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The pandemic has caused a decline in sales and revenue of businesses the world over and many are still struggling to grapple with the ropes of staying and ranking high on search engines. It is in this grim time, that we bring to you strategies that excel and prove good.

Quint Digital believes in SEO Busselton to be the key factor that helps businesses stay afloat. We are a team of professionals that caters to all aspects of your site in order to see it perform well and be a top-ranking venture.

Instead of optimising your business post-pandemic, it would be great to adopt strategies and ways to grow and change tactics now.
It is not impossible to rank high on Google but it is difficult to stay consistent with your ranking. This is where our team comes in. We curate ways in which your business can grow and excel. Through techniques such as email marketing, online marketing, generating leads, content writing, our SEO experts can get an increase in the traffic on your website.

Often penalties are awarded by Google if businesses fail to comply with the norms. This could cause lower rankings and a decline in sales. Identifying when this is happening and figuring out ways to solve the problem is what we aim to do, in order to see to it that your venture is soon up on its feet.

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You've come to the right place! We're a team of experts who want nothing more than for you to succeed. The following addresses the common questions that people have about SEO

An SEO audit is a process of identifying what is possibly wrong with your website and what is affecting it from performing well on the search engine. There are several factors that could result in this. For instance, index tags are one such factor. Pages that haven’t been properly indexed in Google would lead to lower rankings and visibility being reduced. An audit also keeps track of why your organic traffic is low and what can be done to increase it. This is important to a business’s performance as eCommerce websites have one goal in mind, which is to generate sales. Quint Digital, through its SEO Busselton, offers audits for your website. This can be for your existing SEO strategy. Through this, you will become aware of what are the lapses in your online business and how these can be corrected.

The major difference between small startups and large scale businesses is that in the case of small businesses the content can be optimised greatly for local searches. Mobile SEO is a focus in a small business as people usually use their phones while searching for places in the area which provide a particular service. SEO Busselton works well for small businesses as it gives them a chance to target the audience in the area, expand their business, build a community and flourish. If you are a small business, you can rest assured that our SEO tactics will be a great tool for your success on the web.

For a small business, SEO Busselton can be a wonderful way of performing on the web. This is because it manages to attract organic traffic and as a small business that has just started out, you won’t be spending much on getting high rankings. Another benefit that you get by opting for SEO tactics is that you build a sense of trust in your consumers as you feature higher on the search engine pages. Budget is crucial when it comes to a small venture and out of all the digital marketing tactics that you opt for, SEO can be the most economical as it remains constant and keeps giving you the leads you are looking for.

At Quint Digital, we believe in charting out a customised plan for businesses as they weave their way through the digital market. We understand that every business is unique in the budget they have, the audience they wish to target, the goals they have, and the sales they wish to achieve in a short span of time. This is why we devote time to analysing and understanding the markets and trends so that we can offer the best services to your venture. Affordable packages are at your service through which you not only have the chase to rank high but also to craft services according to your client’s needs.

Yes. At Quint Digital we offer a wide range of packages for SEO, web development, web design, social media, audits, and much more. Through these services, you can grow as a business and optimise your site for sales and traffic and rankings. There is something for everyone here at Quint Digital and we ensure that the packages are tailored to suit your growing needs and that you are getting a high ROI. When you invest in quality services, you ensure that you stay on top of trends and manage to be relevant in today’s digital era.

Duplicate content is when content is copy-pasted from one website directly to another. This is also known as plagiarism. When a search is run for a certain term, the Google crawler goes through content and ranks pages depending on whether they satisfy a number of criteria. However, when two websites have duplicate content, the Google bot is confused as to which of these web pages it should rank higher than the other and in the end the original website may not be ranked high even though this was the site that wrote the content. Thus, duplicate content does not only affect one website’s rankings but even the rankings of those that were original. Often a web page may have internal duplicate content, which means content repeated in its own pages. This can be avoided by writing unique meta tags, headings etc. and ensuring these are not repeated.

Quint Digital is a digital marketing agency that provides services related to web development, web design, social media, content marketing, eCommerce and more to help businesses take charge and elevate their sales. When you reach out to our agency, our team of professionals sees your site and conducts an audit to check how well the site is doing, if SEO is good, if there are changes required, and how new techniques can be used. We use digital marketing tools to assess the performance of your site and Google analytics. We also keep a check on the competition to see what they are doing, the current trends in the market, and to see how these strategies could help your business in what ways. If there are new tools in the market, we see to it that we adopt these for the benefit of your venture.

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