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Life gets easy when you have a PPC company in Melbourne that makes your marketing creative by the minute!

Advertising, which once used to stick to conventional means, now aims to please the consumer and get their attention. 

As is the adage, it all happens with a click. PPC marketing may be new territory for you, but the sooner you dive deep into it, you will reap rich rewards. 

While pondering about how you must acquaint yourself with the concept, here’s an analogy. 

When you advertise on a billboard, the entire line of traffic that passes that route sees your advertisement. You pay the advertising company for the space that you are taking up. The audience that sees your ad includes men, women, children, toddlers, workers, house helps, celebrities, businessmen, and school children and many others. 

If your brand is one that is an eCommerce business selling clothes and accessories for women, don’t you think the ad is irrelevant to anyone apart from women and girls? 

Let’s say the argument that is posed here is that men might see the advert and purchase something for their wives. But still, the audience that watches your ad as they wait in the morning traffic is far more than the actual percentage of those who will end up buying the product. 

You, on the other hand, are paying a hefty price for having your ad on the billboard. But this investment is not reaping many returns. 

Do you see it now? 

What if there was a system where for every ‘woman’ who viewed your ad on the billboard, you would pay the advertising agency? 

This way you could be certain that the target audience is viewing your ad and you are only paying for that. 

This is the concept of PPC advertising. 

How does PPC advertising work? 

Pay-per-click advertising is a form of marketing. You may have heard of organic traffic that is driven to your site. This is essentially when people of their own will visit your site with no incentive. PPC ads on the other hand is a kind of paid advertising as you are investing money into buying visits to your site. 

Why is PPC advertising a boon? 

The reason why PPC advertising has gained such immense traction in the previous years is that though the investment may be small, the ROI (return on investment) is huge. 

The cost paid to the search engine to have the ad on their results page may be $3, but if you find a person who clicks the ad, and makes a purchase of $300 from you, that would be amazing! 

Now you are beginning to see the benefits. 

Have you heard of Google ads? Google reviews management? 

google reviews management

When you type in a search query in the search engine, Google has a pool of ads to choose from that have those keywords. It reaches into this pool and comes up with a set of ads that firstly match the relevant keywords, have quality, and satisfy the other criteria set by Google. 

The ads have been put by various businesses and each time the ad is clicked by a certain user, the company pays Google a sum. 

The determinant of which ads will appear at the top is determined by the Ad rank.

Through Google reviews management, we ensure that your business never falls short of being a top brand in the market. We cater to customer satisfaction and rest assured, good reviews simply pour in! 

What is the Ad rank? 

With millions of advertisers vying to get a spot on the Google SERP (Search Engine Page Result), the Ad rank is what determines how many of these would actually get there. 

The Ad rank is calculated by: 

CPC bid is the highest bid that the advertiser is willing to spend on that particular ad multiplied by the Quality Score. The Quality score is what is determined by the click rate, the landing page and overall website quality

This auction is what advertisers use to get to the Google page in the case of PPC advertising. 

What is the crux of a PPC campaign? 

You may want to pay attention to the most important factor in the PPC marketing strategy. 


If you do not invest much time into what your audience is looking for, you do not manage to reach out to them in the right way. 

During keyword research, these are the most important aspects:

  • Expand: Certain keywords are popular but there are others that may not be as popular but are also searched for. These are the long-tailed keywords. The advantage of using them in your campaigns is that there is only a certain niche of companies that are doing it and so your chances of standing out are more. 
  • Relevance: Needless to say, the keywords used in your PPC campaigns must be relevant to what your business is. You cannot afford to use keywords that are popular but have nothing to do with your business. These will attract the wrong audience. 
  • Get creative: Businesses these days have more creative freedom than ever before. They can manage to experiment and venture into unknown territory and do not have to stick with the norm. You can attempt to use different keywords every time in your campaigns and then judge by the insights and analytics to see which works best.  

What are the factors necessary for a great PPC campaign? 

The success of a PPC management campaign is determined by whether the audience search matches what you are pitching. But let us consider for a moment that your ad manages to appear on the first page of Google! Congrats! What next? 

Now that you have your audience’s attention, how do you turn this into a revenue-generating activity? 

Ensure you adhere to the following for the PPC campaign to be a success: 

  • The ad text needs to be creative enough in order to catch the person’s attention. Catchy captions, creative witty one-liners go a long way in doing this. As you may have noticed by now, advertising has changed and you should too, with the times. 
  • Once the viewer clicks on your ad, they will be taken to your website landing page. This space should be perfected with concise text, clean formatting, colours that are subtle and a website that is aesthetically pleasing. 
  • The Quality score is what is most vital when you engage in the PPC marketing strategy. A website that has a great quality score will do two things. It manages to get Google to showcase it on the results page i.e. it wins in the bid. The second thing is, people will love your website. 

The fantastic benefits you stand to gain from opting for PPC management

A cost-effective strategy  

As we highlighted at the beginning of this article, tit for tat is what is the crux of PPC marketing. Thus, instead of spending thousands and it being futile, this is a cost-effective strategy. 

A great ROI

You invest a little but gain much, and this in itself is a boon for every businessperson. Compared to other forms of marketing, this is great as you end up getting much more than you put down. 

Instant traffic!

In an age where everything is instant right from coffee to messages, PPC marketing is a way of instant traffic. As soon as someone clicks on your ad, you will stand out from the competition on the net. A great way to get leads!

Expert Google reviews management

Having good feedback and reviews for your business on Google is a huge asset. As such, manage all reviews coming your way and aim to solve any discrepancies or complaints. This way, you could be that 5-star business, establishing you as one of the best in the market. 

Have you ever heard of the term ‘warm leads’? 

In this kind of advertising, you are pitching to people who are actually looking for the product! This makes it quick. Instead of engaging an audience that is spending time on the web and not really interested in buying at the moment, you are reaching out to a group of potential buyers. 

PPC is a part of the SEO marketing

While targeting potential buyers, your business is receiving attention by using the right keywords and this makes PPC ads a factor that is important in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 

It is a way by which you can judge the performance of your business. By going in for insights, you can check if certain keywords are performing well. If these are, you could well integrate them in your articles, blogs, ghostwriting etc. that go up on your website. 

A great tool to measure performance on the web!

Are you doing PPC marketing the right way? The premier Google ads agency will ensure that you do! 

While PPC ads a great way of gaining attention and reaching heights on the web you need to be doing it right. At Quint Digital – a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, the focus has always been on helping curate a personalised marketing strategy for the business and then analysing the performance. 

This is the fine line that sets apart using PPC marketing from acing in it. Our role as the premier Google ads agency is your key to acing the market. 

With a team of professionals experienced in this area and dedicated to having businesses grow, Quint Digital assures you of a high-end team to stay afloat in the digital space. 

After all, you need a digital marketing agency that truly knows what they are doing. Quint Digital has been making waves in the market through its exemplary services and the jaw-dropping results that we fetch for our clients. Curious?

We have been featured in the prestigious The Australian Business Journal and Kalkine Media, serving as a testament to the fact that Quint Digital has been making the Australian market take note of our exceptional performance. 

You too can reinforce your business with assured growth and guaranteed success with Quint Digital! Growth is no more impossible or a feat that is too hard to conquer. With the right marketing strategy, everything will seem within reach.

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.