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With globalisation, the world has come closer together. These days, products that are produced by a brand are available the world over and imported or even made to order from the website.

In such a scenario where buying and selling have transcended borders, it is essential for businesses to be at the top of their game and optimise their content not simply for people in the local area but also for those who may be across the world.

International SEO uses methods such as geo-targeting or localisation signals and these are further optimised for people in the countries that are being reached.

Since search engines work in a way that uses the language and location of the user in order to give them content that matches their need, international SEO makes the process simpler by using specific signals in the content.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions On international SEO

International SEO does have several nuances to it. The following addresses the common questions that people have about SEO

Like every other form of SEO, research is key.  Conducting research about trends, keywords, search queries etc. can help in the long run. Another factor that has an important role is language. Since you are catering to a wide audience, language targeting needs to be done.

International pages need to have a specific URL that is customised, and the design of each page should reflect the culture of the audience you wish to target.

Depending upon the agency you select for the SEO, the cost will vary. Most agencies offer a trial package for a period of a month following which you sign up for the entire deal. The cost for international SEO is however higher than the usual SEO packages, as language targeting, localisation etc. has to be done to a higher degree in a website that targets many different genres of people.

In order to have your website rank high in several different countries, you can do the following:

✓ Country targeting is one way to appear in searches of different countries. This is possible by incorporating international friendly URLs.

✓ Through language targeting, you can check if your pages are targeting the audience you wish to and from different geographical locations.

✓ Simply creating content in different languages wouldn’t be enough. You’d also need to have an understanding of the culture of the place and create content accordingly.

Firstly, international knowledge of affairs, cultures, trends etc would go a long way in showing your customers that you are a website that does not simply curate content that is available worldwide but also that which is specific to different spaces.

Check the markets to know what kind of content is doing well and how you can wield your website to include international SEO to fit that in. A strategy is always something that helps. There are thousands of websites on the internet, and standing out can be the key.

Ramping up sales in different geographical locations is one of the benefits of international SEO. It helps you get your first footing into global markets. Certain businesses also discover over time that their sales and revenue is doing better in a particular area overseas than in the homeland. International SEO helps you establish a connection with other businesses located overseas that could be potential partners.

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