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When you approach a landing page design agency they will revamp the appearance of your site attracting more audience

A website landing page. As the name suggests, a landing page is where people land up once they click a link that takes them to your site, or once they browse through the web and come across your website or even when they happen to click on an ad of your business and are directed to the site. 

The website landing page is the first impression that people have of your business and as we know, first impressions stick on. 

Why is the landing page a major criterion that determines the performance of businesses?

The reason landing pages are so crucial is that they are in your control. Take for instance a person who comes across your campaign for a product on social media. When they are enthused by it, they click on it and are transported to the landing page. 

Now the landing page needs to be designed with this in mind. The person who has just landed on your page does not know about your venture, has no clue about the action that they really wish to take, and does not know how to proceed forward. 

That is the essence of a landing page. 

It tells people what to do. 

It is a beacon that guides people to take precise action if they are interested in what your site has to offer. 

What makes a landing page different from the homepage? 

A doubt that crops up among many is that the landing page is essentially the homepage. This is not always the case. 

The two are different. Here’s why:

  • A landing page is not something that people usually find on your websites, like the ‘ABOUT US’ page or the ‘CONTACT US’ page. A landing page is one that people are directed to. Once you are on a website, there is nothing titled ‘LANDING PAGE’. 
  • A landing page has one motive in mind: lead generation. Since, as mentioned, this page is one that you are directed to and not one that you voluntarily check out, it cannot afford to be vague. It needs to be precise in the information it conveys, helping you to stay on as a customer. 
  • CTA: You may have well heard the anagram before. A ‘call to action’, works wonders on landing pages. To ensure that a person who has clicked on your ad or campaign link and been transported to the page, stays on, you could ask them to fill a form, subscribe to your emailers, download the book that you spoke of in your campaign, or buy a product. 

Now that you have understood the significance of a landing page, why does it play such an important role in generating leads? 

A landing page’s role in lead generation

While the landing page has a specific objective, how is this achieved? 

The following aspects ensure that a landing page achieves what it sets out for: 

Getting an insight into demographics 

When people are on your landing page, the most usual thing to note is that they are asked to fill in a form. What does this do? 

It gives the website owner an idea of:

  • The age group of the majority of people who visit your website
  • The country
  • The number of people who are interested in your product or service 
  • How well the product or service will perform once it is out in the mainstream market
  • Your email id for future emailers 

Thus, a landing page is crucial for businesses to understand whether the audience is actually interested in what they see. 

A landing page does not have site-wide navigation. Here’s why 

When the objective is lead generation, enabling people to navigate through the website and explore it does not make much sense. This would cause their attention to get diverted from the preliminary objective which is to avail the product or service. 

Thus a landing page should not be distracting. No social media buttons, or anything that would compel a user to lose focus. 

An important data tracker 

While to the user, the landing page may appear much simpler than the other web pages, it is a pool of information to the web developer and the agency. 

The landing page offers insights into whether the audience liked what they saw or not. This is measured by: 

  • Number of downloads 
  • Number of purchases
  • Time spent on the page 
  • The conversion rate of the page 
  • Performance metrics 

These give the business owner a view into whether they need to change something in the landing page or whether it works just fine. 

Psychology works 

A landing page is where users get their first impression of the business and where they also decide if this is a business they wish to avail themselves of. Thus having reviews of other customers on your landing page can work wonders as people always believe what they see and hear from others. 

A rating here, a review there, pictures work well on a landing page as they boost what people think of the success of the business. 

The form is important 

The form in question here is the one that you ask customers to fill up. This form shouldn’t be copied from other businesses but rather should be tailor-made depending on what you are seeking from your audience. 

Do not ask for unnecessary information. Remember no one likes long forms that are too inquisitive. Shorter landing pages have chances of succeeding more. 

While landing pages are great for getting leads, they have other purposes too. 

What are the advantages of landing pages? 

A great first impression: What is better than a website that appeals to your audience? Landing pages fulfil the quote ‘first impression is the last impression’. What your audience sees is what they will believe. A landing page should be aesthetic. 

They make you stand out: Landing pages do not simply always have to be a form or a page that describes your services. Take for instance if you are launching something amazing and exciting. Having a landing page dedicated to the purpose is just fab marketing. Don’t you think? 

Core brand message: While a website has navigation that enables consumers to look around, landing pages are direct. This is what makes them a favourite among the audience. These days, no one loves marketing that does not have an end goal. 

Helps with the algorithm: When keywords are used wisely on the landing page, they greatly help with the SEO score and this helps the website rank higher. Thus the landing page needs to be curated with the intent of having it have a high SEO score. 

Are you aware of the different kinds of landing pages? 

Landing pages are of many types. Yours could fall into any of these categories: 

Splash landing page

These are the kinds of landing pages that are image-focused with very little copy that the user needs to read. It could be an announcement, or a ‘Coming Soon’ teaser, or asking people to confirm their age or their preference or announcing a show. 

Referral landing pages

These are when your audience achieves a target and you wish to give them a coupon code or a win. These can get as creative as you wish to. You could have a hamper opening on their click or something as creative! Once again, this kind of landing page does not have much copy. 

Squeeze page 

This kind of page has one end goal: to get the user’s email address. Once this is achieved then relevant content can be sent to them, emailers, constant reminders, updates etc can be sent. 

A click-through landing page 

This type of landing page is where you offer your customers a free trial and ask them if they would like it. If they would then they click on it and can enter their payment details. 

Get started landing page 

This kind of page has content as it aims to tell the consumer what they are in for. Whether it is a product, a service, or an opportunity for them to get something. There is a description that is provided and customers can read it before they get started with whatever it is the business has to offer. 

Landing pages should be aesthetic and minimalist. How do you achieve this? 

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Harpreet Singh

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