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Google’s evolving algorithm constantly performs various functions, determining your website’s rank. We help you achieve first-page ranks in SERPs!

This Wedding Season, Fall in Love With Quint Digital’s Wedding Flowers SEO Services!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the cornerstone of online success and covers a vast number of features. These range from on-site HTML and content quality to off-site social media pages. Businesses that cater to masses need these services more than ever since they have a large prospect pool to tap and convert! Thus there is a huge requirement for florist SEO!

SEO For Wedding Bouquets- Quint Digital Australia

Why should you optimise your wedding flower website?

  • Higher rankings in the organic search engine results page (SERPs)
  • Increased visibility
  • Ensuring quality, relevant content
  • Building a reputation off-site
  • Lead generation
  • Better ROI

SEO refers to everything that increases your online visibility. This may seem very technical and confusing. How do you optimise your website for florist SEO?

What do you keep in mind during optimisation?

How are higher rankings guaranteed?

Wedding bouquet services and amazing website SEO? An ideal match!

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Quint Digital, the leading digital agency in Australia solves all SEO confusion for you!

Your website needs perfect, perpetual optimisation. We ensure this with our complete understanding of on-site and off-site optimisation. Our years of experience result in your rankings becoming higher than ever while also building brand value and reputation.

Our on-site florist SEO gives you the three-level optimisation you deserve!

The scope of on-site SEO is very large. So, what does it include? Broadly, three aspects:

  • Your content
  • Your site’s architecture
  • Your website’s HTML

Okay, let us get into these.

You have the opportunity to optimise your content related to wedding flower services and increase visibility with the best digital agency in Australia!

The pages of information you have on your wedding bouquet website are essentially content. Content can be anything from written to audiovisual content. There are several ways to optimise your content and boost its visibility.

Content Quality and Freshness: Having high quality, relevant content talking about your wedding bouquet services and other engaging subjects is of paramount importance. After all, only with attractive content will you draw in potential clients. Freshness relies on analysing trends and curating content accordingly. This ensures that the search engine also finds you relevant. With Quint’s expert wedding flower SEO services and our constant lookout for changing consumer trends, your content generates leads in no time!

Keyword Research and Incorporation: When potential clients type queries (keywords) into search engines, they are looking for wedding flower solutions. Catering your content to these needs is crucial to SEO success. Therefore, Quint begins with in-depth keyword research – identifying what your clients are typing into search engines. After identification, we incorporate these keywords into your content, maintaining the perfect density of 1-1.5% so the search engine does not consider you spam. With Quint’s extensive knowledge of keywords, draw in customers in no time!

Vertical Search: Apart from webpages, Google also displays audiovisual results (images and videos). While “horizontal search” is pulling general results, Google’s sections for images and videos are called “vertical search.” If your florist services web pages are not performing well enough, we cater to the vertical search results, improving your rankings with an assortment of audiovisual content!


Site architecture is the next step of optimising your website. It covers a range of aspects that ensure your SEO success. How does this happen? Well, it begins the optimisation process at the basic stage: site crawling.

Site Crawlability: Site crawling is Google’s way of speed-reading multiple webpages and filing them into its giant index. It is from this index that Google pulls results for the SERPs. There are very few things that would affect your site crawlability. However, JavaScript or Flash could potentially hide links, therefore hiding the respective pages from the index. At Quint, we make sure Google crawls your site with ease!

Mobile-friendly: With most potential customers browsing on their mobile devices, Google rewards mobile-friendly websites. Quint’s wedding flower SEO services make your website mobile-friendly, keeping your clients and the search engine very happy!

Site Speed: Although a minor factor, our specialists clean up your code and speed up your site. Google favours fast-loading sites and we deliver! Descriptive URLs for secure sites: Again, smaller factors but they still influence Google’s decision to rank you higher. Including search keywords in your URL and securing your site for safer browsing with HTTPS gives Google incentive to boost your rankings. Part of our job is making your website secure with relevant URLs!


HTML is the underlying code used in the creation of webpages. Optimising within this code is especially important since the code is closely read by the search engine. And, with our web development specialists, we know exactly what kind of optimisation you need!

HTML Title Tag: You need descriptive and creative title tags so Google and your visitors know what your content is about. As a result-oriented digital agency in Australia, this is the most important aspect of Quint’s HTML SEO!

Meta Description Tags: Since they provide a summary of the webpage, including keywords in your meta description is highly necessary. Depending on who you talk to, meta descriptions help in ranking you higher or in getting you more traffic after other factors give you a higher rank. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that the meta description is very important and our experts understand that!

Header Tags: At Quint, we understand the necessity of header tags. Although not as important as title tags, header tags containing keywords automatically appeal to search engines, therefore ranking you higher in the SERPs.

With Quint’s off-site wedding flower SEO services, you get higher rankings in no time!

Off-site SEO, unlike on-site, is less controllable. It relies on a lot of external factors. However, we understand all the intricacies of off-site SEO, giving you the best strategy possible!


1. Personalisation and Local SEO: Google doesn’t simply show customers generic SERPs. Instead, it tracks browsing data and preferences, showing content accordingly. Localising your keywords is a great way of catering to this. Localising means including a location name at the end of your keyword. For example, take the keyword phrase “wedding flower services.” Making it “wedding flower services Melbourne” instead ensures that users in the Melbourne find you with ease and you rank higher in Melbourne’s SERPs.

2. Backlinks: Linking your page on a related, more established webpage makes you more reliable to the search engine. Our job is creating a network of backlinks so you get increased traffic from your target clientele. Simultaneously, you form relationships with other giants in your industry!

3. Social Media and Shares: A solid social media strategy is a great way of establishing yourself. This is especially when big names in the industry share your content. Like backlinks, this convinces the search engine that you are reliable, automatically ranking you higher in the SERPs.


Our combination of on-site and off-site SEO guarantees higher ranks. We build your strategy based on certain core principles:

  • A proper, in-depth analysis of your competition’s strategy
  • Maintaining complete transparency and communication so you always know what’s happening
  • Giving you full access to the results of the strategy
  • An ability to modify and tweak the strategy according to your needs

With these values in place, we give you a practical florist SEO strategy that really works! Build the best brand image in the wedding flower business today with the best digital agency in Australia! Give us a call!

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