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Mobile responsiveness is a criterion that is vital for performance in today’s world. The mobile responsiveness of a site is what can determine its rankings on the web and how well it will do in search engines. Why, you ask, cannot the same website be used for mobile as the one that is used for desktop.

The reason is that on mobile the search terms differ. Users who search on their phones for services or businesses are looking to take action and avail of the services rather than simply browsing.

This is why keywords need to be optimised for mobile search and have local names, as well as area names.

Another reason is that on mobile, the screen size and website dimensions differ. This is why websites that are not optimised for mobile usually rank lower on mobile searches and lose out on visibility and leads.

In order to take advantage of your mobile audience, it is essential to step up and be visible to them in many ways.

Today, social media is such a boon in the marketing scene. It attracts people who never knew about your business and gives them the scope to research your venture and even contribute to its sales.

The best part about social media is that you can engage with your audience on a one to one level and this gives you the advantage of staying in touch with them.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions On
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You've come to the right place! We're a team of SEO experts who want nothing more than for you to succeed. The following addresses the common questions that people have about SEO

Using a single domain for websites is better as when you use multiple domains, firstly there is time and effort lost trying to maintain both and in the upkeep of both. Having a single domain ensures that you focus resources on only one. Also, domains are usually used as the point of contact for a search engine during scouring the web for results. When multiple domains are involved, the search engine gets confused and does not understand which domain to rank. Another factor is that the domain authority gets affected when there are multiple domains involved. This is why it is recommended that single domains are most beneficial for a business as they can boost rankings and also ensure maximum utilisation of resources instead of multitasking between many domains. Should you have doubts about this, reach out to our experts at our SEO company Geraldton.

Local SEO can be done in a number of ways. Some of these are as follows:

✓ A Google My Business account is a great way of establishing your business’ presence on the web as it will give your business the visibility that it needs and is a way of engaging with your customers

✓ Creating content that is around the local area or that specifically highlights the area stands out as it will help in building a community network and sales

✓ Optimising the website for mobile searches works well as mobile searches for local SEO keywords accounts for a large percentage. Today people are on their phones looking for information and if your website ranks higher in the searches, you have a chance of standing out

✓ Segregate content into different categories. People do not want to go through extensive information when they are looking for a service. The segregation will help in them getting the information they are looking for

Having your rankings increase on Google Maps is beneficial for your venture as it gives you leverage over other businesses. This also ensures visibility and ranking in local searches, thus increasing your community reach in the area. There are many ways to optimise your business for Google Maps. One way is by Google My Business optimisation. The profile is your first image on the web and it should be optimised with the latest information of your business, pictures, titles that have keywords, and reviews. This ensures that your business ranks high in maps as well. Building business citations for niche areas guarantees that you are a famous business in that area and thus manage to generate sales. Using a phone number in your GMB profile can be a great way of being reachable to your customers. Responding to reviews is also a great way of doing this. Our SEO Geraldton can help.

Along with on-site SEO, there is also something known as off-site SEO. This is the kind of search engine optimisation that does not reflect in the content on the site but still exists. Backlinks are one way of performing off-site SEO. The way they work is that a high ranking website puts up content and if they insert a link that leads to your site, automatically you get leads. Getting backlinks from high authority websites is important as it leads to a greater outreach. One way of doing this backlink outreach is by getting in touch with these high authority websites and asking them for backlinks. Websites that are doing similar work as yours would be more willing to give you backlinks. Ensure that you are getting backlinks from websites with high authority. Our SEO Geraldton can help you rank high in the search engine and the team also sees to the backlinks and maintaining domain authority.

Both kinds of Search Engine Optimisation are designed to increase the website’s ranking on the Internet and to drive traffic through organic leads. The key difference though is that the latter helps a business get visibility on a global scale while the former helps a business get noticed among the local community.

One would argue that getting global recognition is better. However while this option may seem lucrative, it does not always guarantee leads. There are millions of businesses on the web and to stand out among them is a challenge. With local SEO you stand out among the area and thus getting leads is much more possible.

Another factor that plays a role is practicality. If a business has its services in a specific country, it would be futile for that business to appear in a search result of a person from a different country as they wouldn’t be able to avail their services. Thus, local SEO makes the entire buying and selling process more practical.

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