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Ads are probably one of the most creative products the Internet could ever come up with. 

Don’t you think?

Would anyone ever fathom that a few words, creatively written, well-spaced out, and with the right graphics and text, could indeed be a way of getting most of your clients? 

Businesses were often of the opinion that lengthy formal information given out would be a great way to get people to know about them.

However, one fine day saw a business coming up with quirk, style and just a few words, and it ended up being the top on people’s choice list. 

From then on the ‘ad copy’ was born, and how it has transformed those lengthy, monotonous product descriptions, one can only wonder. 

A Digital Agency Melbourne that knows the business

Quint Digital has been working closely with business for years together to aid them in growing in all possible niches of the marketing space, and attract a consumer base. 

Every business needs to advertise itself, in order for them to be visible to the mainstream market, and the unconventional one as well. 

An ad does exactly that!

Why does a business have to use ads, what do they attract by using these and much more on the ad copy can be seen below. 

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC – Pay per click advertising has been gaining traction ever since it made an entrance into the digital sphere. Businesses realised that it did seem wise to adopt this advertising model.

And guess what?

It was clearly a win-win situation!

The working of the PPC model

A business wishes to let the world know more of it, and thus approaches a publisher. Let us consider in this case, that Google ads are what the business is looking for, and they wish for their products to be displayed on the search pages of the engine. 

With your PPC campaign running at full-throttle, a consumer browsing through Google naturally comes across your ad, clicks on it and is led to your website. Only when you legitimately gain leads through ad clicks will you be paying Google. 

As simple as that! 

Instead of paying Google a lumpsum, the advertiser is ensuring that he is only paying for every lead that Google gives him. 

In whose favour does this work?

Well, in this tit-for-tat situation, the advertiser or the business is certainly the wiser. A click on the ad may turn into a lead, which may turn into a customer who purchases a great deal from the website. 

Thus, the advertiser may have paid a dollar to Google for the lead. But the business ended up benefiting by hundreds of dollars due to the consumer’s purchase.

Now for the finer details.

This PPC Agency in Melbourne employs the following strategies for its businesses

The crux to get an ad to work involves knowing what the audience is looking for and then diving deep to get it. This includes parameters from analysing competition to analysing keywords. 

As a premier digital marketing agency, Quint Digital resorts to the following to give its client websites the best ad.

Discovering the competition: The basis of an ad is to get more creative than the competitors. It is essential that your ad brings something new to the table, and gives the audience a reason to stop and stare, and then click right on it. 

Without knowing what the competition is up to, you may be doing great work, but totally tangent to what the audience needs. 

Quint Digital keeps track of the competitors for you. You needn’t worry. 

Getting to know the audience: Every business has a set of ideal customers. You want to trigger them, to catch their attention and to make them fall for your bait. 

Quint Digital – a Google ads agency in Melbourne will craft content for you in the form of ads that suit this target audience. 

Creating appeal: As a consumer, if you were looking through Google and were bombarded with pop-up ads that were merely information pieced together, would that work for you?

When it comes to PPC management in Melbourne, it is best to leave it to the experts. Quint Digital believes that information that is thrown in the face of the customer seldom serves any purpose. 

They have a team of innovative and fresh professionals who combine quirk and meaning to produce something that would be digitally acclaimed. 

Using the right words: As an SEO agency in Melbourne, Quint Digital takes time to think an ad through. It feels the need to ensure that you or other consumers are not being bombarded with ads that are not in the slightest relevant to you. 

Thus, once it knows the product that you are pitching through the ad, it will design the ad around a set of SEO keywords. 

This will enable Google to identify you as an audience that would appreciate the product, and thus cause the ad to come up while you are browsing. 

Seems smart, right?

The Goal of PPC Marketing

PPC marketing has changed the model of advertising, and this for the basic three reasons.

Increasing sales

A consumer is looking for shoes. You, as an advertiser, have pitched your ad for shoes with the relevant keywords. The consumer sees your ad while browsing through your ad, click on it and are directed to your website that offers shoes.


You gain a customer! 

Indirectly what has taken place is that through using this model of advertising, your business’ sales have grown. 

Numerous businesses are starting to value the PPC form of advertising as it is a direct mode of attracting the right consumers. 

What does this mean?

In digital terms, the ‘bounce rate’ decreases. This term refers to online users visiting your website and ‘bouncing off’ without staying for too long or taking an action. With PPC in tow, you can vouch for qualified leads visiting your website who inherently go on to spend time on your website and ideally, take action. 

Generating leads

PPC management services in Melbourne aim at getting your website more leads through ‘call for action’ messages. 

These messages include ‘sign up now’, ‘get a free quote’, ‘call today’ etc. and give people an idea of what the ad will have in store for them i.e the conversion process. 

Quint Digital deploys these call for action messages and sees what works best for the business website. Depending on the performance of each, it enables the team to decide which messages to use. 

The aim of the above is to get leads. A few other ways through which this digital agency in Melbourne helps businesses get leads through PPC advertising are:

URL tracking:

This does not only focus on conversion rate but also lists other parameters such as the device the consumer was on, the keyword they were looking for, which campaign did lead to the lead, etc.

Segment campaigns:

Every campaign does not need only to be about a particular product or service. Quint Digital provides its clients with a comprehensive way of segmenting their offers into different categories and sub-categories. 

Writing ad copies that reflect what the business is targeting:

The clearer the ad copy, the more focused leads will you get. This involves subtle hinting at the target group, the business size, the pricing, etc. that you are looking to attract. 


Even an experienced PPC agency in Melbourne such as Quint Digital believes that the market and consumers are constantly changing, and businesses have got to change with it. Thus every strategy needs to be tested in the waters before letting it out into the sea. 

This will not only help a business keep abreast with the changing trends, but also understand their current audience’s needs. 

Are you with us?

This Google Ads Agency in Melbourne covers different ad platforms

Now that you are familiar with the way in which the PPC model operates, let’s get you an insight into the different ad formats that PPC ads go upon. 

Search ads

The advertisements that appear as results when one enters a query into the search engine are what constitutes search ads. 

Quint Digital – the best SEO agency in Melbourne chooses specific relevant keywords in the ads so that they will appear right at the top of the results page. 

Shopping ads

These are the product-based ads. When the keyword you enter has a product name, Google may assume that you are looking to buy the product and thus provide you with a merchant who sells it. 

These ads contain information about the product and have a backlink to the eCommerce website

Display ads

These are visual and placed on third-party websites. Often an image or a video does manage to garner some attention and cause people to click on it. 

Video ads

You’ve probably seen these on YouTube, or while binge-watching a series, or maybe even while catching the news online. 

PPC Management Services in Melbourne that you can’t resist

Now that you’ve seen just how fascinating ads are, you want your business to be broadcasted in this very classy way too, right?

Hold on!

It doesn’t have to be tough. All you’ve got to do is get a digital marketing firm that is

  • Experienced
  • Committed to the cause of growing your business
  • Talented
  • Professional
  • Loves new ideas
  • Can give your business a lift

PPC advertising is new. It is what advertisements in a few years from now are going to be all about. The sooner you fit into the niche in the vast digital space, the quicker your business will soar to new heights and success. 

Wish to start today?

Get a free quote from Quint Digital

The Internet is growing. Let your business keep pace with it! 

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.