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While getting a coffee or waiting for the bus, you wish to check out a place for lunch or get the latest information on the phone launches in the previous month. You check your phone and simply enter the query in the search engine and are presented with millions of search results in a millisecond.

Mobile usage has grown starkly in the previous decade and is only expected to surge. Mobile responsiveness is as important for a business as being on the Internet. If you are not available on mobile search, you are not visible.

In order to have a website that not only pops up on mobile search but even does well and stands out, there are a few modifications needed. Structured data and codes are key. Melbourne’s leading SEO company does this for you.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions On
Mobile SEO

Getting into the mobile space can be daunting. The following addresses the common questions that people have about mobile SEO

Speed: This is one of the most crucial characteristics that define mobile SEO. Those who search for a query on their phones do not have the patience to wait for a page to load and will simply move to another website.

Low data consumption: Internet plans sometimes limit the data being used and thus websites need to have designs accordingly.

User experience: Every customer wishes for a good experience while they search for a query in Google. If your website offers quick navigation, simple options, ease, they are more likely to frequent it a second time.

While the two are similar in matters of content, the quality of content and both aim to improve user experience, the major difference lies in the fact that desktop SEO is for a more public audience, whereas mobile SEO is slightly more geographically inclined. This is based on the fact that people who run a mobile search are usually looking to buy the product, or visit the restaurant or have an intent to do so in the near future. They are rarely just looking to research.

Optimising your website so that it performs well on mobile and ranks high in search results is the aim of mobile SEO. The percentage of users who look up things on their phones has increased in recent years and thus if your website is ranking high for mobile searches, there is a much higher chance of getting leads, generating sales and increasing revenue.

A mobile optimisation checklist would be a list of criteria that your website should rank high for. These include things like navigation, the loading speed,  the page design, the click-through rate, the pop-ups, etc.

Having a website that is friendly for mobile use creates a good impression among your consumers. These days a major percentage of the searches are on mobile and thus not having mobile SEO optimised website will have you losing out on leads and business. A site that is not mobile SEO optimised will not provide a good customer experience and thus the next time around the customer will avoid interacting with it.

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