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What Is Valuable Content For Your Business? How to Create It?

The internet is a fabulous place where consumers purchase commodities, make hotel reservations, find gyms near them, review and rate businesses.

For businesses, it’s where they market their products and services, hoping that consumers would drop by their digital storefronts and of course eventually convert.

On one side of the coin, businesses are leveraging the power of advertisements to market their products, but consumers on the other side, are leveraging the power of technology to block ads.

That being said, we have to understand that traditional marketing wouldn’t lure customers. If traditional marketing won’t work, then what will?

Haven’t you heard, “Content is King”?

Customers aren’t interested in the commercials that you produce, for fear that they could be falsely decoyed. That is why clients are now converting by the context description of your products and services.

But do you know what is valuable content for your business?

How do frame a valuable content strategy?

Let’s dive into the intelligence!

Dr. Atul Gawande, the author of “The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right”, says, ” Every day, there is more and more to manage and get right and learn.”

The secret of generating valuable context lies in “Content Checklist“.

Many businesses fail to have a checklist claiming that their work is a tedious one whose incredibility cannot be contained in a mere checklist.

But Dr. Atul Gawande says otherwise. He believes that a simple checklist to medical procedures would affect his overall success rates and reduce infection and mortality.

The same principle applies to content generation.

What Is Valuable Content For Your Business? How to Create It?
What Is Valuable Content For Your Business? How to Create It?

When you craft your content, you need to remember that unless it is sent directly to the consumers they are least likely to find your content among zillions of others. Therefore, abide by SEO guidelines to create content that would be easy to find.

Primarily content strategy begins with keyword research, followed by the generation of keyword rich descriptive.

Make use of a single h1 tag and multiple h2 tags to facilitate proper flow of thought. Customize your metadata to highlight the matter of your web page.

Linking your web page to other pages on your website would make your content important for Google spiders. Subsequently, add image alt tags to customize image searches.

What Is Valuable Content For Your Business? How to Create It?

Once your product descriptive is findable, it should also be readable for your consumers. Follow an inverted pyramid style of writing. Present all the important facts about your products and services first. This is because the attention of your consumer decreases page. So give him all the vital information at the beginning of the page.

Try to keep the paragraphs short, say, three to five lines per paragraph. And make sure that each paragraph would talk of a single idea. At the most keep only three paragraphs under a subheading. Use bulletins to sum up your ideas.

Most importantly, be sure to follow a coherent writing style to avoid confusing your readers. Don’t switch from the first person to third person style of writing. Based on the type of subject matter (web content/blog/article) determine the voice, tone, and personality of your writing persona.

What Is Valuable Content For Your Business? How to Create It?

When your products are complex, creating an understandable text becomes a tedious process. You might be a physiotherapist or an automobile engineer; the complexity of products vary as per businesses. So you need to choose the right type of content.

Say, you own a chiropractic clinic. Instead of describing how you treat misalignment of joints, you can generate a video where you use one of your chiropractic techniques to heal dislocations.

Consider the complexity level of the products and services you sell. Simultaneously, consider the understanding capacity of your customers.  Integrating these two scenarios, determine whether your descriptive has to be a video or infographic or script.

What Is Valuable Content For Your Business? How to Create It?

The primary goal of creating findable, readable, and understandable content is to stir your customers to follow desirable a course of action.

Include significant calls-to-action, and encourage clients to comment and raise queries.

What Is Valuable Content For Your Business? How to Create It?

Most often, compared to your marketing techniques, it is the reviews and recommendations between customer to a customer that increase your sales.

Therefore, strive to create an emotional bond with the reader. Give them a reason to share the content, and make the process of sharing also feasible.

Final Thoughts

Content Checklist is the secret to generating valuable matter for your business.  Refrain from mis-believing that the process is complicated to reduce to a checklist.

Remember, Dr. Atul, a doctor by profession believes that a medical checklist would reduce mortality. Then how much more can Content Checklist generate pleasing marketing results for your business!

At Quint Digital, we believe content is king. We can always collaborate to frame content strategy for your business as well.

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.