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If you’ve ever been a fan of the tit-for-tat policy, Google Ads are the path you should be taking for your business. 

Unlike organic traffic that lies on the web until someone comes along and coincidentally matches their needs with what your website has to offer, in the game of tit-for-tat, what essentially is deployed is a well-thought-out strategy. 

You pay for what you get.

PPC Management Melbourne can be tricky if you’re a business in its young stages, but not with Quint Digital, Melbourne’s premier agency for all your SEO needs. Before however getting into the specifics of how your business can profit with PPC, here’s a breakdown of this perceived complicated terminology.

PPC Management Services: The internet model of marketing

While organic reach is the best way to go, there’s no problem that a little money cannot solve. Paid advertising is gaining more traction than ever before. In pay-per-click advertising, an advertiser would pay a fee to Google each time their ad is clicked. Did your mind go into a tizzy with questions of How does the advertiser know? How much is the fee that is paid per click? Where are the ads for the remainder of the time? Where exactly do these ads show? 

Here are the answers:


In order to be a supreme player in the PPC arena, keywords have an important role. This is where Quint Digital comes in. This PPC agency Melbourne will help identify the right words which will get your agency reach and leads. Of vital importance in PPC, these keywords are very cornerstones in this aspect. 


Once the keywords are in place, coming to a consensus about the channels where these ads go up is the next thing in the lieu. Google Ads, social media advertising are suited to different markets and target audience and there has to be a clear understanding of what these cater to. 

PPC monitoring:

What once the keywords and channels have been decided? PPC management services include reviewing how these keywords are working in favour of getting leads for your website and generating ROI (return on investment). 


Quint Digital works closely with your website to crack on some campaigns which will then go on to fetch you, loyal customers, through the paid advertising. A campaign is decided on once it has been established that a certain few keywords are performing well. 


With every business now knowing the secret to PPC advertising,  this PPC agency in Melbourne keeps an eye on competitors so as to be abreast with any trends in the market. 

Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne

A PPC agency Melbourne helps you set statistics-laden goals

In the web market returns aka customers availing of your web service are greatly appreciated and are the end goal of a campaign or venture. Pay-per-click advertising strives to generate leads in this fashion and direct customers to the website who then buy the product or service. Quint Digital enables you to track your profits that the campaigns have generated. These range from:

ROI (Return of Investment)

 This would be the profit you make. In a pay-per-click model, if for each click an advertiser pays Google $3, but if this leads the website to gain a customer who will buy products worth $500, it’s a great win!


If you’re a website that offers B2B services, leads are your main aim! You would want to attract long-lasting clients who keep coming back to you. Thus the butterfly effect would translate to your $3 fee maturing into sums of money. 


Quint Digital’s PPC management services will help you decide what is your end-goal, following which you can trace your steps backward and channel resources accordingly.

Our PPC Management Melbourne will provide you with various PPC ad forms

A business in its early stages has tons of experimenting to do. There’s the impending question of what will work for me? While there are several kinds of advertisement forms, you’ve got to choose the right kind for your business and Quint Digital will assist you. 

Text ads

If you’ve entered a query into the Google search engine and had a million pages worth of results show up with the initial results being headed by the word ‘Ad’, you’ll know what these essentially are. A headline followed by a copy is what text ads comprise. Their arrival into your life is triggered by a certain keyword which is pre-decided by the PPC management Melbourne with the company.  

Display ads

Are you familiar with the pop-ups that show up on website pages while browsing? Have you been a victim of closing down ad after ad moments after you’ve landed on a site? These are display ads in the form of images, or graphics that pop-up when a company’s target audience visits a particular site. 

Shopping ads

The shopaholic in you that spends hours looking through e-commerce websites to find that one perfect pair of jeans will identify with this form of advertising. These typically include the product description along with an attached price.

I am looking for a PPC agency Melbourne. Am I on the right path?

Yes. You have reached the right place for all your PPC related needs. 

PPC advertising works best when you have a conversion goal in mind for your website, a challenge of getting from point A to point B. This would enable you to judge how well your website is performing, the leads you are generating through this mode. 

On the note this began, the tit-for-tat policy encompasses what PPC is about. You need to bear in mind that as soon as you stop paying the search engine, your ads won’t be featured. Thus, you get as much as you put in.

With these PPC management services in Melbourne, leads are just a click away. Contact Quint Digital today and let us take care of your PPC needs!

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.