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This is the worldwide web, where nothing stays still.

The first website was created in 1992. It did seem like only a page which had text scribbled on it. Can you imagine that? What your word document or office paper copy might look like, actually summed up the whole WORLD WIDE WEB. The competition was barely even present. 

Just having a presence on this awesome platform made a business owner feel like one of the elite. A few years later, another something came to be – landing pages. 

As a business owner, you may be familiar with this concept. A page where people browsing on the search engine can stop by and have a look. The competition was still minimal. 

In 1998, a star was born – Google. Since that day in history, the world wide web was never really the same again. And what this revolution of the digital space did was, it birthed something that made the life of every website owner difficult, if they knew nothing about digital marketing. 


Every website became part of the rate race to increase leads, grow sales, and be one among the top. Is it that easy? Let’s find out.

The competition grows fiercer, this Web Design Agency Melbourne tells us

Let’s build an analogy here. What if every one of the 20 participants who were to walk the ramp, were given the same look? Exact replicas of each other. While the fact is that they’d all seem beautiful as the look was pleasing to the eye, it would start to get monotonous at a point of time. 

What would help in this case? A change in their look, a unique approach, a play on their strengths seems like a good answer. 

The same applies to websites. Quint Digital – a Web Designer Melbourne tells you how. 

This Web Design Company Melbourne plays on the strengths of websites

When every website essentially has the same end-goal which is to increase leads, a digital marketing agency’s job gets tough. In this case, a good approach would be to focus on what the website does, the service they provide and try and ameliorate it. 

For instance, if a website is a funky one with a target audience of youth, the web design can be breezy, simple, with pop colours in places and aspects made to stand out. If a website is a B2B commercial one, it needs to have a slightly more formal approach. In this case, the colours will be subtle and the font classic. 

Target audience is extremely important when it comes to deciding the website design. Quint Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne understands this and works closely with your business to ensure the correct parameters are focused on. 

Your website design should cater to the needs of your audience. A complex design will cause you to have a higher bounce rate, which would essentially mean that people visit your site and then leave it quickly without navigating much, or choosing a particular service. 

This could be a possibility when people find your site too complicated to understand.

A web designer Melbourne can be tough to find

With the abundance of Web Designers in Melbourne, why do we say it’s tough finding one? 

There are a large number of criteria that have to be met in the process of web design. It’s a position of great responsibility as the website is literally your face – the face of the business, the first thing that the consumer sees, and essentially what he will remember your business as forever. 

A shabby web page stays with the consumer. A beautifully designed page gets the consumer coming back to it. 

The specifics to be kept in mind while designing a website are: 

  • Content: Content is key, as you may have heard. More so when designing a website. In a short space, you need to be able to describe exactly what your business is about, what you aim to do, how you introduce yourself, why people should trust you, and more than anything else, why people need to choose YOU out of the million other sites on the internet. 
  • SEO: Even if your content is really good, Google needs to believe it too. This is where SEO comes in. The search engine doesn’t have a brain of its own and will rely on the keywords you use to trust that your article is completely valuable to the user. How does it do this? By ensuring what the consumer is looking for is filled in your article. 
  • Navigation: If you’ve got to ace the rat-race of competition on the web, you need to choose a Web Design Company Melbourne that helps your e-commerce site be simple. No one wants to spend hours just finding what they’re looking for on your website.

How can Quint Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne help you?

The task might seem daunting of getting your business up there, increasing the traction that your website is getting in the market or so much as even growing your social media presence. 

This Web Design Agency Melbourne though, can get your business up and running among the top players in no time. You can rest assured of the following.

  • No hidden charges or surprises. Everything is transparent and will be made aware to you at the start. 
  • A strategy that is personalised to your website will be employed to get you more leads
  • In the case of online shopping sites, payment gateways, security etc will be top-notch
  • All deadlines will be met
  • A trained experienced team of professionals will be handling your web page and you will be served nothing but the best
  • A top-notch Web Design Company in Melbourne will be handling your business site. With a track record for some great work, there is much to be gained by your business. 

Finding the right web designer Melbourne can be a task, but not anymore. You’re in safe hands. Contact Quint Digital today and get the market talking about your business.

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.