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Creating a great shopping experience for the audience one buy at a time

Where do you shop?

While the experience of going to a supermarket or a mall and spending the day browsing through the different boutiques and shops is of course a different one, online shopping is taking over.

Online shopping is in the fast lane evolving every second and may soon (if it has not already) take over the retail industry.

Technology analysts have time and again reiterated the massive impact of the online shopping mart and how in years to come it would revamp the way businesses were perceived and buying and selling were done.

Welcome to the 21st century where this prediction has come true (and how!)

Why has online shopping become a hit and how are markets evolving?

If one thinks back to the industrial revolution, it came about when there was a dire need for change. Necessity brought about a revolution of sorts and here we are, benefactors and contributors of this gigantic change in regime.

Today humanity is at a crossroads once again. Retail or online shopping.

You decide.


Why is online shopping a hit? 

A question that has puzzled retailers but yet driven them to engage with this mode of shopping.

The reason online shopping and eCommerce have become a part and parcel of daily life, are:

Easy to find exactly what you are looking for

You may recall, as a customer, your days of trying in vain to explain to the retailer the kind of shoes you were looking for, him sending you to another shop promising you’d find it there, only for you to discover you couldn’t.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

What if you were told back then that a technological miracle would one day occur and you’d be able to sit in your living room and have that exact perfect pair of shoes delivered straight to your doorstep?

Unbelievable but true.

eCommerce has made it possible.


A wider range of options 

Now, not just that pair of shoes but you could browse through ‘others like those’ and find something even better!


Get the best price

C’mon. No one, not even a shopaholic who is crazy about buys would want to spend a fortune on something if it were available for a cheaper price someplace else.

eCommerce offers you the ease of navigating through websites and comparing features and only when you are 100% convinced, you go in and click ‘BUY’.


Privacy now comes in packages

So you told your friends you’ve lost weight but you want to buy that corset. Online shopping and one of the best features is the privacy it offers. You do not need to explain to the friend, or the retail guy, or even the buyer besides you what you are purchasing.

It is just you and the product.

Thus, concluding this part, eCommerce is popular and is here to stay. How then can you, as a business owner, enhance the experience of your customers?

Here’s an idea.



What is Magento? 

To put it simply, Magento is a tool that enhances the shopping experience.

To put it in-depth, Magento is an eCommerce software. Working on the principle of open source technology, this tool enables merchants and online business owners to provide their customers with a powerful, engaging and worthwhile shopping experience.


To give you a closer insight, these are the features that the tool offers: 

  • Flexible shopping cart system
  • Controlling the functioning of the online store
  • Catalogue management tools
  • Ability to expand and scale-up without changing platforms
  • Hundreds of plug-ins and themes
  • Taking the customer experience quotient up a notch
  • Scalable eCommerce solutions
  • The choice between around 50 payment gateways


Wonderful, right?

Now the task comes down to using this gamut of resources in a way that will enhance the consumer experience.

Magento developers are constantly working and brainstorming and ramping up the tool in order to give websites that special edge.

Developing the tool involves every angle being used in a way that makes the shopping experience better.


So, how do you use Magento – the eCommerce tool to stand out?

There are several ways by which you can create a great eCommerce experience for your customer, and these are:

Simpler and secure transactions 

A credible business is one where the transactions are easy to complete and customers do not face any ‘glitches’ or ‘bouncing back’.

Ensuring that the customer has a fast online checkout, and

  • Transaction number
  • Shipping information provided correctly
  • Receipt number that the customer can track
  • Reassurance that the product will be there on the given date.

This is what makes for a great consumer experience and this is why certain businesses are where they are – at the top.

Analytics are crucial 

Judging your performance from when you started to how far you’ve come is vital. Magento makes this easier by integrating tools like website optimiser and Google analytics and thus letting business owners get an insight into:

  • The kinds of audience that are searching for the product
  • The number of leads that the website has got after a campaign
  • Customer preferences
  • Total sales
  • The number of orders in a day

Speed things up with Magento!

When business processes are streamlined, the entire scene is very quick to progress and this makes for efficient service.

Magento offers this speeding up and quick management that is the need of the hour today. All this in the attempt to let consumers have a seamless buying experience.

The aesthetic of the website

When there are at least a hundred other websites on the Internet selling the very same products as you, you cannot expect to hook your customers with a simple design.

The website HAS to touch a cord, be minimalistic but yet stand out.

Magento has a way of dealing with this issue. From its range of theses, Magento developers can select the one that is most appropriate to the consumer’s business ideals and choose that for the website.

Multimedia works well, as it is shopping that the customer is here for.

Hence, pictures, videos, graphics, live streams, products unboxing etc is a wonderful way of letting your audience see and believe.

A very important element is the product images.

Do not take these in dim lights or add any sort of filters to them. The images need to give your consumers a real look at how the product is.

Clean images work well.

Enable guest checkout

If you were on the other side of the fence, in the place of the consumer (as you have been at some point in time, or still continue to be), you wouldn’t want to spend 6-7 minutes entering your personal information for a purchase that wasn’t worth much.

Guest checkout is a welcome move that customers are loving

This feature enables them to checkout as a guest, make the transaction and still be entitled to the transaction number, receipt etc.

Magento is really aimed at making customers a great deal happy.

Listen to feedback. It goes a long way

When people have a bad experience or their buy doesn’t live up to their expectations, 90% of them do not write a review but will just never do business with the same website again.

Make your audience feel comfortable and reassure them that you do take into account what your customers are saying. Respond to reviews, take feedback constructively and keep the communication going so that your audience builds trust in you.

This is important as reviews also add to the credibility of the website. The more credible, the more consumers will want to engage with you for buys.

In addition to the website, you can also interact with your audience on social media, or chatbots etc.

Magento does seem like it was crafted for the consumer, doesn’t it?

So here is a surprise.

Magento now has an upgrade and it is mind-blowing!!


How is Magento 2 different from Magento 1?

Providing your website with faster all-around performance, Magento 2 is just the edge you were looking for.

Here is what Magento 2 delivers to you:

  • 50% faster page-loading speeds on the Home page and product pages
  • Checkout almost 38% faster
  • Zend framework 1 and 2
  • Varnish that provides web acceleration
  • Redis – open-source, in-memory data structure
  • Makes the website more mobile-friendly
  • Supports progressive web apps
  • Navigation is easy on the admin panel

A win-win for merchants!


Are you ready to take your business places? We are too. 

Quint Digital is your Magento development agency in Melbourne and has developers who are ready to upgrade your website with these beautiful features and technique-filled specifics.

You will have the chance to browse through the range of exclusive packages and choose the one that suits you or better still, have one curated for you!

It is important to stay abreast with the times of the Internet and cater to your customers in the best way possible.

This is your call to step up and be that website that people talk about in their everyday conversations – a home name.

It is time to hold your brand identity and integrate it with themes and plug-ins that work well.

As the team of Magento developers at Quint Digital gears up to deliver excellent services, this is a call to every business owner to change the way businesses are perceived.

Get in touch and take your pick from among a range of packages.

Your shop is the next big thing on the Internet.

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.