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Quint Digital spills the beans on their social media success!

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Get your business blazing on social media in Australia!

Back in the day, social media was nothing more than a platform for people to connect with each other.

Today, social media is also a hot favourite online marketing platform that can literally change the fortunes of a business. 

In fact, it has reached a stage where having a social media account for your online business is absolutely necessary and mandatory for even the survival of the business! 


You shouldn’t be. 

Just try to imagine the sheer magnitude of online audience that is present on social media at this particular moment! 

Better yet, imagine the number of potential clients you can obtain from the omnipresent online audience on social media through marketing trends and strategies.

Sounds fascinating, right?


In order to actually see this as a reality, it is an absolute necessity to understand and appreciate the latest social media marketing trends out there. 

In addition, one needs experience with social media marketing trends to adapt to the latest ones and upgrade their social media marketing strategies accordingly. 

Only then can you think of running a well-oiled business campaign for your brand and see it soar. 

To achieve this, you need a top tier digital marketing agency in Australia that can convert your business into a raging bull with expert social media marketing services.

Quint Digital, a premier Melbourne based digital marketing agency in Australia combines the right blend of expertise and experience in social media marketing trends to turn your online business into a  champion!

We have conducted extensive research on the various social media trends that have been prevalent over the last few years. 

The thing about these trends is…

They’re extremely dynamic.

Normally, this would be a challenging affair. But for Quint Digital, working with social media is bread and butter for us. 

It is crucial for your business to be capable enough to perform with the crazy dynamic nature that social media poses. 

Pack a dynamic punch on social media with Quint Digital!

Quint Digital has always adopted a think outside the box methodology in dealing with online marketing and are of the firm belief that:

“Versatility is the key to succeed in any situation”

In keeping up with this powerful and fool proof ideology of Quint Digital, we reveal the latest social media marketing trends that can sure-fire make your business succeed. 

These trends put your business in the loop and arm you with a monumental edge over your competitors.

Stay ahead of the curve with the hottest social media marketing trends of today!

The 5 Star Social Media Trends Marketing Strategy of Quint Digital

1. Mobile Browsing

Almost everyone today uses a smartphone for their web browsing needs today. 

In fact, statistics will tell you that more than 85% of Australia’s population uses a smartphone. 

With such a mammoth presence of online users in Australia, it goes without saying that your business website should be 100% mobile responsive. 

If that doesn’t convince you, prepare to face a very cold hearted fact. This is not for the faint hearted, but here goes…

Google will penalise websites that are not mobile responsive

Might be difficult to digest but considering the fact that your business can end up losing massive chunks of organic traffic if it’s mobile responsive, you can see what Google did there. 

Here are couple of more shocking facts that might send shivers down your spine if you don’t get a proper mobile functional business website:

  • 61% of mobile users don’t visit a website again if they had trouble accessing it in the first place
  • 41% of mobile users would go to a competitor’s website or they’re not satisfied with their mobile browsing experience in your website

So let’s always make the mobile browsing experience of your business website a top priority. 

2. Messenger Apps

“Are you on WhatsApp?”

This is a query you often get to hear in your personal and professional life alike.

And for good reason. 

Do you know that a vast majority of online users use social media messaging apps more than social media itself?

Coupled with the power of social media per se, messenger apps can become a power source of tremendous business growth for your brand. 

Through these messenger apps and the artificial intelligence (AI) enabled chatbot feature, you can engage in productive conversations with your online visitors and clients, thus amplifying their user experience. 

3. Videos

While videos aren’t exactly the new kid in town, its relevance is as strong as ever. 

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, a video is worth a million!

It is a well-established fact that people respond to visual cues better than plain text. As such, getting video content into the mix makes for excellent user experience and engagement. 

With videos, your brand can tell a story and put forward their business venture through entertaining, inspiring or educating means. The possibilities are truly endless! 

4. Voice Search

Technology is always advancing by leaps and bounds. 

2020 is the year of the advent of voice searching. People are increasingly using the voice search feature in their smartphone or mobile devices to search relevant or desired information on the internet. 

Alexa, Siri, OK Google… there’s no stopping the voice search propaganda. 

Ignoring this aspect is simply equivalent to missing out on a wide array of potential customers for your business. 

As a result of this, optimising the website content for voice search has become a norm of the day when it comes to social media marketing.

5. Stories

Stories have become a staple in Instagram and Facebook these days. 

They have gained widespread prominence and popularity and would continue to do so. 

It is even predicted by several marketing gurus that stories would receive a way better response than the feed. 

So it is undoubtedly a wise move to put up stories regarding your business’ products/services, offers, updates etc., in your brand’s Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Quint Digital flashes the social media spotlight onto your business!

There is no denying that social media is continuously evolving.

These 5 star marketing trends are bound to elevate your business prospects if utilised correctly. 

We, at Quint Digital, are well-versed with every aspect pertaining to social media and its associated marketing trends and strategies. Regardless of what new update comes along, we are more than ready to conquer them all and jetpack your business to astronomical levels that most can only dream of!

Empower your business into a phenomenal social media success in Australia!

Propel your business growth to a meteoric rise with Quint Digital’s social media marketing services!

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.