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Analytics is important when it comes to marketing on the web. This is because along with curating content it is also important to see whether the content is performing well and if not, what can be done to change it.

Analytics are measured by checking for how well a campaign did, if it generated any leads and if the bounce rate was high or low.
The leads that turn into valuable customers can also be assessed. This is why analytics is important.

SEO services Bathurst offered by Quint Digital is what can take your business to the top of the digital ladder and give you an edge over other businesses. This comes in handy especially when you are trying to attract customers and generate sales. Through our online marketing, get started growing your business and being a local business to reckon with.

How is analytics performed?

Once you optimise your SEO, follow a campaign or maybe even during a website audit, you get a chance to check for how well your website is doing. This then gives you a chance to either adopt these strategies for a long time or change gears and adopt something that may show better results.

For instance, when PPC ads are run, analytics are a measure of if those keywords are working well and generating results. If they are, these keywords can be used in SEO. Thus, the two could be mutually beneficial.

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You've come to the right place! We're a team of experts who want nothing more than for you to succeed. The following addresses the common questions that people have about SEO

The two are very different and thus it is first essential to set your goals to understand what you are expecting from your business and which one you need to opt for. Google ads work on the principle of bidding. Thus, the highest bidder will have their ads shown on the Google platform. The bids are made on keywords that are ranking high and on competing keywords. Thus the model is more like a PPC (pay per click) model. SEO is about optimising your content to contain the keywords that are popular on the net in order to have the content or website rank high on the web. Whale Google ads are more of a temporary solution to getting leads, as the minute you stop bidding your ads won’t be seen, search engine optimisation is a more long term method of driving leads and conversions without investing much money. Thus, from a revenue point of view, you need to decide what is your priority.

Using a single domain for websites is better as when you use multiple domains, firstly there is time and effort lost trying to maintain both and in the upkeep of both. Having a single domain ensures that you focus resources on only one. Also, domains are usually used as the point of contact for a search engine during scouring the web for results. When multiple domains are involved, the search engine gets confused and does not understand which domain to rank. Another factor is that the domain authority gets affected when there are multiple domains involved. This is why it is recommended that single domains are most beneficial for a business as they can boost rankings and also ensure maximum utilisation of resources instead of multitasking between many domains. Should you have doubts about this, reach out to our experts at our SEO company Bathurst.

Often if an old blog that did not generate much traffic when it was posted earlier, is about a topic that is trending now, it can help with SEO. In such cases, republishing the old blog post can help as it improves rankings. Another benefit of republishing is that readers who were previously not on your radar or subscribers can also get insights from the blog or the article. The specifics to remember are that when republishing old content, the content should still be relevant and if there have been any updates or followups in that situation, these too should be mentioned. Another thing to remember is to write the article or blog with a whole new URL so that it reflects the current date and not an old one as readers would prefer the most updated piece. Repurposing content is another way to get the maximum out of what you have written and have it drive engagement on all platforms.

Having your rankings increase on Google Maps is beneficial for your venture as it gives you leverage over other businesses. This also ensures visibility and ranking in local searches, thus increasing your community reach in the area. There are many ways to optimise your business for Google Maps. One way is by Google My Business optimisation. The profile is your first image on the web and it should be optimised with the latest information of your business, pictures, titles that have keywords, and reviews. This ensures that your business ranks high in maps as well. Building business citations for niche areas guarantees that you are a famous business in that area and thus manage to generate sales. Using a phone number in your GMB profile can be a great way of being reachable to your customers. Responding to reviews is also a great way of doing this. Our SEO Bathurst can help.

In an article or blog, there are ideas that you want to provide more information about, and so you link it to another piece of content that may be on your website or not. However, the anchor text is a set of words and thus wording them well can be a determinant of your search engine optimisation. When keywords are used for the anchor text, your article or blog has the potential to rank higher in searches. However, don’t overdo it. The anchor text shouldn’t be used for than once for the same words. The words used in the anchor text should also suit the link that you are inserting there. Optimising anchor text can be a good way to ensure that you feature higher on the search engine results page. The anchor texts should be checked frequently during audits to check if they are leading to spammy sites or content.

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