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17 Plumber Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads

17 Plumber Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads

The growth of the plumbing industry has been remarkable during the past five years, with the US plumbing industry, having grown by 1.7% to reach revenue of $110 billion at present.

The numbers clearly show that plumbing contractors must improve their marketing strategies to gain their share of lead generation in the plumbing business.

Most often, lead generation is looked like something to consider only when your plumbing business experiences a dwindle in the flow of clients. But this should not be. Lead generation must be a daily goal for as long as your business thrives. If you want your plumbing business to run well, then you better take lead generation seriously.

In this blog, we are going to look at 17 marketing strategies that will enhance the process of lead generation for your plumbing business.

Local SEO for Plumbers

Local SEO or local Search Engine Optimization is an effective way to market your plumbing business online. When your website is optimized for local SEO you get to attract your local customers. There are two ways to optimize your local SEO: on-site and off-site optimization of local SEO.

Firstly, on-site local SEO optimization includes all the efforts that you put on-site to make it easier for Google to navigate and rank your website. Your on-site efforts should begin with claiming your Google My Business account. Then you would have to optimize your site for local keywords, increase your site’s loading speed, and make it mobile-friendly.

Next, off-site local SEO optimization includes all the efforts that you put off your webpage to increase your organic listings. This includes building quality backlinks and managing your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) citations.

Email Marketing

When you offer plumbing services, you collect the client’s contact number and e-mail address. If those records are now merely locked up in the archives, then it’s time to dust.

You need to build an email marketing strategy to enhance the lead generation process. In fact, for every dollar you spend in email marketing you earn an average of $40. This not only enhances your lead generation process but it also helps you to establish healthy relationships with your clients.

Locate Prospects

Another means of lead generation is by identifying who might need your services. On average, plumbing issues generate in old houses. So, make a list of old houses in your business locality, and air an email campaign. This will definitely help you to get the trust of potential customers. So when there is a need, you would only be a call away. This will greatly help you in increasing your local SEO rankings and gaining more prospects to avail your plumbing services.

Website for Plumbers

You might have a website for your plumbing business. But what is necessary is a website designed for lead generation. This is yet another way to enhance your local SEO by on-site optimization.

Keep the following things in mind, as you make your website, conversion-friendly. Optimize your webpage for local keywords as mentioned earlier. Use your local keywords in the title tags, header tags, meta description, image captions, and image alt texts. Start a plumbers’ blog and educate your clients about the problems and tell them why you would be the ideal plumber to provide the solution.

Testimonials of Happy Clients

Before making a purchase, clients usually look for the credibility of your products and services. And the only way to gain the trust of your prospects is by leveraging the power of testimonials. So include the testimonials of local customers who were happy with your services and products on your website. This will spur the decision of your probable clients in a positive direction.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Ads help in targeting your prospective clients. You can make a little research of your target buyer persona and then air your Ads among the suitable audience. This way, besides lead generation, you are able to generate brand awareness and community engagement.

Be A Regular Blogger

Google’s one of the three main requirements to give you a higher organic ranking is your web content. So blog on common plumbing problems, the need for constant maintenance of plumbs, and similar topics. But the main idea behind blogging is to make your visitors stay longer on your website. So make your blogs informative, and colorful with infographics and videos.

Google My Business

One of the key steps in optimizing local SEO is by claiming your Google My Business account. In your Google Business account, list your plumbing business under the right category. Post your working hours and contact number. Add photos of your business as well. Use appointment URLs to help clients schedule appointments with you. The FAQ section in your GMB page helps you to answer frequently asked questions of qualified leads. If your leads have unanswered questions they can make use of the direct messaging feature to contact you.

Mutual Referral Programs

Referral programs are highly beneficial for lead generation. In fact, leads from referrals convert 30% more than normal leads. You can approach referral programs in two manners. Firstly, you can ask your regular clients to refer you to prospective customers. Secondly, you can visit local hardware stores and ask the salespersons to refer you to their clients requiring plumbing services.

Review Site Listings

The local success of any business is influenced by reviews. So you need to claim your review listing and verify that you are the business owner. Then make sure that all your business information are up-to-date, your business name, address, and contact number. If in case you encounter negative reviews, discuss the matter with your client and see how can improve your services.

Ask For Reviews

Unfortunately, most often, we encounter negative reviews than good ones. If negative reviews are going to be inundated in the review listings, then your profile is going to go off the rails. But how can we rectify this?

Simply go through your client list, and curate the list of happy clients. Then ask them to review your business. This way, you will have enough positive reviews to counteract the negative ones.

Social Media Marketing

Lead generation can be maximized by leveraging the power of social media marketing. You can generate brand awareness and conversions with social media marketing. Post on a regular basis, and mark metrics to count your success rate. Choose your KPIs to measure unique visits, bounce rates, and lead generation. Do encourage your audience to respond with innovative calls-to-action.

Profitable Partnerships

Every new construction project involves a whole lot of plumbing labor. Besides getting in touch with your clients directly, you can work on a contract basis with construction companies. So once you do the basic plumbing work, you would get to work with the individual clients in the near future. So, partnering with reputed builders would definitely help you in the lead generation process.

Local Network

Clients are not interested in vendors who are miles away. If they want the leakage in their bathroom fittings to be sorted out, they are going to contact a plumber who has a business in their locality. This is why your local SEO must be strong enough to get you into the Google snack pack. Besides your local SEO, you can also organize a business fair in your locality or partner with a local charity to host an event, to gain visibility among your local prospects.

Online Forums

Lead generation can also be enhanced by joining suitable forums where you can find prospective clients. As you engage in the conversations, you can add your company’s signature and the URL of your website in the footnotes. Supposing, when you come across a question as to how to fix a leaky faucet, you can foot your answer as an expert. This will help you to maximize lead generation.

Video Marketing

Your local SEO can be optimized by linking your videos to your website. Video marketing is indeed growing in its popularity. So make use of this opportunity to post DIY and demo videos on basics of home plumbing, replacing faucets, and other simple plumbing works.

AMS Marketing

It might surprise you, but most product searches begin at Amazon rather than Google. So bid on keywords and sell your plumbing products.

Bottom Line

Marketing for your plumbing business will maximize your lead generation. Optimize your local SEO and mark your presence among your local prospects.

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet has over 14 years of experience in direct sales and marketing, a promising track record of churning out revenue for businesses and a headstrong attitude to pursue success.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about digital marketing that businesses may have.

Marketing techniques that are used to capture the attention of the audience and are carried out through electronic means come under the umbrella of digital marketing. The marketing tactics are done through promotional ads, social media, blogging, articles, campaigns, etc. The goal is to reach an audience appropriate to the brand and generate sales.

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