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    If you are a restaurant selling food; at Quint Digital! we help you do it most deliciously!

    Quint Digital’s SEO for Restaurants Uses the Rule of 3s, Giving You Delicious Leads!

    In a world where online marketing is bigger than ever, having an online presence, for any business, is most important. With search engines at people’s fingertips and a thousand searches happening every day for restaurant and eateries, if you are not on the web, you are basically invisible. Establishing yourself on world wide web is the first step to contending with the competition. If your competition is already there, you need a website to mark your web presence and a digital marketing strategy comprising of SEO to match.

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    If you are a restaurant with a website, Quint Digital can put it to the right use!

    With our SEO services in Australia, we know exactly how to get you on the first page of Google!

    You may already know what SEO is but we are here to get you acquainted with the fact how SEO for restaurants can get you ranked higher in the organic search results. Our SEO strategies for restaurants get you those irreversible leads and remarkable returns in no time, through our phenomenon of 3s!

    Our threefold SEO strategy brings you these 3 evident results:

    • It brings you potent leads
    • It works on increasing your ROI
    • It facilitates greater visibility for you

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    And achieving these three goals requires an equally precise three-step process :

    • Right Keywords
    • Brilliant Copywriting
    • Effective Backlinks

    Never Miss a Potential Patient Again with Dental SEO

    If you own a dental practice, you probably already have a website that tells people more about your hygienists, your services, and most importantly: your location. You wouldn’t build a site without your address so people could get directions to your office. Well, search engines need directions too. This is called SEO. They need some extra hints within your code and website to be able to find you and show your practice to people looking for a dentist near them. Without our dental SEO services, your practice can get lost in the search engines and very rarely be seen by potential patients.

    How keywords elevate our SEO services in Australia!

    Keywords or keyword phrases are what potential clients type into their search engine when they look for you and the dishes that you offer. When have a website made and add content such as the name of the prominent dishes you are serving, discounts that you are offering on special days or the edge that you offer as one of the prominent restaurants in the city including relevant keywords, you start appearing in the searches. The search engine’s algorithm looks out for these keywords and that gets you ranked higher. When you become visible on the web, you open doors to more and more people getting attracted to your restaurant. This is integral to online success.

    Our keyword strategy comprises of two integral aspects, which make it top-notch and unbeatable!

    • We use localised keywords to narrow down the reach possibilities
    • We abandon keyword stuffing to negate the chances of rejection by Google

    Localising your keywords, especially because you are a restaurant and a public-serving domain, is very important. As a restaurant, you obviously cannot go from place to place to serve food. You need your guests to reach you. Therefore, you must make sure your prospects find you with ease.

    We help your prospects to find you through the strategic placement of localised keywords in your menu, food descriptions and blogs.

    Another aspect of localised SEO is to add location tags in your keyword phrases. E.g. If you are a Japanese restaurant in Adelaide, you would want a keyword with the location name. After all, people who are in Adelaide must find Japanese food near them. Thus, by localising your keyword phrases, we ensure prospective customers in your must find you.

    The basic formula for this: [existing keyword phrase] + [location]

    Apart from localising keywords, our specialists in SEO for restaurants understand the looming danger that is keyword stuffing!

    Too much use of keywords causes two damages:

    • You get registered on Google as clickbait (bogus domain)
    • It makes the content unappealing and redundant

    Before your content even reaches the customer; it is obstructed by diligent Google algorithms for keyword stuffing. Maintaining a higher than optimum keyword density (usually between 1-1.5%) makes the search engine register you as clickbait! However, even if you somehow get past the search engine, forcing keywords where they do not belong instantly makes your content unappealing to a reader. At Quint Digital, we avoid both these negatives proactively! Our SEO services in Australia ensure your content remains local and completely free from keyword stuffing!

    As a pioneering digital marketing agency in Adelaide, the copy is our speciality!

    Your website and marketing campaigns need brilliant copywriting and we provide you with that! A copy is every piece of text within your online marketing and optimising it gets you ranked higher! The rule of 3’s continues to apply where copywriting is concerned.

    Here it is spelt as:

    • Short sentences
    • Short paragraphs
    • Long content

    Let us justify this effective combination of 3s for copywriting

    With the faster-than-ever pace of information, thanks to technology and the internet; audiences’ attention spans have lowered. Your online marketing campaign has to adjust accordingly. Short, snappy sentences, in short, informative paragraphs keep readers engaged and interested. Longer sentences and paragraphs seem like a ramble – an instant turn off. At Quint Digital, we know that the ideal sentence length and the ideal paragraph length. We give you the best, most appealing copy while ensuring the search engine does not disregard you as having nothing important to say.

    Google can disregard you even if you have used keywords but you do not have an effective copy! You may not rank higher!

    Backlinks are the cherry on top in our SEO for restaurants strategy!

    Backlinks become the backbone of your SEO strategy when implemented properly. What are backlinks? When another website links yours in their content, that is a backlink!

    Backlinks again serve a three-fold purpose:

    • Targeted marketing
    • Professional network
    • Website Traffic

    Quint Digital’s specialisation lies in targeted marketing – showing only interested parties content. Backlinks are an integral part of our strategy. Having a link on a related website makes you instantly more relevant to the customer. Let us go back to the example of the Japanese restaurant. If someone writes a blog about the benefits of Japanese food and you as a Japanese restaurant, get your website linked on that blog, that is an effective backlink! Anyone visiting that blog now sees you as a relevant service to their interests!

    Quint Digital’s strategy of backlinks also establishes a professional network for you!

    By ensuring you only get linked on relevant sites, we create the foundation for professional contacts within the food industry. That can only be a good thing going forward, as your restaurant business grows.

    So, what makes Quint Digital stand out as an Adelaide digital marketing agency?

    Our SEO strategy ranks your restaurant business higher than before and makes you stand out in the food industry rather than keeping you on the second page of Google. When engaged in a remarkable SEO feat for you:

    • We observe the market and watch trends while analysing your competition’s strategy
    • We devise a foolproof strategy for you
    • We make sure the SEO strategy works in your favour
    • We put our best foot forward to highlight your restaurant on the internet as a pioneer

    Join hands with the best digital marketing agency in Adelaide and watch the online presence of your restaurant grow like never before!

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