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Yes, we put money where our mouth is. Why waste your time and money with agencies making empty promises. We assure you rankings on Google in 90 days*, or we work for free! Over 40000 searches are being processed by Google every single second! That’s over 3.5 Billion searches per day, that’s right 3.5 Billion searches!! Chances are that some of these searches could be for a product or service your business offers.

So more than ever, now is the time for your business to have high search engine rankings or else be prepared to lose customers to your competition.

We are a Search Engine Optimisation agency based in Melbourne and specialising in getting you ranked higher on Google. Yes, the elusive first page rankings. Now you may ask, why do I need to rank on page one? All I am going to say is if you are serious about your business you must have a successfully implemented digital strategy because the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google ;-). Jokes apart, it’s a reality.

People often search on Google and if the result doesn’t produce what they are looking for 95% of people adjust their search term. .


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Source: Google Webmasters

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