer. 

Different brands opt for different kinds of digital marketing strategies depending on the kind of audience, the lead generation they are seeking and content. 

The various kinds of digital marketing ways are:

  1. Content marketing: This involves all types of marketing wherein you are trying to solve the consumer’s queries. Blog posts, articles, infographics, etc. These are aimed at putting out information in the attempt to tell your customers that you are capable of helping them and also providing them with information.
  2. Social media marketing: With the new generation being avid followers of the trends on social media, you may have noticed how brands have adapted their marketing strategies to suit them. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Email marketing are now popular modes of conveying your message to the masses and grasping their attention. 
  3. Inbound marketing: Forming a connection with the consumer and improving every stage of the buying journey is what inbound marketing involves. It aims to better the process and instead of spamming your audience with content, they might not be interested in, give them content that they look forward to. 
  4. Sponsored content: These days, sponsored content is managing to make headlines for all the right reasons. Influencer marketing is an example of this. Sponsored content can even be done by other brands and this not only manages to grab eyeballs but also makes for some friendly competition. 
  5. PPC ads: Pay-per-click advertising is the marketing language for tit for tat. As a business owner, your primary tactic is to economise on funds. You do not wish to splurge on unnecessary advertising if it is not getting you leads or loyal customers or the all-important ‘revenue’. Thus, with this advertising model, you only pay for the lead generation that you get. 
  6. Email marketing: You may have often logged in to your email and found certain one-line banter that has a direct conversational tone as if the person at the other end of the brand is asking you to avail the service. Email marketing is a great way to reach customers. It isn’t bugging the audience as they can choose to open the email or ignore it. At the same time, you are conversing directly with them and the CTA will cause them to visit your website. 
  7. Search engine optimisation (SEO): You may have noticed how these days, hashtags matter a lot. The basic concept of a hashtag is that if you use it in your post and if there is someone who frequently follows content with those hashtags, your posts will automatically appear in their feed. Great way to achieve that visibility, right? 

This is the same way keywords and SEO function. The aim is to be discovered by those who are looking for the same content that you have to offer. This enables the Internet to be segmented into niches that help businesses also offer their services to select audiences. Location plays an important role as adding keywords for local SEO in Melbourne will help you be discovered by the right audience.

Are you aware of these digital marketing strategies? 

While the underlying basis of digital marketing is reaching out to the audience and building your presence on the web, there are various strategies that differ according to the business. 

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

In a B2B marketing strategy, the marketing is done by a business to target another business. A good platform to focus on would be LinkedIn or Email marketing. This is the way businesses look for salespersons who will then be the channel by which the consumer will avail of the service. 

The following kinds of businesses follow a B2B marketing strategy:

  • Software subscriptions
  • Tools
  • Corporate decision-makers

How to identify a B2B strategy? 

The first step is to decide on business objectives and plan on how you wish to achieve these in the coming years. Planning and having a vision is very important while deciding the business strategy. 

Next, is to research and see what the buyers are looking for. Since in B2B marketing, the niche is limited as you are selling to other businesses themselves, you have a clearer idea of the market trends and what works well. 

The third step is defining your strategy. This involves a keen eye on what channels your audience are using, the events they are attending, the platforms they are active on etc. Once you get to know these, you will be able to advertise on these platforms. 

Campaigns follow with you at the helm of it. There are instances of brands going viral overnight and the rest being history. 

What makes a brand gain such an immense level of fame and popularity, needless to say, recognition? 

A campaign. 

That’s right. 

Campaigns are a way of establishing a connection with your audience, and while B2C campaigns are a trend in themselves, B2B campaigns manage to make their mark. 


Once a campaign has been done, the next important thing is insights and analytics. This helps you gain a measure of how well a campaign has worked and what exactly you can do differently the next time. 

B2C marketing strategy 

Creative, conversational and appealing are the three ways to describe how a B2C marketing strategy works.

Here, a brand converses and targets the consumer itself and thus technicalities are minimum and tonality matters a great deal.

While B2B marketing focuses on revenue and immediate value, B2C marketing focuses on evoking an emotional response in the consumer and appealing to them to buy the product by striking a cord. 

Social media works really well in B2C marketing as people are your audience and these days, social media is where people spend most of their time. Choose a mobile SEO agency that will customise your content to suit mobile websites, as most of your clients will be accessing it there. 

The perks of marketing with a B2C strategy is that you create a bond with your consumers, create VIP packages, great deals, special offers, and customise your sales in order to make your target customer base feel special and valued. 

Marketing involves making your consumers feel like you know the problems they are facing and have thus devised a product or service that can assist them with fixing these issues. 

Personalisation is key when it comes to B2C marketing as this will dictate how well you understand the consumer mind. 


While selecting a digital marketing agency, for that matter an SEO agency in Melbourne, you need to choose one that you can trust. Credibility comes from a good SEO score. 

Google the agency that you wish to go ahead with and check if the website is appealing and trustworthy. The next aspect is to give their client base a once-over. 

If you know that your business will require a B2C strategy, it is best to go in for an agency that services these kinds of clients, as they will know the pulse of the market. 

Take a look at the packages that the agency has to offer. Especially when you are a startup, it is wise to not put all your funds into a marketing strategy. 

If you are wondering if there is an agency in Melbourne that puts these ideas into reality, yes. Quint Digital has been helping businesses reach heights and vision themselves and make it possible.

At Quint Digital, it is believed that every business cannot move forward with the same strategy and therefore tailor-made solutions that can adapt to the 21st century are needed. 

Whether it is marketing, SEO, mobile marketing, video marketing, website development, social media or even eCommerce designing of the business, there is a package that is waiting for you. 

Reach out to the team of experts waiting to give your business the boost that it needs and take it to the top. 

Get your free reports today! 

The world wide web is expanding. Ensure that you move ahead of the competition with a digital marketing strategy that only brings on rewards. 

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.