Why Quint Digital?

You are the owner

The business campaign and the Google Ads account is all yours. We help in setting up your account and do all the necessary optimisation, content and advertising work while you have the final say!

Services customised for your business

This cannot be emphasised enough. It is no secret that most digital marketing agencies adopt a cookie-cutter approach to all their PPC campaigns. We, on the other hand, make it a point to customise our business campaigns exclusively for your brand.

100% Transparency

You avail detailed and completely transparent reporting on the regular progress of your campaign. Needless to say, your input is always implemented into the campaign data.

Google Partner Certified

We are a Google Partner certified agency who are at the top of their PPC game. Our Google Ads and Analytics experts are highly qualified and have a proven track record of success with our many clients.



Search Ads aim to make your business ads appear prominently on the Google search engine results page (SERP) when your potential clients search for keywords relevant to your business’ products/services. These search ads are always displayed above and below the organic Google search results.

At Quint Digital, we leave no stone unturned in optimising these text-based ads and having them rank high through the use of a number of extensions to get your ads across to as many potential clients as possible.


Remarketing is an excellent way to reach online users who have previously visited your business website. Through remarketing, your ads can be strategically positioned to your potential clients as they browse through Google or social media.

This not only reinforces your brand image but also helps to turn your potential clients into customers. Our remarketing ads can be text-based, infographics or video, each of which can be wholly customised to fit your brand message and the search intent of your target audience.


Our PPC management services are all about overseeing and managing your PPC ad expenditure whilst ensuring that we derive productive results out of the ads being run.
The components of our PPC management services include:

  • Keyword Analysis: We target specific keywords that are in sync with the search intent of your potential clients
  • Multichannel Strategy: Our PPC marketing does not resort to one-dimensional methods like most agencies. Rather, we specialise in routing multiple channels such as Google, Facebook, Bing and affiliate networks to maximise the outreach of your business to the online user base.
  • Competitive Analysis: Focus is laid on the competitive gap, that is, salvaging what your competition is not doing and advertising aggressively in that specific niche can fetch you massive lead generations otherwise thought impossible.
  • Immaculate Monitoring: No effort is spared in closely monitoring the regular reports and realigning the ad focus to the hot special keywords and queries that match the current search intent helps in reinforcing your ad results.
  • A/B Testing: The use of A/B Testing is a super-effective means to get the most optimal ROI from your PPC efforts. Elements such as content, graphics, offers, CTAs and videos can be altered to zero in on the most effective option.

What our Clients Say

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A message from our founder


I’m Harpreet Singh, founder of Quint Digital: a fast-growing, Melbourne-based digital marketing agency that has established a phenomenal track record for itself in offering top-notch online marketing services in Australia. 

PPC has always been at the forefront of paid advertising and with the advent of Google Ads, it has become an indispensable tool for businesses to establish an apex online presence and get the traffic, sales and revenue figures that they have always desired. 

Quint Digital’s unique approach towards PPC is renowned for its supreme effectiveness and results. By opting for a multichannel route instead of the plain old one dimensional methods, we ensure that your ads click on Google and harbours a heavy inflow of potential clients from various channels such as Facebook, Bing and other social media. 

Our approach has rightfully cemented Quint Digital as the undisputed PPC agency in Melbourne and our many clients vouch for our work quality and efficiency! Your business can reach heights that you have never even thought of. Partnering with us is half the battle won! I assure you that this is a monumental step for your business in becoming a top brand in your niche!

Looking forward to hearing from you!