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Video SEO May Be One Of The Best Ways To Attract Reach, And Here’s What You Need To Know

In recent years, videos have picked up speed. Whether it is about attracting the right audience, keeping the audience engaged or simply good graphics, videos have been changing people’s perceptions for a while now.

So what is it that makes videos such a great tool for marketing?

Video SEO and why it is great for marketing

The video has turned out to be a powerful tool to increase sales and get consumer attention. All this by simply great content. Here’s how video SEO is boosting marketing on the web.

Video SEO offers massive growth potential

Online consumers look for graphics among written content and statistics have pointed out that video content consumers make up 64% of the internet traffic. This suggests that people are more interested in consuming graphic content or animation in contrast to the usual long-form.

The power of recalling

Have you ever watched an advertisement and it stayed with you for years? The human mind grasps onto pictures, captions, taglines, limericks and these sorts much quicker than it would remember facts.

This makes video content such a wonderful marketing tool. People still recall the brand message long after they have viewed the video and isn’t that what the purpose of marketing is?

Influences purchasing decisions

According to a study, 90% of consumers said that video marketing helped them make purchasing decisions as they were compelled to buy an item due to the credibility they attached to the video.

Information boost

While videos are a great form of marketing, the boon is the information they impart. A picture speaks a thousand words. A video? Well, sufficient information to make you remember it for a while.

Within the graphic content, there is loads of information and the beauty is that it is all within the span of a few minutes. Ingenious, right?

A higher dwell time

The dwell time is characterised as the time a user spends on your website after arriving on it from a Google Search Results Page (SERP). If the dwell time is more, the chances of your website ranking higher on the SERP page the next time are higher.

The trick to getting users to spend more time on your page is to make it engaging. People love staying back to explore and what better engagement strategy than a video?

Ensure that you create content relevant to the audience or if this is a landing page, it could be something that is targeted at giving an introduction to your business.

You’ll see conversions happening!

Embedding videos or interlinking them or even having a call to action at the end of the video ensures you get some amazing numbers in terms of conversions and leads.

You can see for yourself using analytics just how a video can boost your sales.

The shares keep going up

If you have ever been a social media manager or the one who checks on analytics every month, there is one thing you always hope to see. Of course, performance is important but a quantitative factor that defines performance is the number of shares.

Video content guarantees this! While your audience may love an excerpt from your article they could always click a screenshot of it and share but when it comes to videos, they’d share the link so others can view it too.

Once you begin engaging in video content, you’ll see the speed at which your content gets engagement.

Why is SEO in video content so important?

While videos are engaging, it is important to fill them with the relevant keywords. You are aware of how crucial SEO is when it comes to content on the web. It is the determining factor of what can get you to the very first page of Google.

Thus, even in videos, it is vital to have the relevant keywords in the video. These will not only help you be discovered by the audience who is looking for the specific topic but also guarantee that these people will want to explore your site once they realise your content suits them.

When you type in a search query in Google, you will see that the results that show up are segregated into categories namely All, Images, Videos, News, Maps, etc.

The aim should be to rank high in the video search if what you are focusing on is video-based content.

Embedding the same video in many places is a big NO

Embedding the same video in several places such as articles, social media, blogs and then also putting it up on your website is basically like trying to compete against yourself when it comes to rankings.

This does not make sense.

TThus, when you are attempting to get your page to rank high, do not embed the same video in multiple places but rather in one place in order to get the rankings high.

Your best video is right on top!

When a person browses the web types in a query and then looks through the video category for results, they are met with many videos that are what they were looking for.

Are all the videos from one site?

No. The Google search crawls through websites and puts up the first video on the website page on the results page. This means one video per site.

Which video is this? It is the one that appears first, right on the top.

What does this indicate?

Your best performing video, or rather the one that you would like to appear on the Google results page should always be placed first on your site so as to be quickly identified by the Google algorithm.

The SEO of the video

Possibly the main factor that plays a role in how popular your video is going to be on the web is the keywords used in the title, the description.

These are extremely vital as they contain keywords. /span>

How do you ensure that you are doing them justice?

Follow these easy tips:

  • The title of the video should be engaging, something that would make users want to click and find out what you have to offer, and plus have the relevant keywords
  • The description of the video shouldn’t be too long, but just enough to give your audience a clue as to what they will find in the video. Do not give away all details in the description or they will not find any reason to click on the video

Transcripts can boost your video!

Transcripts are the subtitles that appear in the video when there are spoken dialogues or simply text that appears at the bottom of the video highlighting the message.

These are great for two reasons:

  • They lend to the SEO score of the video as having text with relevant keywords in the videos help the video to appear higher in the search results.
  • They still manage to convey the message of the video to those who are not hearing it out loud.

An SEO company in Melbourne that has a range of experience in marketing your brand

Quint Digital is a digital marketing agency in Melbourne that knows exactly how tough the competition on the web can get and what you should be doing to stand out in times like these.

With the digital age catching up, and brands emerging every single day, strategies should be unique to your brand and be able to assure your consumers that are capable of solving their queries.

Quint Digital does this.

When it comes to video marketing, keywords are not the only thing to be paid attention to but also graphics, the music, the tonality, the sentence structure, the visuals, the colours, the speed etc.

To give you a wholesome experience the professionals at Quint Digital string together a blend of these and in addition, a strategy that is curated just for your brand.

It is no longer possible to replicate content or follow a strategy that another brand is following because these days it is all about doing what suits your brand and giving your audience a curated different experience.

This is what you are about to discover.

Video marketing is a tool that can really boost your presence on the world wide web provided you are aware of how to use its power and wield it in the right ways.

A way to boost your reach, keep the audience engaged and keep them coming back for more videos is the future. With attention span decreasing with every passing day, people are on the lookout for multimedia that will convey the same as a long-form article in a short span of a few minutes or seconds.

Welcome to the future of marketing! Reach out to us to build a brand that stands out.

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.