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As eCommerce dominates the buying scene, are you facing trouble optimising your site? Magento SEO Melbourne done by the experts can be the solution!

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Magento is an eCommerce platform that is open source and can change the way businesses on the web function. How? There are several options, features and opportunities for a business to evolve.

As buying and selling have seen a revolution in the past few years, it is important for businesses to evolve too. Thus by integrating Magento SEO in your content, you are ensuring that the buying process is optimised to meet your customer’s requirements, be in sync with their purchasing behaviours, and enhance the shopping experience.

eCommerce is set to be the future and businesses have only much to gain from Magento SEO and its benefits. The best SEO agency in Melbourne has tailor-made solutions for you to grow your venture online.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions On Magento SEO

To create a great experience for our clients, we focus on research on the current trends in the market. The following addresses the common questions that people have about SEO:

Magento is an open-source platform for eCommerce. It is free for download but charges are applicable for web hosting, and web development and any other integrations that you wish to do on your site. The packages start with Basic Magento Functionality and increase in rate as more features are opted for.

Magento is an eCommerce open-source platform. Businesses across the world use it to reach their audience and offer them options for the purchase of products. Magento has greatly simplified the way businesses operate on the web by offering merchants options for organising their online store, themes, fonts, designs, etc. All these make for a great user experience.

The pros of integrating Magento with your website are as follows:

✓ The designs and features are flexible

✓ The number of features in contrast to other platforms is a lot

✓ It provides credibility to your business

✓ The fact that it is mobile friendly enables users across the world to buy products easily

The cons of Magento are as follows:

✓ It is tough to find developers who are well versed with Magento. However, at Quint Digital, we can assure you of the best developers

✓ Websites need a dedicated server that only hosts Magento

While one can use the basic plans that are available on Magento without the help of a developer, it is difficult to access and integrate new features without coding. It is best to reach out to a developer while integrating Magento with your website, as this gives you the leverage of having all hands on deck and makes for a seamless process.

Many businesses choose to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, as Magento 2 offers a more streamlined checkout process. It also has more features, themes, designs, and runs at a much faster rate compared to Magento 1. Since the platform is scalable, the initial features will seem simple but you may need to reach out to a developer as you wish to access the more complex ones.

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