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First impression is the best impression

We have all heard this in different points of our lives and an online business is no different. 

In marketing your brand to the digital world, the first impression that your business venture makes on the online audience can elevate your business prospects to the summit. 

In short, this can make or break your business. 

So how do you make a powerful and positive first impression with your business website? 

Easy. It’s the landing page. 

The term itself is suggestive enough to give you a good interpretation of what this is about. But even if you have absolutely no idea regarding a landing page, we’ve got your back!

What is a landing page?

Browsing through the internet for a clear cut definition of a landing page will present you various (and often confusing) interpretations that may or may not be able to put the point across. 

At Quint Digital, we follow that a landing page serves as the basic and first point of contact between your business website and the target audience.

Regardless of how the online audience have reached your business website (Facebook ads, social media posts, organic search results of Google or word of mouth), the initiation of interaction between the visitor and your brand is the landing page. 

Going by this definition, the homepage is quite often the landing page to a website. 

Regardless of what the nature of the landing page is…

One thing is certain: your business website absolutely needs a landing page in order to kick-start the very proceedings of your business.

Also, you don’t just need a landing page, you need a fantastic landing page.

Why, you may ask? 

CAUTION!!! You are going to come in terms with a very SHOCKING fact now. This isn’t for the faint hearted! Anyway, here it is:

96% of online visitors to your website’s landing page do not convert to customers! 

You don’t have to rub your eyes. You read that right! 

This very fact emphasises how critical the performance of a landing page is. 

So are you worried about getting your landing page set?

Are you hesitant because you feel that you aren’t well-versed with the technicalities

Worry not! 

All you need is a top notch digital marketing agency in Australia to equip your business with a masterfully crafted landing page that fetches tremendous traffic and converts them to customers.

Put the best foot forward for your business with a smashing landing page from Quint Digital!

As a prime digital marketing company in Australia, Quint Digital has worked with countless business owners throughout our vast experience in skyrocketing online business ventures all over Australia. 

In our meetings and strategy sessions with business owners, the landing page is often the very first element of the website that we discuss and work upon. 

We firmly believe that the landing page is the prime reason behind the success of any online business venture. 

Accordingly, we work towards creating a flawless landing page design by putting in a lot of research, effort and resources.

Some bare facts about the landing page

To put some perspective on the appeal of a landing page, check out some important points about this very important part of a website:

  • A good landing page gives a glimpse on what your brand is about and makes an impression on the visitor
  • Shows useful content that sells your brand effectively
  • Provides navigation to the important and relevant webpages of your website
  • Helps guide the visitor through the sales funnel

This gives you a comprehensive indication about what the landing page is capable of. You need a landing page, and a good one! 

Win big for your business with Quint Digital’s phenomenal landing page design! 

Keeping all these technicalities aside, there’s something that we want to talk about. 

We know how much your business website means to you. Having worked with countless business owners ourselves, we are well aware of the passion and hard work that goes behind a business. 

With our experience, we have come to share this passion. 

You’re literally leaving your business in our hands and are instilling faith in us to make it work. 

For that, the landing page is of paramount importance. 

Trust Quint Digital to turn your business into a blazing success!!! 

If you’re a business owner is Australia and want to see your online business venture soar and succeed in the budget you have set for yourself, then:

Let Quint Digital work its Midas touch and shell out golden prospects for your business; 

Landing page may only be the beginning of any business website, but it is this very beginning that paves the way for the success of your business venture. 

You can put navigation buttons, strategy session links, CTA and literally whatever you want in your landing page. 

Backed with attractive web design, compelling content and excellent features… the landing page can more or less seal the deal. 

Landing page: One small step for the website, a huge step for your business! 

Quint Digital is a premier result-oriented brand whose expertise in online marketing and landing page design has made a tremendous impact throughout Australia. We possess a remarkable track record of making online businesses succeed and our services are varied, effective and include several industries. 

We put in everything that’s required to make a fabulous landing page design. Plus, we compliment that with our own Multidimensional Marketing Formula to give your brand an unprecedented edge over your competitors!

Leave your competitors scratching their heads and gazing in wonder at your awe-inspiring landing page

Since a landing page basically introduces your brand to the online audience and is instrumental in elevating the prospects of your business, we spare no effort in making your landing page monumental in every way. 

Online marketing is a hot favourite in Australia and Quint Digital provides the best of that with its unmatched landing page design expertise!

Grab eyeballs and convert them into $$$ with Quint Digital’s powerful landing page design. 

Quint Digital is enforced with a team of passionate and driven individuals who are experts in carving out a landing page that speaks for itself and resonates with the desired traffic, leads and sales. 

Landing pages are bread and butter for us and we leave no stone unturned in making them flawless and supremely effective. 


The online audience are landing on your business website

But does your landing page have what it takes to make them stay?

More importantly, can your landing page help convert visitors to customers? 

Each conversion matters if you want to run a successful business

A fantastic landing page can rake up countless conversions! 

Conversions that boost your returns to outstanding figures

You need the assistance of a top notch digital marketing company to ensure the success of your business with a landing page!

Land on Quint Digital! 

Quint Digital comes with a powerful and multi-dimensional marketing formula that tunes your website’s landing page to spell phenomenal success of your business brand in Australia!!!


Empower your business with a jaw-dropping landing page that invites an endless frenzy of leads

Quint Digital’s landing page design attracts stunning online traffic that convert to high paying customers!

Talk to our strategist today and see how your landing page can flood in cold hard cash for you!

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.